Man this oil. A female fire

The whole world, its condition depends on how to communicate man and womanIn modern Western culture women are trying to attract a man solely appearance. This foreign culture has now reached a huge scale. For this there is a whole industry — the cosmetics, the hair, the clothes, the attributes of the various spirits. The whole industry is working to make the woman outwardly attractive. Plastic surgery is used. But what kind of man will attract a woman this way? Awakening his feelings, she will attract a man Horny.

The man over which dominate feelings, his mind. If he is too much attached to women, he becomes sensual and lustful, is too soft and pliable, cannot make decisions, is not responsible for his words. In Sanskrit such a man is called "jada" — that is, a jerk. He has no purpose in life, indecisive, overly cautious, has a bad memory. So he changes his mind. One thing I will say today, and tomorrow — "I just changed my mind", something else decided. Man becomes weak.

You can give an example. Man this oil. The woman is the fire. When they are at a certain distance from each other, the oil maintains firmness, and the fire is not increased. But if the oil hits the fire, it softened, and the fire increases. More oil — more fire. It can absorb all. That is, can a fire happen in our lives. Such love, such a fellowship of men and women quickly burn the rest of our lives as a whole. That is, the relationship must be adjustable so that the man did not lose the hardness.

What woman knows when to awaken the senses and the mind? Wife. His wife understands this. Woman — very bad for man and wife very well. The woman just will awaken the senses. And the wife will still point to the debt, why are they together, what to do, how to raise children, she will be concerned about all of this. Her duty just to point out the way that they should be together as husband and wife. Here is the difference. The woman is the fire in our lives. Married or not married, if you're just talking to women — this is a big problem. Men lose the will, the mind and the meaning of life.

The mind is strengthened by the meaning of life. People smoke not because can not give up drinking, not because can not throw, and because there is no higher meaning of life. There is no mind, there is a strong will to make such decisions. If you have a strong mind it is easy to leave Smoking, any bad habits. If the mind is weak, it is difficult, we argue with ourselves, we fight for every cigarette, it is difficult to control feelings, it seems that it is even impossible to be sushitsa, as they say, or to a hypnotist to go to will be lost. That is, their own will is not a person, if the mind is weak.

And what makes a man foolish? Wrong with women. Professor Zhdanov said that the vodka is to blame. It is a fact. But the main reason why people drink vodka — they are wrong to communicate as a man and a woman. The whole world, its condition depends on how to communicate with a man and a woman. Not because there is a war that has the White house and the Kremlin, but because there is an uncontrollable lust.

So, lust. Family life is the cell. Here, for example, the capacity of glass of is our family life. There is a house, a lovely wife, have children. We support, work, work. Here some taste should be. Here's water, it represents the taste of life. We drink some taste of life. And water also represents our sexual activity, lust, which in the family is the place to be. How much lust, that is, the water in this glass? How much to pour in there? As long as holds. But if you pour more, what will happen? Water will flow over the edge, beyond the family. If you keep pouring, pouring and pouring, that is, lust, sex life is not regulated, not controlled by the mind, and there are just feelings, it is a desire of the sexual life outside the family.

What does it mean? Wife tired. There is an effect of satiety feeling fed up. You are attracted to his own wife. Disgusted even. Now someone else's wife like that. "That's what my wife wanted. I think I made a mistake," thinks the man. No, that's not it. They got fed up. They lost the freshness of feelings. If you feel that you have freshness in a relationship takes one month, just one month of abstinence. And you will see that recover the senses, the freshness of youthful feelings. These initially gentle, reverent attitude can come back if to regulate sexual life.

So if they are losing, then there is interest in another man's wife. In Western culture this is usually the lover, lover come in. You know, that's life, tired of family, need the taste to. And they receive. Add oil to the fire. Has a wife, but still have a mistress. Now happy with full of satisfaction? But no, lust can not be met.The more I try to satisfy, the more it is not satisfied. And goes into irritation and anger.

A mosquito bite. Itches, right? I scratch. Okay? Oh, even more itchy! I'm even more scratch. Even more itchy, and so torn up blood. This lust. We need to be patient to handle. That is part of this energy need to be spent on creativity, on the philosophical search, this is where it goes, that's what she needed, especially a man.

So, have a wife, have a mistress, but still no luck. Frustration, irritation. And when over time this energy accumulates, suddenly we see strange things. In my youth it was very odd, but not now. I will explain why. Already not attracted to the opposite gender, and interest representatives of their gender. I have, in my opinion, at school and heard about that phenomenon. I was surprised — how can that be?

Here you have a body temperature, 36.6 degrees is a healthy temperature. But if it will increase how you feel? You start to talk gibberish. Or down, you will weaken. Lust as well, he is healthy and there are unhealthy. And in an unhealthy state of desire, when it increases, disgusting things, unbelievable seem to be attractive. Tastes change, culture changes. Appear gay, lesbian. Wife, lover — it's flowers. But the members of their own sex! From the point of view of sense gratification, they better understand each other: they do not need marriage.

Why, tell me, keep a cow, if the milk you can buy at the market? Family, children — it's all expensive. The idea of marriage just has practically been eliminated. And this place become sensual pleasure, lust increases. If a family is simply sense gratification, then it is generally, it turns out, is not necessary. It is good for gay good, and neonopolis good, with all possible, lust was satisfied? N-e-e-et! Even more problems for the person, the more he becomes irritable, strange, unsatisfied.

And then what? And then the next moment. It does not matter who is in front of you: mother, son, father, daughter, sister, animal, anyone. All can be used to sense pleasures, any thing. There are such examples. Where? Lust increases in a society, and show that such warning signs, such people already exist. All can have, with anyone. Happy? Here on the contrary, they are the worst.

That's not all, now the last point, which completes this circuit. In St. Petersburg many years ago there was one man who scared the entire city. One man, 32 years old, Nevzorov said about him on television all women, all residents of St. Petersburg. "Be careful, be careful, don't meet with men, with any. A very dangerous man lives in St. Petersburg. Charming, educated, handsome, well-dressed, manners at the highest level. It attracts any woman, invites them to his house and rapes and kills brutally. Then dismembers her body, puts the refrigerator and within a month he eats. Cannibal". The people shuddered, "God, what is this phenomenon?"

And psychologists know what the cause of these social phenomena. One month later, a little more, he was caught and sentenced. Psychologists asked: "Now you probably regret your life? You are still young and you have an unfavorable end-of-life, you regret the past?" The man sat, smiling. "You'll never understand me. It's such a pleasure, with nothing comparable". It's called lust. People like to do it.

Then, when a person reaches this level a cannibal was the last step. The last step is called "atmaa" in Sanskrit. "Atma" — I "ha" is a killer. What is it? Suicide. Where these suicides? Lust rises so that the person can no longer solve these problems. Unsatisfied desire breeds anger, aggression. Want not receive. Want not receive. But I want to! And don't get.

Family view, is a very dangerous game, man and woman playing with lust. Why do you think they like cats and dogs fight? Unregulated sex life. Improper sexual relations. Exploitative. Wife is not a sex machine. And the husband is not sex and money. It is personality. Need to know their mind and soul.

That is, the flames don't directly put. Otherwise it will be like in a fairy tale. The old man lived with his old lady near the blue sea. Remember, as developed in this story? Began with a small desire, then it increases, increases, increases, increases... There is another tale about the mouse. There once was a mouse, but were afraid of the cat. Once out somewhere, the cat was right there. The poor mouse has to suffer. But one night she ran into the woods, and there she was lucky enough to meet one magician. He was very kind to her and said:
— Maybe you want something?
— Yes! I have a desire. I would be very happy if I became a cat, then I would not know any problems.
No problem, I'm not difficult, ' said the magician, — become a cat!
And the mouse became a cat. Began to live at the house, was afraid of nothing, chasing mice, it's all good. But when I went to the yard — where the dog was.
Oh... somehow I did not realize. The dog catches the cat.
She went back to the wizard:
— Look, another request is. I didn't know that there are dogs in the yard. Make me a dog, and I'll be completely happy.
The wizard said:
— It's easy, become a dog!
And she became a dog was chasing cats, mice generally did not pay attention, the owner fed her, all was well. But when I was running in the forest there lived a tiger.
— So here's what I need! Last request, ' said the dog is a wizard — make me a tiger and I'll be completely happy.
— Of course. Become a tiger!
And became mouse-cat-dog-tiger. And as soon as she became a tiger, she looked at the wizard. And licked with gusto:
— I want to eat you.
— How? I made you a tiger, and now you want me to eat?
— But I'm a tiger, get me, it is now my nature.
— I understand. Become a mouse!

Ayurveda says: if you went hungry from the table you ate. If you ate at the table — you have overeaten. But if you overeat at the table — you were poisoned. See, we can't control their feelings. This mind needs to evaluate. The mind says "enough".

So, the idea is that in the family we learned the culture of the mind. That was not just feelings that glutton and always quarrel with each other, and the mind. And family relationships will undergo several phases before it becomes perfect... published


Author: Alexander Hakimov, lectures "Male and female ego"

P. S. And remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©

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