Incomplete family and a woman raising children alone —it's different

Family is man and woman, they're creatingChildren is a product of family life, they will help to be, or may not be, the family is the family. Full family is when they have kids. Incomplete family of an infertile couple. In society there's a persistent myth that single-parent family of a mother and children. Is things and phenomena to be called by their names and there will be no confusion in the minds.

In the picture the family - husband, wife and two children, a boy and a girl

The husband in the family strategist, he sets the strategy for the development of the family in society, in accordance with his personal development strategy. Wife tactician, who helps her husband to implement his strategy.

The task of parents is to raise self-reproductive species on the example of their happy relationship.

To educate children is not necessary-it is necessary to educate ourselves and be a valid example.

When a family gives birth to a son, the function of education falls on the father. He has a son in identity. He can afford rigor, stiffness. Mother gives son the love energy taking care of him, teaches him of sensuality, communication, etc.

When the family gave birth to a daughter, the function of supervision and training falls to the mother, she brings out her real woman in his example of interaction with her husband and children. The mother can afford the severity and rigidity in the address daughter. Father gives daughter's the energy of love and care from men. Hence the Pope's proud sons and love their daughters, moms proud daughters but love their sons. Daddy's girls and Mama's boys.

If the wife respects the husband, the children do not respect parents.

Example. Dad grounded son, because it is cold outside. Mom says son while dad doesn't know, go for a walk, I allow. Son very quickly realize that my father's words for mom weight does not have and it will cause disrespect to your mom.

Vertical coalition kill children.

When we're talking child — your dad is bad, don't take an example from him, when we include children in the decision of questions with him we build a vertical coalition, displacing the other parent from the family. It is dangerous for the baby. The husband and wife are not related to each other. But the mother and father of the same country and are significant for the child. We create inner conflict in the child. Because it is difficult to understand – where it is the boundary between my mom's and dad's, and there is a job to accept dad's.

In a divorce situation, it is often possible to observe such a phenomenon in society called "incomplete family"

A woman, alone raising a child or children.

What are the distortions?

The mother and daughter. The woman, left alone, takes the position of husband and performs its functions, and begins to demand from her daughter fulfilling the role of wife.

The mother and son. A woman lays upon the son of actor-husband. Son is getting older and is obviously married to the mom who won't give him a divorce so he married another woman. I'm talking about the psychological divorce. Of course, he may be married, but the first wife will be a mother.

So, left alone, without a husband, a woman should realize herself as a mother, raising children and play with them in the family.published


Author: Tatiana Savenko

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