Photos 20 of the most gorgeous libraries in the world

The word "library" come to mind, buzzing fluorescent lights, chikusa in the dinning librarian and dusty ficus tree in the corner, but not all of them look exactly. For example, these 20 libraries in different parts of the world so steep that they can spend all their free time and not being branded as a nerd.

Library Henry Suzzallo, Seattle

Library Delft technical University, Holland

Memorial library Bedales, England

The Library Of El Escorial, Spain

Library Geisel, University Of California, San Diego

Library Brain, Germany

Library Of The Mafra National Palace, Portugal

The Tripitaka Koreana, South Korea

The Library Of Congress, Washington

Book mountain Library quarter in the Netherlands

Library, George Peabody, Johns Hopkins University

The library of Trinity College, Ireland

Library of rare books Thomas Fisher, Canada

Selexis Dominicanen, Holland

Library the sir Duncan rice, Scotland

Guangzhou library, China

Library Richelieu-Levoy, Paris

Library Of Sainte-Genevieve, Paris

Public library Villanueva, Colombia

Royal Portuguese library, Brazil



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