Deepak Chopra: I don't believe in meaningless coincidences

It should be noted match. Coincidences are messages fromMiracles happen every day. And not somewhere far away, but here in our life. They arise from a secret source, surround us with a sea of possibilities and disappear. Miracles are considered to be something supernatural, though, and permeate our consciousness on a daily basis. We can see them, but you can ignore and not to understand that at this moment our fate is being decided. But if you tune in to the miracles tune to be "here and now", life will be filled with such a glow that you can't imagine.

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If you do not pay for the wonders of attention, happy to have the opportunity to pass by. Do you recognize a miracle if you see him with your own eyes — that is the question.And if you understand that a miracle is a miracle, how to behave? But if you are able to create our own miracles, what miracle would you choose?

Within us, beyond the physical essence, beyond thoughts and emotions acquired a world of pure potential — in this world anything is possible. Even miracles. Especially miracles. This part of our nature is associated with all life — present and future. Each of us had to witness the astounding and the supernatural — or not call — phenomena. For example, you clean the closet and find the old gift of a man, a relationship which was broken many years ago. After some hour the phone rings, you pick up the phone and hear the voice of the man. Or you car breaks down on a deserted road, you're upset: the help have to wait more than one hour. However, the first car appeared on the road, it turns out the Hauler.

Is it possible to call such things simple coincidences? Of course, you can. But upon closer examination, such cases may be manifestations of miraculous. They can be dismissed as accidental phenomena in the world of chaos. But to recognize them potentially fatal event as they may well be, too.

I don't believe in meaningless coincidences. I believe that coincidences are messages, clues that you should pay very close attention.

With the matches and their significance due consideration, you keep in touch with a deep reservoir of infinite possibilities. With this and the magic begins. This state I call Synthroidbuy — it allows to fulfill every wish. Synchromedia allows access to deep levels of your being; in addition, you should closely follow the intricate dance of coincidences in the material world. We must try to penetrate the nature of things, be aware of the existence of the source of reason by which the creation of the Universe continues to this day. People should seek to promote opportunities and change their lives.

The closer you are to the coincidences, the more frequently they occur, and the greater your access to messages-tips.

If you learn to listen to the world soul, will be possible much.

Fifty four million seven hundred seventy seven thousand three hundred nineteen

The worst destroyer — stress. If you are tense, if you feel hostility towards someone or something, the internal balance is disturbed.

Wherever you go, on a deep level you will always carry information about the true nature of your self.

Try to imagine that the universe is a huge single organism. And that its hugeness is nothing like a projected perceptual reality: even if "here" you see filled with fans, a huge stadium, in fact it is only a weak electrical impulse in the brain that you, being nonlocal, consider a football match. "The world is reflected in the mirror is a huge city. The universe is also a huge reflection of our reflection in his own mind," reads the "Yoga Vasishtha", an ancient Vedic text.
It is the soul of all things.

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If we lived in tune with the soul level, you would see that the best, the lightest part of our "I" in tune with the rhythms of the Universe. We would be confident in his ability to perform miracles. Get rid of fear, passion, hatred, worry and doubt. To be in tune with the world of the soul means to overcome the limitations of ego and mind — limiting, tightly bind us to the phenomena and events of the material world and the material world in General as such.

The soul is in every, but observed that we different angles. And experience we are different. Therefore things and phenomena seen us in different ways. Differences in perception differences in interpretation. If you and I watched the same dog we thought would be completely different. Perhaps, I thought that it was a ferocious animal, and I would even slightly timid. And you would consider it to be a sweet, friendly dog. Your mind has interpreted the situation quite differently, as my. When a dog I have fled. You would be called a dog whistle and played it.

Interpretation happens at the level of mind, but the movement of the individual soul due to the accumulated experience; with the memory of the past soul determines our choice, perception of certain situations.

World, the nonlocal part of the soul beyond the actions, but it is associated with the spirit — pure and unchanging. Enlightenment can be defined as "the awareness of self, the infinite being, the observer and the observed with some localized point of view." And no matter how untalented nor was our present life, it is never too late to "connect" to that part of the soul, which is called the unlimited, undiluted potential and change their existence. This will be Synchromedia — addressing the connection between your soul and the soul of the world, you will form your own life.

Let's move on to emotions.Emotion is modified energy. They come and go, depending on the circumstances, situations, events, relationships. Emotions never just happen, they are always a result of your interaction with the outside world. No relationships, events — and emotions. So even if I get angry, it is not my anger. The anger just gets hold of me for some time.

Emotions depend on the context, circumstances and relationships that shape your vision of reality.

And what thoughts? Thoughts are recycled information. Every thought we think is part of the universal database. A hundred years ago nobody would say the phrase "I will fly to Disney Park the plane "Delta"". The above-mentioned realities have not been, was not thinking about them. All thoughts except the most original — nothing more than recycled information. Yes, and the latest thoughts are quantum leaps of creative inspiration, rooted in the same common pool of information.

There comes a time, and from the collective database of information, new ideas. These ideas originate not in the head of some lucky, but in the collective consciousness. That's why important scientific discoveries are often made in several parts of the globe. Ideas are in the collective conscious and prepared mind is able to translate this information into language people.
To catch something knowable, but no one still has not caught — this is genius. Just new, fresh ideas had not existed, the second — and it became part of our conscious world. Where was this idea in the interval between the moments? She is the guest from the virtual world, the world of the universal spirit, where there is only pure potential. This potential can be realized, and in something predictable, and something new. At this level, all possibilities already exist.

We live like actors that play only one role: we pretend that all understand, although the film we are wholly ignorant. But one has only to listen to the voice of the soul — and the script revealed itself. You will understand everything. You continue to play, but play joyfully, consciously, in full force. You will be able to choose — to choose freely, with knowledge of the matter. Moments filled with the deepest sense: you will remember the context and realize the value of each moment.

But more surprising is that we can rewrite the script to take a different role. You only need to go for their goals, use-match and not to suppress the inner voice.

Sixty four million seven hundred fifty seven thousand two hundred twenty five

As said in the Upanishads that "man consists of desires. What is his desire, so is the will; what is the will, the act he performs; what the act he is committing, of the inheritance, and reaches".In the end it turns out that the fate of man is predetermined by its innermost desires and intentions. Desire and intention are inextricably linked.

What is the intention? It is believed that this is the goal that man sets itself; the thought, the desire. It is actually a bit more complicated. Intention helps to realize a need: you may seek some material benefit, and perhaps you lack of warmth in the relationship, love or spiritual fulfillment. The intention is the idea that helps meet a particular need. When the need is realized, the person is happy. Everything is logical.

We are so attached to their local, individual, personal "I" that we do not notice how gorgeous lies beyond. Ignorance is incomplete awareness. Something to notice, it is necessary to turn away from everything else.

What would you think if I knew that any intention will be fulfilled immediately?

Conceiving anything, it would be to ask yourself: "How will this affect me and my environment?"And if it turns out that the fulfillment of your intentions will benefit everyone, it is the intention, coupled with the acquiescence of nonlocal mind itself will take care of its execution.

Remember that your thoughts should not be discordant with the universe. Remember that your thoughts should not be discordant with the universe. The desire to disrupt the jackpot can strengthen in you a sense of detachment from the world. Those who have won large sums, often complained that they moved away from friends and family, and happiness was never found. If your goal is money and only money, you are doomed to alienation.

How to determine what desires can be fulfilled? It is important to pay attention to the tips of the nonlocal mind. It should be noted match. Coincidences are messages. This is a clue of God or of the soul, or nonlocal reality, the human urge to break the cycle of karmic causation and pattern of thinking. These clues show the way to a world of awareness, in a world filled with love and care limitless mind, the root cause of your life.

Such a state of spiritual traditions call grace.

If the match is a coded message of nonlocal mind, may seem something of a novel-a mystery. Be observant, notice the signs and hints, learn to understand their value — and sooner or later get to the truth.

In essence, life is one big mystery. We don't know of his fate: at the very end you can look at the path. Through the prism of time the story of the life of each of us to be very logical. We can trace a continuous thread of existence. Take a look back — and at whatever stage you now are, you can see how smoothly your life flows from one milestone to another, from one place of residence or work to another, from one chain of circumstances to another.How easy it would be to live, if I know in advance where they would be at the end of the road. Looking back, most of us think: "Why am I so nervous? Why tormented themselves and their children?»

The match is not fun. They provide the key to unlocking the will of the universal soul, so their importance cannot be overstated. A particularly important set of circumstances sometimes referred to as "meaningful coincidences". I believe this phrase is a tautology, because every coincidence is meaningful — otherwise it would simply not exist. If a match happens, it means a lot. It's just that sometimes we are able to decipher its meaning, and sometimes not.

What is meant by coincidence? You know the answer, but this answer you need to realize. The coincidence as such is not a source of meaning. The source of meaning — it is you, the one who has attained experience.

We even can't imagine what forces are behind every event of our lives. In the network of karma, of destiny woven into the thread of coincidence. All together it forms the life of each of us — your life, my own, someone else's. Synchronicity remains unnoticed only because everyday life is far from non-local level. Usually we see only cause-and-effect: this happened, and the herd the reason for this linear trajectory. But on a deeper level is something else. There is a whole network of invisible relationships. When the relationship develops, we notice, as firmly woven into our desires. And network this integral, it is perfectly consistent with the realities of life, perfect for learning go far beyond our superficial experience.

Wrote Rumi, one of my favorite poets and philosophers: "It's a Ghost world. Genuine — on the other side of the curtain. We are not here, here only our shadows." The so-called everyday life is merely a game of shadows. On the other side of the curtain, on the other side of space and time is hidden a soul, alive, energetic and immortal. If you live by the true laws of the world, it is possible to consciously change your own destiny. Changes will occur due to synchronization Necarsulmer (at first glance) relationships: you will form your destiny — the term "synchromedia" from here.Category Synchroscope involves conscious participation in shaping their own lives — for such participation need to understand the world beyond sense perception. You need to understand the world of the spirit.

Consciousness depends on attention and intention.Whatever was in the center of your attention, it seemed charged with energy. And when you shift your attention to another subject, the importance of the former decreases. On the other hand, as we have seen, desire is the path to change. We can say that attention activates the energy field and the desire to activate the information. This activation and leads to changes.

Noticing the coincidence, you attract the energy asking the question "What does it all mean?"— draw information.

The answer may be in the form of a sudden insight, intuitive feeling, the unexpected meeting or Dating a new person. For example, in your life there are four matches, which at first glance are not connected. Some days you are watching the TV news, and it dawns on you: Eureka! so that's what I was trying to explain! The more carefully you think about the coincidences and hidden meaning, the more often they occur, and the clearer their meaning. When you learn to notice and understand all the coincidences, the way to self-PR osnitsa.

Most of us think that the past lives only in the memories, and the future only in the imagination. But on the spiritual level, the past, the future, actually everything exists simultaneously. Everything happens simultaneously and synchronously.

Attention to the match draws a new match, but the intention is to understand their meaning helps these coincidences to decipher. The matches consistent with the will of the Universe, allowing you to appreciate the synchronicity and take advantage of the limitless possibilities of life.

The one who is able to feel keenly his surroundings, noticed and sent the Universe matches. Hints can be very subtle. So, floating from the open window the smoke of cigars can cause memories of his father and one of his favorite books and suddenly find that it can render you good service.

Do not ignore coincidences. Think that might mean a coincidence. The answer usually lies on the surface. Just ask the question: "What is the message? What is its significance?"You don't need to search for the answer. Ask a question and the answer will come. Perhaps it will be a instant inspiration, or suddenly podvernulsya the opportunity to learn something, or something completely unexpected. Maybe you will meet someone who is somehow involved in the match. A chance encounter, a close friend, an unusual situation or circumstance will immediately give you a clue. "Ah, so that's what it's about!»

For the cultivation of a coincidence it is also useful to keep a diary and write down all the coincidences in my life. Be especially attentive to anything that seems unusual to you, — to the events that goes beyond statistical probability.

How not to lose yourself in a complex and confusing world? Every day, find five minutes where you can sit quietly in silence. Heart and soul focus on these questions: "Who am I? How I want to live life? What would I like today?"Then relax. Let the stream of consciousness, your inner voice will tell you the answers. After five minutes, write them down. Do this every day; you will wonder how exactly circumstances, people and events fit into the scheme of your answers.This will be the beginning of Synchromedia.

Ninety million three hundred thirty one thousand one hundred three

To some, these questions at first seem too hard. Many are simply not used to thinking about their wants and needs — if we think about them, it is very abstract, avoiding the possibility of their implementation.

If you have not defined for yourself a goal in life, then what are you doing? It would be nice if the universe sent some sort of obvious hint or even supplied us with a huge compass pointing in the right direction. But the compass we have. To view it, listen carefully to yourself and recognize what wants your soul, what kind of life she wants.When you understand his deepest desire and acknowledge its true nature, you will have a guiding star — its light may spread to the archetypal characters. published  

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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