15 things that you do not have to report to anyone ... And it is worth remembering everyone!

All of our decisions, including the fact that we choose how to behave in society, with whom we spend most of their time, largely depend on the opinions of others about us. Family, friends and even strangers - it seems that everything is a matter before we live and what we do in life.

Sometimes it simply goes beyond the normal. Surrounding unceremoniously require you to report that, for whatever reason you have received any decision or did one or the other option. The idea is that you should feel obligated to constantly someone something to prove. But there are some things that should not concern anyone but yourself. And you just do not have to explain anything to anyone about these things 15:

1. Your personal life - it's your own business. To no one excuses! B>
No matter you live whether you are in a civil marriage with her ex-boyfriend and his ex-girlfriend and you're staying in rooms of various country hotels, or you are living with their parents, even though you already late 20s - remember, you are not obliged to give an account of how you live, where you live and with whom you live. On this personal life, to be known only to you and only authorized persons to whom you yourself consider it necessary to tell about it.

2. You do not have to explain anything to anyone about their priorities in life. B>
Each of us has their views about what can make you and your loved ones happy. Because all of us have their own principles, values, dreams and aspirations, it is logical to assume that each of us are different, and life priorities. You do not have to talk to someone about what the main goal you have chosen for yourself in life. This option applies only to you alone and no one else.

3. You do not have to ask someone for forgiveness, if it does not feel any guilt. B>
If you do not regret about the offense and think that someone was wrong in his attitude towards you, it is better not apologize, because it will be just empty words. Many of us are too hastily in apology, and make haste to heal the wounds that do not heal as quickly. It takes time to heal them. You really should not ask for forgiveness if you do not feel any guilt, or you simply are not given the opportunity to speak out to clarify the situation.

4. You have the right to stay with a nonuniqueness without asking anybody permission to do so. B>
Do not worry if you call rude or asocial, when you cancel all plans simply because they want to be alone, to relax, to think, to dot the «i» or simply read your favorite book. Believe me, it is quite normal that you sometimes want to loneliness. Nobody will listen to and manage their own personal time!

5. You do not have to agree with the personal beliefs of others. B>
Just because someone truly believes in something, does not mean that you have to nod in approval and around to agree with them. If you do not share their views, you will agree, it is not fair to you and to them, if you suppress your own opinion, pretending to support them. It will be a cultural diplomatically say about this, so you do not pour all their dissatisfaction or disappointment on others.

6. You do not have to give approval for everything that others have to say. B>
You always have the right to say "no" if you do not see any reasons viscous to answer "yes." In fact, most successful people - those who managed to say "no" to everything that was not in their priorities. Manifest to others the kindness and gratitude, but never be afraid to politely refuse what diverts you away from the main goals in life.

7. You do not have to bother about what people think about your appearance. B>
Whatever you may be: slim, chubby, high, low, beautiful or ugly, you do not have to explain to anyone why you're such. You are you. Your appearance - it is your own business and you do not have to explain anything to anyone. Remember, appearance does not define your personal value.

8. You should never make excuses about their eating habits. B>
There are products which, for various reasons, the fact you do not like. Leave explanation about why you like a particular dish. What suits you food may not suit another, or vice versa. As they say, the taste and color of comrades there.

9. You should not be accountable to anyone about their intimate life. B>
You do not have anyone to explain where, when and with whom. You can do anything: to wait until the wedding, experimenting sex for one night or same-sex relationships ... I do not care what others think, the main thing that it gave you the most pleasure.

10. Career or personal life? Choice only for you. B>
Sometimes life circumstances force us to choose between career and personal life. Accordingly, to take a decision in this situation is very difficult and you can opt for a high-paying job not because you just do not care about the family or relationships with others, and just because you want to be confident in their future. In any case, until you're sure that you're doing and why you do it, you do not have to report about why chose a career instead of his personal life.

11. No one should care about your religious or political vzgyadov. B>
No matter from what party or religious denomination are you identifitsiruesh - it is your personal choice. You should not be anyone to explain anything about the fact what you believe. If someone can not accept you the way you are, that's his problem - not yours.

12. Nobody has the right to expect from your explanation as to why you are now alone. B>
Single Do you at their own request, or you quit - it does not matter, it should not touch anyone, except you alone. It's your choice - bound with someone bonds of relationship or not. Information that you have a relationship with someone or not, absolutely nothing to say about you as a person.

13. You do not have anyone to go on dates, even if you were invited. B>
He or she can be a very good man, but if you do not lie to the man the soul, you do not have to go out with him just because he asked you to do that. You can say the reason for this decision, but it should be short and clear.

14. You do not have to explain anything to anyone about his marriage. B>
Have you decided to get married and have children or remain childless bachelor - is a personal matter! Even your mother, who can not wait grandchildren should understand that marriage - is something that is not for everyone. As if this was not difficult, it should accept the fact that it is your choice.

15. You are not obliged to report on the choice of their passion. B>
Often people can afford to throw inappropriate comments about your romantic relationship. But it's none of their business! For the selection you have to answer only to themselves and their loved one. Live your life and never force yourself to be with the person with whom you do not want just because it encourages society.

We have only one life, and every one of us, she is unique. Live my life with dignity and the way you want it! Do not try to prove anything to anyone. Take off extra weight unnecessary obligations and not to waste their energy. The only person to whom you are obliged to report - is you. Share these wise teachings of life with friends.

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