The coal found 300 million rail age. Years

A resident of Vladivostok found the metal rack, like a piece of the microscope. Scientists have identified her age - 300 million years.
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The plot, which will be discussed, started more than casually. A resident of Vladivostok Dmitry ordered coal for the winter. Whether in his place someone else, maybe just casually all this coal would be burned. But then, throwing fuel into the fire, the man noticed that one of the usual pieces of coal pressed into something resembling a rod either, or rail.

Figuring that most of this task is not to deal, Dmitri called famous seaside researcher of anomalous phenomena, biologist Valery twisted pair. After examining the find, he suggested that coal was a piece of petrified branches or mineral ore. But is it? We agreed that there must be a partial processing of the rod and taking micro samples for analysis.

Carefully breaking the piece was removed from a rod of irregular shape, a little more than 7 centimeters long, covered in black coal become attached. After grinding under control scum showed up metal silver. He is not the magnet, it was soft and easy. Most interesting was the fact that the cleaning rod bared teeth and pitch-interval therebetween. The find is much like a metal rail toothed, artificially created. All this is reminiscent of parts commonly used in microscopes, various technical and electronic devices.

Who lost gears?

Coal that was brought to Primorye from Khakassia, with the Montenegrin deposit. Known age of coal - about 300 million. Years. So, the researchers wondered, and pressed into a metal part of the same old age ?! But who could have 300 million. Years ago, in the Carboniferous period, and prehistory, to make gear «spare»?

Partially deformed (explosion?) Rail section had a strange shape - a wrong, shifted apex of the triangle. It was a strange and move between the teeth (they survived only six remaining deformed) - unusually wide, awkward in relation to the size of the teeth themselves.

The answer to the question of what made metal rack, conducted by Valery gave two-core X-ray analysis. It turned out, find load of very pure aluminum - c microimpurities magnesium only 2 - 4 percent.

This in itself is surprising, because usually pure aluminum humanity uses very rarely. In general alloys with manganese, silicon, and copper. There alloys and magnesium, but it is usually up to 10 percent, plus alloying additives of titanium, zirconium, beryllium. And this alloy was like no one applied in our time!

Determine the composition of the bar, we found the answer to the question of how the item could be preserved after millions of years: pure aluminum covered with a solid oxide film that prevents further corrosion. In addition, once in the coal, prehistoric piece into a "canned", which opened the man in the beginning of XXI century in Khakassia. Oxygen to the "canned" did not have, and the rake is not collapsed. In addition, it says two-core, pure aluminum may indicate the high technology of its production.

Another discovery: it turned out that the material contains from 28 to 75 percent carbon.

 - It should not be, - says Valery twisted pair. - Because aluminum is produced by the electrothermal. Hence, the carbon could be accessed only through the diffusion of carbon inside the crystal lattice of aluminum. The pressure of a reservoir was huge. The presence of carbon - a wholly-owned parts proof of age - 300 million. Years.

 - A large amount of carbon - a very strange fact - supported colleague, a senior fellow at the St. Petersburg Institute of Nuclear Physics Igor Okunev. - Because aluminum is extremely chemically resistant paint film at the air - metal. It is also strange that resembles a rake of its kind item pinion transmission, although due to softness and high snashivaemosti aluminum used in a way just could not.

So it could look like a mysterious item, if kept entirely (reconstruction).


 - The most interesting - continues the scholar - and we know, the Earth, the aluminum? As far as science today, there is extraterrestrial aluminum-26, which decays into magnesium-26. Do not space magnesium seaside discovery?

If a resident of Vladivostok and really found a piece of extraterrestrial origin, how came the so-called rake the earth three hundred million years ago? Her left aliens who have studied the Earth long before the appearance of Homo sapiens on it? Or maybe it's a rare artifact of an ancient civilization of the upper Carboniferous period on the planet?

 - Such a discovery is made in the coals for the first time in Russia, - says Valery twisted pair. - One thing is clear: the rake is artificially created technical details with great age. It is possible that it is - a modern piece, which supposedly might get in explosions or engineering.
Roadside Picnic

Finding a strange artefact in coal - the case for our time is far from unique. So, in 1912 in Oklahoma from a piece of coal age 312 million. Years it has been extracted iron pot. In Romania in 1974 in sandstone quarry age of not less than 1 million. Years it was found aluminum parts, reminiscent of a hammer or the support legs of the landing of spacecraft "Viking" and "Apollo».

This seemingly ordinary iron pot lain in the earth 312 million years


But the oldest product was found in 1851 in Massachusetts when blasting in the quarry. This silver-zinc vase with the finest inlaid with silver in the form of vines. The age of this vase, according to the species, in which it was found, is 534 million. Years!


Finally, and himself Valery two-core, exploring cores (samples of the breed) raised with a 9-meter depth during the drilling of the seabed for the pillars of the bridge on the Russian island, discovered a "canned" in prehistoric sandstone (age - 240 million. Years) pieces of special alloys unusual composition , definitely not used in drilling machinery and non-ore minerals. Alloys, said two-core, were artificial and constructed by intelligent beings. What the accident happened within the boundaries of modern Vladivostok near Cape Nazimov 240 mln. Years ago? And maybe the aliens are simply "namusorili", as in the novel by Strugatsky "Roadside Picnic", and successfully flew - that we'll probably never know. But ... you never know what we'll find in the coal mines?

Forbidden Archeology

Strange findings extracted from the subsoil during mining operations, feed several conspiracy theories. For one, in the distant past - dozens or even hundreds of millions of years ago - the aliens visited Earth. On the other hand, on the planet already had a reasonable life. That is civilization existed prior to our own. Therefore, items that look man-made, it's what's left of any "alien" or by "early».

According to another theory, representatives of official science knows about artifacts, but hide them. Because the findings do suggest that in the world there was someone before us. And it does not fit in the modern understanding of the world. As a result, there is a so-called forbidden archeology, the secrets of which are devoted to only selected.

Skeptics, of course, does not agree with the conspirators. They accused them of forging any artifacts or scientific illiteracy, saying that it is possible to explain the appearance of even the most seemingly incredible finds quite natural causes. Without the involvement of "outsiders" or "early».

The Mineralogical Museum named Fersman (Moscow) "KP" showed fancy gold bullion, as if assembled from right rectangular shapes. They looked like parts of a machine. It turns out that these metal products, including the "pinks" and "chain", "grow" themselves just in the cracks of mineral formations. A long crack - is a chain. Crack crosses another, smaller, at right angles - that's you and "nail-head" or a more complex design of the correct form. But most of the inclusions of metals - from the noble to the earth - found in coal. The aluminum rail may be of the same breed.

Hammer? In some mines, mineral springs create a stone shell around any object tossed in a few weeks. The museums are kept even petrified sneaker.

Vase? Scoop? There is no certainty that these things really exist. Many so-called artifacts are represented only in the form of descriptions or photos.

Where is the truth, of course, unknown. Here, as with UFOs. Some assert that it is the aliens arrive to us. Other any aliens or UFOs do not believe.



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