20 of the world's most magnificent libraries. Even if you do not like the book, you'll be delighted!

If as a child, watching cartoon "Beauty and the Beast," you could hardly take his eyes from the library of the Beast, you probably know that this is one of the best places in the world. The 20 libraries - one of the most magnificent in the world. But they are beautiful, and what kind of books are there.

The National Library in Prague

at the Vatican Library

Public Library of Stockholm

Peabody Library

Zurich B2 Boutique Hall

The Netherlands Public Library

Library Edmond Abby

Library Einsiedeln

The Austrian National Library

Trinity College Library in Dublin

Library in Providence Athenaeum, USA

Library at Yale University

Library at the University of Coimbra

Library Melk Abbey

Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton counties

New York Public Library

Stuttgart City Library

Library in Iowa

Personal Library Jay Walker

Library Jose Vasconcelos, Mexico

Admit it, the library - this is the most mysterious places on the planet! Nothing keeps the secrets and history of mankind as a book. Tell your friends about these amazing places!



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