20 e-libraries where you can borrow books for free and legally

Save yourself, this useful list, and you will always know where it is legal to borrow books to read.


1. Maxim Moshkov's Library (www.lib.ru) is one of the first and the most popular Russian electronic libraries, it opened in 1994. Authors and readers of the daily join the library on a voluntary basis. The website does not charge money to read for free.everything is possible. The only negative download book impossible.

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2. Is The Library "Aldebaran» (aldebaran.ru) offers to download the book for free at any of the convenient electronic formats (epub, fb2, rtf, mobi, pdf), but before you do, read her an excerpt. The service level!

3. All Tolstoy in one click (www.readingtolstoy.ru) — volunteers from 49 countries have created an electronic version of the 90-volume collected works of Tolstoy. All books can be downloaded in any convenient format for free. More than 700 works from the classics!

4. Fyodor Dostoevsky (www.fedordostoevsky.ru) enthusiast Sergey Rublev decided at one site to collect all the information about the writer. This is not just a book writer (by the way, digitized lifetime editions), but also the latest news about the movie and TV productions, research, and a list of museums and photo archives.

5. Library TarraNova (tarranova.lib.ru/about.htm) — asks to be called not an electronic library and archive. The leaders said that the main difference is that all texts published officially, with the consent of the authors. However TarraNova publishes not only original texts but also translations (with the names of the translators).

6. Presidential library. Yeltsin's (prlib.ru/Lib/pages/collections.aspx) — digitizes rare books of the Russian public libraries and collect them in thematic collections. Interesting very much. For example, to the Year of literature the service has prepared a selection of "Fact and image of Russian history in the works of Russian writers", where "Ode" Derzhavin – the digitization of the journal "news" for June 1799.

7. Libereya.com (www.libereya.com) — free online library "Libereya" is possible only after registration. Users have many responsibilities (publishing, communication), but the selection of books is good.

8. Artifact (artefact.lib.ru/library) — in library of over 8 thousand texts. Its advantage is that books are not only on Russian, but also in 32 other languages. All files available for download only in.doc format.

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9. E-library "Liter» (www.litmir.info) — contains more than 200,000 books. They are easy to read online, but when downloading the website asks to install a special program that deters many new users. In the section "Forum" on the website is quite a lively communication of users with each other. At the end of 2015, the year the website went through several trials with the publishing house EKSMO and Minister of culture Vladimir Medinsky, who insisted on the closure of the site, indicating on it illegal content. In 2016, the year the site changed hands and embarked on the path of correction. Books became much less active work for the elimination of illegal content.

10. Litres.ru (www.litres.ru) — despite the fact that Litres store e-books, something that (mostly classics and periodicals) where you can take free of charge in a special section.

11. Bookland.com (www.bookland.com/rus) — e-book store, which also offers a collection of free works in accessible formats in 18 languages.

12. Biblioclub (biblioclub.ru) — e-library and online store, which offers interesting conditions: by purchasing 10 books, you can become the owner of the status of "Reader" and get to the free use of half the content store. On the platform there is now the status of "Genius" is when you have a free access to all books on the website. A good option, especially if you are interested in books about business and self-development, educational collection.

13. "Russian science fiction» (www.rusf.ru) — bookshelf contains more than 10,000 texts 180 authors.

14. The Project Gutenberg (www.gutenberg.org) — electronic library, which will please those who like to read in foreign languages. More than 46 thousand e-books, the predominant language is English.

15. ThankYou.ru (thankyou.ru/lib) is a portal of music and literature, provided free of charge. A good selection of books in electronic format fb2, as well as the opportunity for aspiring authors to publish my book for free.

16. The library of foreign literature named. Rudomino (hyperlib.libfl.ru/rubr.php) — digitized part of their collections. Mostly rare books.

17. «Bookcase» (www.detisite.ru/gorodok/book) — a cosy children's library has digitized a lot of good children's books, but in 2009 was under attack and lost almost all of their archives. But something has survived. Read children's books by clicking on the book icon in the painted closet.

Fifty two million one hundred twenty six thousand one hundred thirty three

18. Institute of Ethnology and anthropology (iea-ras.ru) — on your bookshelf, divided by profile books in PDF format. A sample of the professionals regard as excellent.

19. Coffee room (magazines.russ.ru/about) — the electronic library of modern literary journals in Russia. Here you can find the latest issue of the most famous Russian "thick journals". The base is replenished quickly enough, and read — interesting, because many great works are first published here and then move into separate books.


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20. The electronic library of the Institute of world literature (www.imli.ru/elib) — in late 2015 on the site imli RAS new section "Electronic library". Now it is about 400 scanned scientific publications, for the convenience of users divided according to directions. This "Theory of literature, Russian literature, Literature of the peoples of Russia and CIS countries", "Foreign literature", "Folklore" and others. The library is updated, the website not to register.published 


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