How to teach a child to dress independently

When it came time to give the child to kindergarten, the ability of the baby to dress yourself is one of the indispensable conditions of reception of the child in this preschool.

If before You could afford to spend an extra hour dressing the baby, then the morning duties in the garden similar to a real marathon: to Wake, to wash, to feed, clothe, Shoe. And thus more time to get ready for work.

Therefore, it is important to teach the child to dress himself. But how to do it?

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To begin teaching children the skills for independent dressing should be two to three years. At about this age the child appears persistent desire for independence and if You timely and properly respond, then You do not have to force a child to do something himself – he himself will strive for this.

Therefore, if Your child is 2-3 years old, pay attention to some recommendations of child psychologists.

Can not suppress the child's initiative. If he wants to try to dress up yourself, do not disturb it. But do not ask the child immediately so he dressed himself. Very often, parents just can not stand the slow pace of dressing the baby and feeling that they are already late, start to rush themselves to suit the child, not allowing him to dress himself. In this case it makes sense to start packing a little in advance, given time for calm development of dressing skills baby.

If the child doesn't want to dress myself, try a little push, for example, wearing his socks and pants and not take the child to finish dressing himself.

Very often quick to develop the skill of self-dressing prevents the design of clothing child's. If things toddler there are numerous zippers and lace, small buttons, it is much more difficult for him, the process of dressing. So the first time it would be appropriate to buy baby things with big comfortable straps, Velcro, rubber bands.

There are special educational games‑lacing or just any toys that you can unbutton and zip up. Playing these games, the child develops fine motor skills of hands and be easier for him to cope with his clothing. Girls her first dressing skills can master dolls with their doll clothes.

You can play with your child different games, who will help him learn to dress. For example, let the Trouser legs will be tunnels, and the legs of the baby— train. Invite your tot to "stop trains in tunnels". Girls, and boys too, love to play "fashion show" or "photo shoot" is a great reason for learning independent dressing.

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The example of adults, the children enjoy imitate. Try to arrange a competition "distillation": who will dress up.

Tell the child what to wear. For many children remember the sequence of dressing things can be a problem. You can together with your child to make a poster on which to place images of the clothing in the correct sequence. This will help the child memorize. In addition, the child is not confused where the front and where the back of the clothes, choose clothes with pockets or appliqués on the front, so the child will be easier to navigate.published 




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