The adult site will plant a tree for every 100 video views spicy


Seventy three million six hundred eighty thousand eight hundred fifty

Remove your children from our blue pages. In the States, even the sites with pornographic content have to join the "green" movement, gaining momentum with each passing year, to more actively involve the audience. Planting trees today is the action which creates competitive advantage in a saturated market rivals.

For ethical reasons we do not give a link to a website that attracts visitors, just want to answer the fact of awareness the greening of the planet at all levels.

In fact: during the campaign, at the time of this writing, has been viewed more than half a million videos, to put it mildly erotic content. That obliges the organizers of the unusual promotions to put 15473 tree.

Here's metamorphosis: one of the most reprehensible, morally, the occupation is also possible to pay into social good. Joke. Of course, this is pure marketing PR campaign, the fruits of which may indeed result in a small forest of trees for the inhabitants of the planet and a few extra million visitors for unvoiced us website. :)

Seventy one million one hundred seventy five thousand five hundred seventy nine




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