21 fact that you have to know about China. That's a wonder I did not know ...

Knowledge of many of us about our own country, at best, limited to dry dates ... What can we say about the awareness of other countries? wants to expand your horizons and your presents 21 shocking facts about China. Experts called the geopolitics of the country "sleeping dragon" - all thanks to a rapidly growing economy and a significant impact on the world of the country. Here are some incredibly interesting and puzzling facts about the People's Republic of China, of which you probably never knew.

To ensure that Chinese soldiers kept his head straight and high, to the collar of the pin shaped pin.

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The military police of the Republic of China, uses a wire tied to a pole, to train its police to raise their hands during a march strictly to a certain height.

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100 million people in China live only 1 US dollar a day.

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Ketchup appeared in China as a sauce for marinating fish and was called «ke-tsiap».

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The Chinese do not take food with them, bought by Mc Drive and take ordered in a restaurant and eat there all.

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Officially, China is not a religious country, but there are about 54 million Christians.

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In China, the death penalty every year is sentenced to 4 times more inmates than any other country.

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The city of Dongying eggs boiled in the urine of boys virgins are considered real delicacy.

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Google in partnership with the world's largest record companies discovered the Chinese access to download free music.

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Police in China are often used instead of conventional police dogs geese. All thanks to an aggressive and beautiful sight of these birds. B>

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Every year in China, there are nearly one million abortions. And all this because of the one-child policy. Under such harsh measures most likely to be a girl. B>

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Incredibly, 30 million people in China live in houses-caves, they are called yaoduny.

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In China, the air is so polluted that all emissions across the Pacific Ocean even reach San Francisco.

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Some Chinese companies for the production of food are found to have that tofu made from household waste and marinated goat meat in the urine.

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Women in China are willing to pay 700 dollars for an operation to restore the hymen.

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Breathing air in Beijing is the same as that smoke 21 cigarettes per day.

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In 1973, 10 million Chinese women moved to the United States, so as to solve the problem of the demographic crisis in China.

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In China banned consoles PlayStation.

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Every year in China consume about 4 million cats.

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In Shanghai it sets a record for the longest traffic jam stretching 99 kilometers. It lasted 12 days. B>

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In Chongqing for people who can not break away from the phones have been made special path to because they do not inadvertently crippled and maimed others.

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I did not know that China is so mysterious ... expands the horizons of their friends - to share with them this interesting information.

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