From a woman husband will never leave and what woman will give him all the masculine qualities

Source this article is based on sastra. Despite the fact that this knowledge is 5000 years old, everyone will find in them wisdom, rationality, practicality and definitely able to apply in their life to make it a little better.

Prelude.Two women talking about the same man, one mistress, the other his wife.

Wife: what do you see in him?

Mistress: sage, brave and medrec;

Wife incredulous looks and said, you Scoundrel, covetous and stupid;

Mistress nedoumevala frown and said: are You crazy? Your husband is a wise man, brave and sedrez.

Wife even more nedoumevala: where you get that, maybe we're talking about different people? Now, here is his photo, is he?

Mistress: Yes, it is, how lucky you are how lucky you are, he's so generous, here's a look at a diamond ring, he gave me this coat;

Comments: In the hands of two different women, the man behaves in completely different ways;

Wife, surprised: What??? The coat??? Ring with diamonds???

Mistress: Well, I'm sorry, well, since we decided to... Oh Yes, these gifts he gave me... and what he is attentive, every Saturday and Sunday at the restaurant, every Wednesday and Monday a bouquet of flowers;

Wife: Hmm... I never in my life with him was not the restaurant it once in my life gave me a bouquet of flowers, before the wedding, when I really wanted to talk to me, ring diamond promised ten years ago, even drew on paper how it will look. So he is stupid, nothing to think.

Mistress: Yes you that? Here recently there was such situation, it it is perfectly understood, but as it is I was molested by men, so he fought for me...

Wife: Who is he? Yes, he comes to the entrance, forward skips

Commentariat such curiosities, that one and the same person behaves quite differently with different women, why? Because women are very powerful, influence. They say that the woman is hundreds of times stronger than its influence over men. It is also stated that women lack one quality that is in mind. The mind has two activities – memory and the ability to discriminate between, and some women do not quite understand their power, so they are often irresponsible in their appearance, behavior, words, actions. For example, a woman wears a short skirt and said, "what I didn't do anything, I just want to be confident". She walked down the street and a few thousand men looked at her, and are attracted to. The body women are so attracted to the opposite sex, her figure, skin, voice, Breasts, and a woman may not understand, or to understand, but not to take responsibility – "what if I'm like," But a huge number of people already confused. Even when the woman disappears, the men of passion, her image for a long time remains in memory. They say the man has a mind and knowledge, the woman's strength and beauty, so they complement each other.

Vodenica commander of the garrison of the fortress, it is not difficult to reflect all the attacks of robbers and a person who is under the protection of the wife, it is not difficult to reflect all attacks of the senses. Our feelings are like robbers, storming the fortress of the body, and the wife plays the role of commander of the garrison of this fortress, when the senses are attacked to the strength of the body of her husband, none other than the wife, saves his body from looting. No one can get rid of sexual desires, but the one next to who is the lawful wife, will be able to resist the onslaught of the senses.

Quality women:1. Cleanliness, purity of the body. The man's eyes are such that he looks at a woman as a flower. As soon as he sees a woman, he can say, scans her from head to toe and if he sees some untidiness, or something dirty, dirt under the fingernails, for him it will be all he will certainly respect you, but I feel wonderful, ideal experience will be, and the woman for him already friend, if she doesn't, she becomes a friend.

2. The clean, pleasant smell. Different scents work in different ways, appease, relax, attract, excite.

3. Ability to dress. In the modern world, women began to dress up in public, at home they go very "weird", they believe that to her husband at home, you can go as you please, and that great ignorance and error. When a man sees his wife in curlers, see how she painted, he thinks, "I thought that it's real...", all this reveals women's secret, secret. They say that the wife needs to dress for the person with whom she lives, but in the modern world emancipirana not, the wife says – "I know what and where to wear."

4. The ability to cook. Language is associated with the mind – indignation, discontent, grouchy, it's all about taste. The way to a man's heart is through the stomach.

5. Ability to clean clean the house. Sometimes, it seems that some single men like clutter, mess, but it is not so, they simply have no wife, and they get used to it, they know where lies one of yesterday's socks, where's the other, but this does not mean that they do not like cleanliness.

If the kitchen is dirty dishes, in the bathroom, dirty linen, the woman on the subtle plane descripitive yourself (undermines trust). A woman should never show her underwear if man in the bathroom saw female underwear, moreover, if it is dirty, all the disgust you've earned for a long time, until the feeling of sexual hunger, the man does not understand, but on the subtle plane this acts. It poisons the attitude towards you, you have for him is not ideal, not the flower.

6. The ability to speak only that which pleases the husband. Says the woman who begins to teach her husband immediately pushes it to degradation, man is suppressed, because women are very strong energy, it begins to "twitch", to be angry and the conflict begins. It is said that a woman should say such words by which he will feel brave, sage, sitecom, and you will. Also if the woman is not to promote the beauty, tenderness, delicacy, it will wither. If a man does not feel himself a hero in his family, in the eyes of his wife, he will look for that woman, next to which she will feel so.

7. The ability to be obedient. This skill is very important for family preservation, it means that the woman is ready to fulfill any wish of her husband.

8. Correct mind and body. Huge mistake, when women compare their husbands with other men – "Oh, Vaska is what... uh... you too, of course nothing..." — the path to infidelity you beat him, he 100% will be the mistress that he will say – "You have... uhh."

9. Chastity. There are four principles of chastity women who give her the opportunity to win a misfortune in the family:

1. She must be true to her husband.

2. She needs to respect him.

3. She must help him in his business.

4. She must respect his relatives.

If a woman observes all these four principles, it is able to create a happy family. A man can succeed in society if he is very serious about his wife. Because women's nature is the nature of energy. That is, the woman who believed in the Vedas, is the force energy. In man the principle of responsibility, principle of knowledge. If the husband has a bad relationship with his wife, then around it will apply a force that will not allow to establish relationships with others, or at least complicate them. When the family men have a good relationship, the man succeeds in society. The greatest power in this universe is the power of female chastity. If a woman very much devoted to her husband, the husband succeeds in all his Affairs.

Zaklucheniya, a woman can and should give very good protection to the feelings of the husband to protect him from his worst nature worst qualities, to show the quality of a real woman. If it does not, the husband begins to focus on other women, those who are doing it. And you'll no longer be interested, to involve, he will flirt with women at work, and you never will be a secret from you giving them gifts, he will become the brave, wise and sitecom for other women and for you to be a fool, a scoundrel and a miser. Who did this? — uneducated woman who does not comprehend these laws of influence of its power. Such marriages do not last long, So women lose their husbands – husbands in the garage to dig from morning to night, football, with friends in pubs, at work, and so on, until divorce.

Dopolneniem, many readers had the impression that religion is strongly discreditied the woman that she just needs to do everything, but it's not.

Not slavery, and tactics.

Western people believe that in this situation the wife becomes a slave. However, Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada writes on this subject that it is just such tactics.

Now the wife instead of to conquer the heart of her husband, no matter how violent and cruel he was, fighting with him, but if the woman shows softness in relations with the husband, then, ultimately, he will be defeated and the family will be peace and quiet.

Thus, a woman can control a man. If it acts according to the rules, she was always stronger than him.published


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