Married man — with another man

What if you fell in love with a married man?Start with the fact that the family is a system, which is not so easy to destroy as it may seem at first sight. Why? On this question there are a number of answers.

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Consider the most obvious and powerful:

Initial — the procedure of marriage is based on his magical roots in ancient times.

The essence of ritual in creating the format of interaction between a man and a woman-family, which implies certain rules of relationships. But not just the creation of the format, but also taking responsibility for the created.But it is also a statement around the information field about the new unity of the couple. Thus, the creation of the format for which is given a vow of responsibility to the Universe. So the seal in the passport not just print and not cut down with an ax that written with a pen, for triple fixation obtained at the time of creation of family.

Second. Usually like attracts like, that is, the husband and wife have the same set of qualities, traits, etc.

Yes, it happens that it is impossible to negotiate anything of it? not satisfied with one spouse and then there is the idea of finding someone who compensates for a missing puzzle in the family. So there are lovers, who close not implemented in the family needs a spouse. And as it is paradoxical sounds, but everything that makes a mistress rather strengthens family ties, pathological pathological way, but enhances them. Mistress similar to the external battery when the internal villages and it is not possible to charge from the wall outlet. And it often happens that the woman selected for the role of mistress, not satisfied with man in many aspects, but it is significant that she is good at what he couldn't negotiate with the wife. And it's not necessarily the sex, as we believe many wives. In the family between a man and a woman of many different roles: husband-wife, mother, father, friends, partners, etc.And often, the mistress plays the missing or roles that the wife is not efficiently performing.

Third. Ambush in the fact that most of the men in the other family didn't need and they have no purpose to divorce and to create a family again. It very satisfied with the option of having two or more women in his life. He likes intrigue, game, adventure, danger, it gives him the feeling of usefulness of life. This behavior is typical of psychologically immature men. For mentally a grown man knows how to steer a family relationship without inclusion of third parties. Mentally immature will always strive to keep the family due to external "props". And if the lover is not ready to play its role always=years, it will be a series of mistresses on the background of the family. Because no matter who is in the role and presence the role of "lover" in a man's life. And if it so happens that the mistress becomes the wife, the role of the mistress is not going away just changing the woman in the role.

Fourth. To start a new relationship, you must complete the previous one.Parallel relationship usually does not end joyful.For mix and development, and energy and problems, and more, making parallel relationship essentially identical to each other. If not a single pathological format.

Why the relationship of the lovers is not about love? The basis of love, honesty, loyalty, respect, trust. Is it an honest relationship between lovers? No. About loyalty, etc.- also the answer is no.

What if you fell in love with a married man? To escape from it aimlessly, run for a long time and not looking back.

Then stop to take a breath and ask yourself questions:

Am I so unsure of myself that is ready for a relationship with a man who can't be faithful?

Why would I want a man not faithful?

Will I be happy with an irresponsible man?

Will he be able to protect your family from adultery?

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And... to take the first step towards self-love. For example, to read a selection of articles about self-Love.In order to afford to meet their own kind, able to love=to be faithful, a man with which to travel through life.published 


Author: Tatiana Savenko

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