7 books on personal Finance management

Seventeen million three hundred twenty seven thousand seven hundred eighty four

Nobody wants to have financial problems. A high income does not guarantee material well-being, at least in the long run. It is probably more important habits and rules that are executed when handling the money.

Some common mistakes in money management I wrote for example here.

But one who wants to better understand these issues and to avoid future problems, it is better to read one or more books on personal Finance management.

Links to books in some cases I give, and others can be found in the Internet or buy in a bookstore.

1. The richest man in Babylon (George Clason)

One of the most famous books on the subject. Although the book written about 100 years ago, it is not outdated and has not lost its usefulness. Other books on financial management sometimes just based on this book.

2. Rich dad, poor dad (Robert Kiyosaki)

Robert Kiyosaki is a very popular in recent years the author and you have surely seen his books in bookstores. The author writes about the life lessons received from his own poor father and rich father of his friend.

"Poor dad" taught his son that to Excel you need to get a good education, get a good job and saving money. Although the tips seem useful, Robert realized that they will never make to his material well-being. "Rich dad" gave him totally different advice about investing, creating passive income, etc., which formed the different way of thinking in money management.

3. 10 secrets of wealth (Adam Jackson)

As in the first book, the presentation is in the art form. This is one book from the series consisting of four books. If you like it, read three other books by this author, you will not regret. It: 10 secrets of health, 10 secrets of love 10 secrets to happiness.

4. 21 secret millionaires (Brian Tracy)

Let's not confuse the word "millionaires" in the title. The author has collected tips based on the habits of people who have achieved financial prosperity. These tips will be useful to all.

5. Your neighbor is a millionaire (Thomas Stanley, William Danko)

In preparing this book, the authors interviewed and researched a lot of millionaires to discover among them have common features. Key idea: to live financially at a lower level than allow your money, budgeting your finances and their effective management.

6. Think like a millionaire (Harv Eker)

Before writing this book, the author has found a predisposition for a certain amount of money. In addition, he found that such a stabilizer have the most people and he does not allow people to get more money.

The author believes that found techniques that allow you to change the program and shares them in his book.

7. The path to financial freedom (Bodo Schaefer)

The author of the famous financial consultant, lecturer, and in General, personality, well known around the world.

In his book he writes about simple and probably known to every the claims that for some reason people don't tend to apply in practice.


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