WHAT to do with insults

The aggressive behavior of people, the more he needs loveSometimes you can hear such phrases as: "I was covered in mud; I spit into the soul; I smeared in shit, ate shit, insulted me, offended; I was shocked; I got nasty, because he started it, I just answered him in the same coin; he harassed me all the nerves; I poured a bucket of slops, etc.,"

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If you are in your speech use approximately the phrase, or the like, this article is for you.

In life there are different situations. It also happens that close to you, or may not close at all, starts throwing in your address "poop"= emotional trash, insults, just says bad things. In this situation, you are free to behave differently. Consider options:

The first option is sacrificial. You catch "the poop," smear yourself with them, eat them, and then blame the person that he "messed you up like shit and fed you shit." Honestly? No. For it was your choice to catch someone's trash, smear themselves they take him on the inside.

It is important to answer honestly to the question:"Why are you doing this?»

Perhaps you are so used to interact and do not know how else. Maybe it is the usual situation for the position of "victim" of your own. You may even benefit from such a situation in which you are the injured party, because it gives you the opportunity, through the prosecution of a person, to extort from him what you want. Options can be set where you prefer to be a victim.

The second option is heroic. You catch other people's shit" and throw them in the return line -throwing tournament govnometanie in which there will be winners and losers, because both of you will be in deep shit.

And again ask yourself the question and answer it honestly: "Why are you doing this?»

Perhaps you are not a victim but rather a hero, which in itself does not give offense, well, at least in the same coin back, eye for an eye, a turd for a turd, and it is better two on the obtained one. But, alas, the phrase "he started it" does not cleanse you from the crap both inside and outside. Such actions clearly are like his "abuser", on par with him would be the same as he did -"not a hero", obviously.

The third option is reasonable. You realize that the person always shares what he's rich. The fact that it overflows, and you understand the reasons for this behavior.

Well seen on the example of the jar of emotions:

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As a rule, people outside exhibits anger, rage, aggression, in those cases when it is not implemented his psychological needs: love, attention, understanding, respect and so on. Unrealized psychological needs — there is always a reason, a consequence of which are emotions such as pain, resentment, fear.

These emotions are so unpleasant to feel that you really want to get rid of them, but the ambush is that to the outside world, they appear in a different form — as anger, aggression, rage. Which spill out to those who turned out for those who are weaker, those from whom we expect the fulfilment of our needs. The aggressive behavior of people, the more he needs love. However, he obviously forgot that nobody is obliged to implement its requirements. This scheme was, unfortunately, natural for people living in a state of lack of love energy. This scheme is at the heart of most manipulation in the interaction between people.

So, if you know that the person who "expires muhlama" is wrong in this expression of emotion, but has the right to Express them, and you have the right to decide what to do with someone else's shit. It's your decision and your responsibility to be offended, insulted, dirty, like the abuser, etc. You and only you, decide what you fill yourself and your life. Choose a clean inside and out! Treat with understanding to the emotional discomfort inside the other person, but don't get dirty in his emotions, let them fly past you. published 


Author: Tatiana Savenko

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