Books: stored compactly and beautifully

In our apartments is very often accumulate huge deposits of books that look untidy and unattractive, take up a lot of useful space and become the main source of dust in the house.

Somehow in relation to the books we are guided by unclear, outdated stereotypes that prevent us from rationally look at the problem and once and for all to change the established order of things for the better.

Of course, if you – happy owner spacious home has a separate office or library, it is unlikely that you will have difficulty with storage space for favorite books.

The only thing that can advise – to store books not in open racks and in book cabinets with glass doors: through them perfectly clear the contents of the shelves, while they protect the books from the adverse effects of external factors and are not allowed to gather dust.

For easy retrieval group books by genre or author, then none of your favorite publications will not be lost among a large number of other instances.

In the small apartments, which often is not free space even for household items, accumulate mountains of "waste paper" is not a rational decision. Therefore, it is not necessary to store all the books in a row: once to sort them into those that you will need in the future, and those to whom the years more and nobody can touch it. From the second category of books it makes sense to get rid of immediately after reading all interested family members so they don't gather dust, taking up space. Give them to friends or neighbors, give to colleagues, sell, take in the nearest library or children's home, drive house in the end! Throw away the books, of course, not worth it, but they clutter up your home – also not the best option.

Typically, such "one-off" publications, the majority of romance novels, detectives, fantasy, books on popular psychology of the series "How to be the most successful in business" or "How to always achieve your goals" etc. Believe me, even if it seemed to you very interesting, you are unlikely to want (or find time) to read it again sooner than 10 years. For complacency, you can save an electronic version of any book, not to worry that you will not be able to find it in the future, if you want to read again.

Even collections of classic literature that no one reads, too, makes sense for someone to give to relieve the living space. The same applies to deposits of old magazines: look at them objectively – it is useless trash, and sooner or later you must throw it away. The question is – why the long wait and endure the mess in the room? If you particularly liked a sort of interesting article and you are sure that it will come in handy in the future, just cut it out of a magazine and carefully put in a special folder. For example, it usually save interesting recipes.


Those books that you use regularly (culinary publications, professional literature, textbooks, books on gardening, needlework, pet care, etc.) it is best to store the categories in the appropriate places for them. For example, cookery books, it is logical to keep in the kitchen, children's books – in the baby's room, professional publications (e.g. dictionaries for the translator) in the workplace. The rest of useful literature will easily fit in a small bookcase or on multiple shelves.

Storage of books is very convenient to use those areas that are not suitable for other needs. For example, the free space around the window or under the sill is great for organizing small and book lockers. It is also advisable to use for storing books of different narrow niches and piers which are not used for other purposes.

Around the door can also be installed bookshelves, as long as they do not interfere with free passage. If bookshelves are placed over the head, take care of safety: the shelf needs to be very securely fastened, it is advisable to put on are too massive heavy edition.

With unusual book shelves, you can organize the original storage of a small number of books. Shelves in the form of tree branches, various geometric shapes or the so-called "invisible" shelves are able to decorate the room to make it a peculiar charm and originality.

For example, in our shop sells fashionable "invisible" shelves and various shelves very original design:

To books on the shelves looked neat and beautiful, what a great idea to compose the spines by color. This will give the bookshelf a sense of order and accuracy and add to the interior charm of colour.

Very original and elegant idea to decorate a bookcase a large baguette on the perimeter. And, of course, why not arrange a classic hiding place on the bookshelf, using the publications of the unnecessary stubs?

Do not forget that from a practical point of view it is much better to store books behind closed doors than on the open shelves: so they are going less dust, making them much easier to keep clean and tidy condition.

Well, the most practical and progressive option to create an electronic library, the number of publications which will not be limited by any conditions. Of course, the pleasant rustle of pages and the magic smell of paper and ink give a peculiar charm and an additional pleasure of reading.


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But, on the other hand, a free living space in the house, the open space and fresh air for the whole family well worth the sacrifice as reading using electronic devices. Moreover, to read with electronic devices much more convenient, if it is a true electronic book, not a phone or tablet. In this case, you are still not going to spoil the eyesight: the principle of operation of the screen at e-books a little different than the desktop or laptop, more gentle on the eyes. published


Author: Irina Kirsanova And P. S. remember, just changing your mind — together we change the world! ©



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