13 youngest millionaires

They are cooked jam, grown truffles, selling points and became millionaires before graduating from college
13 people who were able to earn his first million by age 22!
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In 2002, when Milan Teshovichu was 16, he launched a music site, which collected just for fun copies of their favorite songs. Two years later, he decided to turn it into a business. Today the database includes Metrolyrics.com 2 million songs, and the company of 20 employees zarabyvaet in selling advertising. Revenues reached $ 1 million in 2007, when Teshovichu was 21 years old. Teshovich combines work with classes Simon Fraser University in British Columbia, Canada, where he received a master's degree of business. "I get no education for a career - says it - it promotes personal growth."

Ticket sales online

In 2005, 18-year-old Joshua Dzyabyak sold his first hosting company Mediacatch little more than $ 1 million. He bought a "Mercedes" and a flat-screen TV, and the remaining amount invested in new ventures. Including Showclix - Web site that allows cultural centers, colleges, concert halls and other venues to sell tickets online, by phone and at the box office. In 2009, it attracted about $ 1 million investment, and his company was estimated at $ 2, 75 million. Charges tickets (Showclix takes from each sale 7-15%) earned him $ 9 million over the past year.

Import truffles

Three years ago, at age 15, Yang Purkayastha began importing truffles and sell them for the price to $ 12 000 per kg in restaurants and stores of natural products. Purkayastha grew up in Houston, where a child was collecting mushrooms in the woods next to the house parents. Import truffles - hard work, it is controlled by four different federal agencies, and, in addition, you need all the time to try to overtake the time: truffles have a shelf life of seven days. Purkayastha opens first US nursery truffles in Arkansas, and his company Sales approached $ 1 million.

Road site

In summer 2008, ending school, Jason, Brian began working in the marketing department company selling cars in Florida. He knew that the future of marketing - the internet. "I found that half the cost can double the result, buying online advertising and optimizing the search results," he recalls. Three years later, when he was 21, Brian has spent "less than $ 10,000" from their savings to create a site that would help consumers to look for the car. Autocricket.com began to earn money by selling customer information to traders and producers machines. Six months after launching the site attracted the attention of investors who invested in business $ 250 000. Revenues in 2009 amounted to $ 1, 2 million, in 2010 - already $ 6 million.

Cards and plush toys

Cameron Johnson amassed their first $ 1 million, opened a few businesses. His first business, Cheers and Tears, he started at the age of 9 years. With the help of Photoshop, sitting at his home in Virginia, Johnson began to make invitation cards for party of their parents and soon began to receive orders from their friends and colleagues. A few years later Johnson became the earned on the money to buy cards at wholesale prices plush toys. Reselling them on eBay and on its website Cheers and Tears, he earned more than $ 50 000.

At age 13, Cameron came up with My EZ Mail - the service that forwards e-mails to a specific address without disclosing the personal information of the recipient. He hired a programmer to embody the idea of ​​life, and after two years My EZ Mail was earning about $ 3,000 per month on advertising.

In 1997, Johnson joined forces with two other young entrepreneurs, to create an advertising campaign. They sold ads at the top of the browser user. People who downloaded the program, receiving 20 cents per hour for the inconvenience, delivered advertising. Johnson began to cooperate with DoubleClick, L90 and Advertising.com, who picked up 30% of revenue. "I was 15 years old and I received checks every month for $ 300,000 and $ 400,000," said Johnson Forbes in 2008.

Another brainchild of Cameron Johnson, CertificateSwap.com, allowing people to sell their unwanted gift certificates online. Sale gift certificates on eBay was already commonplace, but the auction was taking "13% of the cost of cards, - said Johnson. - But we took only 7, 5%. " In 2004, Johnson (he was 19) sold for six figures CertificateSwap.com.


In 2002, at age 14, Fraser Doherty started making jams in the kitchen of his parents in Edinburgh. By age 16 Doherty left school and became a make jam full-time. In 2009 SuperJam income reached $ 1, 2 million. Now Doherty is the only full-time employee of the company, the cost of which, on the basis of revenue of $ 1-2 million.

The Social Network for focus groups

In 1999, aged 14, an Englishman Adam Hildreth launched a new social network. Companies like Coca-Cola used the participants online focus groups, developing marketing strategies aimed at young people. Hildreth served as managing director of the agency Dubit Limited four years. When Hildreth was 19 years, BBC called it one of the 20 richest Adolescents UK with an estimated fortune of £ 2 million, which is about $ 3, 7 million.

Website about computers

In 1996, Michael Furdyk, who was then 16 years old, started MyDesktop.com, a site about computers in the basement parents' home in a suburb of Toronto. On his site was full of advice, who sought out Furdyk in chat rooms on the network. There he met his peers, Michael Heymenom from Australia. Hayman soon moved to Toronto to help build a business. Tightening the belt, comrades found (by barter) servers and office. Soon MyDesktop.com has brought $ 60 000 per month advertising revenue from customers such as Microsoft. In 1999 Furdyk, Hayman and the third partner sold the company's website Internet.com «more than $ 1 million for" Furdyk told us in 2010.

Press oil

Twenty Daniel Gomez Iñiguez - owner of the company Solben, develops and produces Press for pomace oils from plants to make diesel fuel. Iñiguez product development started back in school. The first sale brought $ 150 000: half immediately to build a press, a half after the delivery. Mexican company Monterrey has invested in the business Iñiguez "a little more than $ 1 million" during its first year of existence. Today the company employs 15 permanent employees. Iñiguez went to college.

Photo album online

In 2005, 15-year-old Catherine Cook, and her 17-year-old brother, Dave, leafed through the pages of his school's annual album, and they had the idea to create an interactive version of its free online. Soon Cookie combined their social network Zenhex.com, living by advertising the site, where users publish homemade tests, doubling the number of visits to your site. By 2006 MyYearbook.com raised $ 4 1 million from the fund US Venture Partners and First Round Capital. Business has attracted advertisers such as Neutrogena, Disney and ABC, the number of participants had reached three million worldwide and annual sales measured seven-digit figures, told a brother and sister Forbes Cook in 2008.

Selling T-shirts

Raymond Lee took in high school practices in China in the company engaged in web conferences. Meetings with Chinese manufacturers were useful to him California home: Lee began to order T-shirts for my tennis team directly from China. Sales began to grow, and they saved up $ 2,200 Lee opened online company selling t-shirts Ooshirts.com. The name, he explains that "and Yahoo and Google's two O". At age 19, Lee gave up teaching at the University of California to work at his company. He now has three staff members, and he did not take a cent of foreign investments. According to Lee, sales in 2010 were between $ 600 000 and $ 900 000. This year, when Lee turns 20, the projected sales to reach $ 2 million.

Selling glasses online

When 21-year-old Jamie Murray of the University student tried to Wells in 2004 to buy a pair of prescription glasses, his head was born the new business. Stunned at the cost of glasses at $ 300, Wells decided to quit school and let your student loan ($ 2000) that later turned into Glasses Direct, based in London online retailer. During the first year of the company's revenue exceeded $ 2 million. By 2010, the company's revenue reached $ 5 million, the number of employees - 70 people, and attracted investment - $ 34 million.

Design of pages in MySpace

Conceived 14-year native of Detroit Ashley Qualls as her personal portfolio with pictures and graphics, earn on advertising the site began to offer free designs for MySpace pages and a guide for teens who want to learn how to create your own graphic design. In March 2006, Qualls, from the very beginning who owned Whateverlife.com, reportedly received from an unknown buyer an offer to sell site for $ 1, 5 million, but rejected it.



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