What tree to plant in your summer cottage?

Pine – a tree of peace and the heights of the spirit. If your life has come the important moment your destiny is decided and you need a place to answer some serious questions, without communication with the pine can not do. Aura of this tree is very strong, it will help applied to him man to rise to unprecedented heights of spiritual insight, creative take.

By direct contact the power of the pine will take the irritation and frustration that accumulate daily in your soul. The energy of pine will help you to get rid of nervous disorders, stress. None of the neurosis will not stand under its influence.

Pine – merciful tree. It is necessary to go with an open mind. Pine is able to cleanse the aura of a person from outside influence, partially to remove damage.

The oak is a mighty tree, a symbol of great vitality, longevity. The druids considered it sacred. Oak is the energy donor. In direct contact with it the person receives the maximum possible amount of vitality.However, it must not be forgotten that it is strong, but the harsh wood. His aura is very powerful, it is receptive only to healthy people. Man seriously ill and suffering from chronic diseases it is better not to communicate with this tree. Communication with oak can give a person the activating energy, soothes the soul. It has long been observed that walking in the grove normalize blood pressure, beneficial effect on the heart and nervous system. Oak has always favoured warriors, fighters, strong and healthy people. He heals the wounds received in battle, heals the souls of soldiers, shares a part of his longevity. The veterans, former soldiers, elderly people contact with him brings great benefits.

Birch is a favorite tree of our people, embodying the Russian soul, the tree of extraordinary kindness. It is called the tree of life. Birch is gentle and compassionate, has a very soft, gentle and at the same time strong influence. As a counterbalance to the birch should turn sick, weak, recovering people. It will facilitate sufferings, will help to regain the lost strength, it is easier to transfer the disease, will accelerate the healing process. Communicating with birch, it is useful to people troubled. in a state of depression. This tree relieves fatigue, neutralizes the negative effects of everyday stress, helps to restore mental harmony. Birch growing next to the house, drives away nightmares. The impact of this tree are long lasting. It is better not to come to him and live close, then it can heal you. Birch has always attributed the ability to ward off evil spirits.

Larch – a calming tree. If a person does not leave the fears, doubts, unreasonable anxiety, contact with the larch will bring him great relief. It heals severe nervous disorders, especially accompanied by bouts of melancholy, depression. Its influence helps to see the best side of life.

The Apple tree is the first tree in the druid horoscope. This tree of female power, female sexuality awakens the woman sensual side of nature. If you want to experience the rush of erotic energy, then go to sleep in the summer under an Apple tree, however, she willingly shares his strength with young girls. Influenced by the energy of the tree the girl can imagine a suitable image of the ideal man and dream to see the betrothed. The influence of Apple really need is young, inexperienced and insecure girls. But we must be wary of temptations you can surround the tree. For the energy of the tree there are no moral rules, she is guided only by the call of nature.

Elm is an exclusively male tree, the tree of true spiritual qualities of a real man. To men in the full sense of this word he preferred, supported their initiatives, but losers do not like. Only the one who fights to the end, not "limp", he gives strength. Sometimes a good contact with the elm person can last for many years.
In the middle ages, knights were made of elm spears not only because of the strength of the wood. It was thought that elm spear gives the warrior courage and bring good luck in battle.

Topol is absolutely indifferent to the human tree. Its peculiarity consists in the fact that he, like a sponge, it absorbs all the negative from the environment. Therefore, in the cities Topol plays the role of the nurse, and improves the environment.

Willow – a tree of female magic. It is associated with the Moon, all the rites dedicated to the earth and water, which are performed by women. Energy willow can not be called good, she was indifferent to the problems of good and evil, it is only nature, obeying the laws of equilibrium and justice. Energy willow gives amazing strength to women, able to charm, to turn away, to restore to the offender the damage, to ruin his destiny. Willow is extremely sensitive, she may not want to communicate with you.

Hazel is a powerful tree with a strong character, one of its main qualities is justice. His energy will help draw your mind to an objective consideration of the situation from different sides. The concept of justice, he refers not only to the field of human relationships. For hazel there is not likely cases, even the smallest injustice must be eliminated.

Rowan – the type of influence related to the Apple tree, but protects more Mature women. The
the best ally for women who find true pleasure in the physical side of love. Direct contact with the ash is able to awaken dormant in the woman sexuality. For Rowan's favourite female age about 40 years. Such women, she gives love a particularly warm autumn, full of energy.

Maple – a tree that helps to find peace of mind to people of all types, a reassuring, confident. This tree inner strength and balance. It is not touchy; assumes all emotional explosions, releases from the boiling passions.

Chestnut – we are talking about women's chestnut. Direct contact with this tree is tantamount to dealing with rapid mountain river. Pure and strong flow of its energy wash away your ailments, but the power feeding from him do not wait. Chestnut himself. He's selfish.

Acacia – tree, which engenders life. From acacia asked about the birth of the child, but to communicate with her spouses need two. Influence of acacia promotes fertility, and awakens the instinct of procreation equally in men and women.

Rosehips — stimulates manifestations of tender feelings, are responsible for the emotional side of love, supports the people of tenderness, passion, harmony. If you pluck a blooming branch of rose hips and give your loved one as it will leave it untouched – means that his feelings are not so deep and strong as you thought. In flowers and fruits concentrated kind of magic hips.

The cherry tree is a gentle tree friendly customized youth heals the emotional frustration of the young, helps to show tender affection, youthful passion, but not allow anything vile. If you said not the soul, but the body, bird cherry will do you any good.

Juniper is a shrub, having strong cleansing properties. His strength is basically not directed on people and surrounding subjects. If you burn in the pine needles, you can get rid of adverse effects. Person juniper can help to remove the evil eye or damage, to get rid of the action of the spell.

Spruce — offers its energetic support all year round. She does not carry a particularly strong properties, but the energy is constantly available to those who feel the winter is the lack of power. It will give you no more energy than necessary. Spruce helps to control your emotions and configures a philosophical mood. The smell of burnt dried pine needles – excellent for cleaning home from the harmful effects.published

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