Selfishness to love has nothing to do

Life is a test according of LoveIn our society, there is another persistent substitution of concepts related to selfishness. Most people believe that selfish is the one who loves only himself, cares only about himself. Many declare with pride — "Yes, I'm selfish, what can you do, I love myself more"

Before we can understand what is selfishness, let us once again reflect on what Love is. Love is the natural energy of the creation of man. Love is the energy that we do not particularly subservient. If a man is full of energy, he on the body of the button or lever pressing for which it was possible to dose the energy of love — "here Mary is good — I can give her the energy of love, and Sasha bad — she will not let" This mind game and nothing more.

If the person really is energy of Love, it fills her all around the — all your communication with people, animals, plants and the world in General. He generously gives this energy to the world.

Love in the external world is manifested as joy, that is, people loving themselves cheerful — he gives the world joy. Joy is the energy of light, the sun, God is in us, whatever you may call it. Loving people the suns — they're his presence can and warm sincerity (which is the warm joy) and illuminate the space with beautiful smile. Love of course can be called a sense that, in principle, done in psychology, but this is not entirely true.People may be ready to be filled with the energy of love or not. Maybe to match the energy of love or not.

Metaphor: very thirsty, you get dirty, polutemnoy, with spalling of the glass. You pour in clean water, which then becomes cloudy, and drinking it is dangerous — ragged sides of the glass. And so man is like the glass to be filled with the pure energy of love for him to have pure thoughts, to lead a healthy life, and so on. Yes, selfish too, there is the energy of love, but the quality of this love is very questionable. Or another metaphor of the man standing under the sun, fully illuminated, wrapped in solar energy. Selfish as if in partial shade, stands under a canopy, and only part of his body illuminated by the solar rays.

So love yourself, in fact, it can't be taught, but you can actively work with you in order to be ready to match them. Therefore, do not give any exercise or training to love yourself, because the maximum of the groom but all the same, selfishness.

Love of self — the phrase is not unambiguous and driving many to an intuitive rejection, because really-time to fill yourself with love, it is everyday work for compliance energy. Not so FRI I went, training went — fell in love with himself and calmed down, now I kind of love myself, but nothing in life has changed, and I became even worse, from what I've done so much for the love of self, and no outcome.

Love is a lifestyle, way of thinking, the quality of interaction with the world, skills in self-expression, is the vector of development, the focus is man's way of life. Love is the way of man, and the contents of that path is happiness, which is as natural as love, for those who corresponds to them.

We all have basically one task for all — to experience love in all its manifestations. Each only your tool of knowledge is the body, and its curriculum is"the script of fate"

The question then arises, why, then, is selfishness and self-centeredness, if love is the natural energy of a Person?

Selfish — 80% of people

The egomaniac — 10%

Loving yourself — 10%

Selfishness or self-centeredness is not a diagnosis, it's not bad and not good, it is also a way of life, a set of thoughts, stereotyped behavior, etc., All people equally on the planet though to love and be loved. Selfish, having a deficit of self-love, trying to different ways, so far as they are able:

  • extort love from the outside world through primitive manipulations on feelings of resentment, pain, shame, fear, guilt, shame, etc. they regulate their extortion least attention to itself (build a love edikli, dependent and codependent relationships)
  • strive to earn the love from the outside, their behavior, their achievements, their heroic and Patriotic actions, and so on(heroism, patriotism, fanaticism, nationalism — all are manifestations of egoism in the social scale)
  • is the position of the victim with periodic attacks on hangman (all kinds of psychological and physical masochism and sadism)
The stronger the victim herself wants to justify, the harder will be the charges in someone's address. Manipulation of pity and concern:

  • I am trying to replace the lack of love of anything, work, gathering something (workaholism, perfectionism, Shopaholic, collecting)
  • trying to feel the state of love with the help of stimulants: alcohol, drugs, adrenaline, etc. (alcoholism, drug addiction, adrenaline addiction, associated with risk of life, drug dependence)
Selfish is very dependent on the outside world, from outside opinions, worried about "what people will say about them." Dependent on all sorts of little things, from the habitual patterns of response, are slaves to their habits, from the "comfort zone"

Egoist – the typical consumer. All interaction is based on "give – take" Focused on obtaining the benefits all, starting with the closest relations to social interaction. For the egoist is the most terrible punishment — loneliness, ignore, because our society is solitary confinement – as a punitive measure, one of the most "brutal"

Egoist – the slave of the material world, usually, the hard materialist, focused on meeting the needs of the body.

Egomaniac in fact – the content is not much different from the selfish, if the only difference is in this form that is packaged the same content.

A large part of the requests for assistance of psychologists, psychotherapists – are of the nature of selfishness, and, in my opinion, it makes no sense to work with signs, symptoms, it makes sense to learn to meet Love. published


Author: Tatiana Savenko

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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