Heating homes without gas and electricity

What Builder, if none of the common energy is not available in the selected construction area. This time it will be as modern and technologically advanced heating methods, and traditional units running on solid fuel.


What are the alternativesIn resolving the issue about selecting the appropriate heating system is a key concept of energy balance. Arithmetic calculation is simple: the building loses heat energy, the respectively required heating source, thus compensating for these losses. Somehow in our society it is considered perfectly acceptable to provide your home a spillover of energy, ignoring the rising energy prices. This is understandable: for the sake of comfort, we neglect the savings, because the source of energy for heating is literally at hand, and in the future for the next five to ten years with accounts for utilities it is possible to tolerate.


The situation is completely opposite when neither pipeline nor sufficiently powerful municipal electricity in the area of construction no. Here the problem of providing thermal energy at home is divided into two components: the maximum possible approximation of the energy balance of the building to zero, and finding an energy source that can make up the remnants of heat.

In modern reality there are not too many alternatives to gas and electric heating:

The use of the region's solid fuel resources such as firewood, coal, peat or waste wood industry; Renewable energy sources such as sunlight, heat of the earth's crust or hydropower; Independent production of fossil fuels.



The main snag lies in the fact that the use of such solutions in private is always associated with significant investment funds, the investment will be single. However, it is worth remembering that the cost of thermal energy in the end will be much lower than using gas and electricity, so innovative heating methods in the future will stand in good stead and will be extremely beneficial in the conditions of constantly growing prices for heating.


The use of energy saving technologies, However, should not begin with the selection of the heating method of housing, and efforts to reduce heat loss. Even in the most rough approximation of the event that can reduce the outflow of heat from the building, cheaper increasing the capacity of the alternative heating systems. So much more profitable to resort to a number of engineering solutions, some of them are introduced at the stage of laying the Foundation.

An example of the insulated Foundation of the "Swedish stove", is able to prevent the release of heat from inside the house into the ground

That's what forces a developer do to reduce the cost of thermal energy:

The correct orientation of the building on the ground to maximize receipt of solar energy in the daytime; the quality materials for insulation of houses, the creation of continuous belt thermal protection for the walls, roof and Foundation; Optimization of ventilation, heat recovery from exhaust air back into the building — recovery; Use of quality glazing, installation of warm attic.


The synergistic effect of these methods is powerful enough, so the homeowner is obliged to do everything in his power to continue to use the least powerful heating source. Otherwise, the organization of alternative heat supply can be simply not affordable.


Solar energy isthe Most popular way of generating energy is solar light. Here you can count on the photoelectric effect, and the direct heating of the internal atmosphere by collecting thermal radiation. The benefit in each case is peculiar.


Collecting the heat of solar radiation collectors is extremely beneficial due to the minimal number of intermediaries in the chain of energy conversion. The only problem is that thermal energy is difficult enough to stock up for those periods when the source is unavailable, ie at night and cloudy days. The higher the latitude of the location of the object, the lower the minimum duration of daylight. Practice shows that the use of thermal collectors is advantageous in a belt to 55–60º and only with considerable accumulating capacity of the building or its heating system.


The potential of the electric solar panels on this issue above. At a sufficiently high area of the solar farm, even for a short light day can accumulate sufficient power that can effectively be reserved in the Park of batteries. However, in the course of conversion of solar radiation into electricity and back into heat is lost up to 20-25%, to the same resource from batteries and solar cells is limited, they quickly degrade.


The collection of low heat capacityKnowledgeable people most negatively to statements that a heating unit can have an efficiency of 200 or 300 percent. However, unlike electrode boiler, the device for collecting low-grade thermal energy can really have high energy conversion factor, although demand for this her initial investment.


At the moment there are two most favorable type of equipment can cool the outdoor environment even more, and the calorie guide to heating the home. The most efficient are geothermal heat pumps, the second number coming air. But the simplicity of their device and the cost is inversely proportional to energy efficiency.


Device for the collection of geothermal energy devices require either external heat exchanger with a high length of pipe or a natural source of heat leaking to the surface of the lithosphere: geysers, tectonic fault, or quite extensive and deep pond. Air source heat pumps are much easier to device, but is limited to the permissible minimum outside temperature which even advanced technique is from -25 to -30 ºC. When heating with heat pumps the energy is obtained almost gratuitous: every sub-kilowatt electrical energy is converted to 2,5–4 kW of heat, which makes quite understandable the device's own small power plant.


Biofuelsbuild its own gas of the bioreactor was already not seen as something from the category of fiction. Today, there are many successful examples of the use of such facilities, in excess to ensure the house and farm heat.


Gas generator is very attractive, but difficult in the device and require constant technical supervision. The construction of the reactor is only half the problem. To maintain a constant production of methane, the hopper needs time to refuel and maintain continuous tracking mode of operation.


However, the fuel source can serve almost any organic raw materials, from the cereal cake to manure. Often for these purposes, the plot equip their livestock complex, which eventually turns into a good source of income. As to the maintenance of gas generators — need not shun the dirty work or hire for this staff.


Solid fuel boilersAll the methods described above to provide housing warmth can scare the unprepared person, the complexity of their organization and the high initial financial investment. If you are not ready to look ahead that far, it is realistic to use the fuel, considered to be the traditional almost the entire history of mankind.


Burning wood, peat or coal it is able to replace gas or electricity to the full even without compromising the energy balance. And for this there is no need to smoke the sky without measure: modern solid fuel boilers efficiency reaches 80-85%. For heating an insulated home will be enough for 2.5–3 tons of firewood for the season, however, the main difficulty associated with maintenance of the equipment has been eliminated. The issue of power control is solved with automatic control of pressurization and the need to constantly replenish the tab fuel — coal-boilers long burning.


Finally, do not forget about the most technologically advanced types of solid fuel. Briquettes and pellets are fairly cheap and widespread. They have the highest heat capacity among the other types of wood fuel, the ash content, on the contrary, is minimal. Finally, the extremely low moisture content without causing problems of condensation and formation of tar, and for pellets at all possible, an automatic feed from the hopper. published


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