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This text serves to optimize your performance.
But do not get carried away optimization - do business.

Consequence: Traditional education (hospital, 5 years) - this is a dangerous thing. You need to have a very good reason (specific purpose), to spend a huge chunk of time as an unknown outcome. In addition, the principle of 50-50 (theory-practice) is not applicable at school, everything is exactly the opposite, that (in my opinion) shows the inadequacy of current teaching methods.

1. The need for time (reasons)

Definition: Effective time management?
We mean by "Effective time management" process in which your life in the following condition.
1. Are you satisfied with the results (progress towards goals);
2. You are absolutely free from the urgent and uninteresting cases.
Ideal is unattainable, but the more you are happy and free Bole - the better time management.
Consequence: If you do not have goals - you do not have time
Tip: Do not reproach myself for inaction! Often better to do nothing than to do something wrong.
How to develop a goal?
As fate would have turned the sole purpose of which is worthy of you - change the world. All other goals - a selfish (then you just have not figured out yourself and you early to think about AIMS), or reduced to "change the world».
Consequence: Your goal is formulated as follows: I have decided (for the period of his life / no other /) to change the world, so it was more (transfer favorite Affairs and feelings, but not things) / things - the main enemies of the time /.
2. Adoption of the time (axioms)

The phrase "time is money" is not really true. Time - money multifaceted.
Time - is all that is given to us in this life. Time and life are synonyms.
Time - you can invest. Nothing else can not invest without time. (See. * Investments)
People needed and needs a universal currency, to assess the way that he chooses every second. Historically, it's money. But time - natural and far more universal measure. (See. * Registration in time). Therefore, a business built on the natural resources of time, rather than cash. (See. * Business and time).
3. The existence over time (concept)

Occupies only favorite things. If you can not afford it - this text is not for you.
1. Nothing can be good to do if you do not like
2. Ability to make uninteresting things, leads to a dilemma of choice, which, in my opinion, can not be solved objectively.
Tip: DO uninteresting forbidden to do
HOW TO CHOOSE need to do
1. The need to do interesting
2. The need to do not need to do urgently
3. The need to do work for the future
/ Go to a higher level of time management /
Discard the CLOCK and calendar - you do not need
1. Man has memory and sense of time. Both of these abilities - unique and absolutely necessary. Therefore, getting rid of the clock and diaries, you will be trained MEMORY
2. When you throw away the clock, remember the time - it's your property, it belongs to you, not you to him.
The Council is not for beginners!
If you do not have a watch and calendar, you first need to buy both, to understand why they are needed. And only then - throw. I think it is inefficient to avoid things that are not familiar.
Do not try to convince people. Their beliefs - that is their personal happiness.
What to do? Express their own opinion, I agree with those items that do not acknowledge and agree with those which do not recognize. End the call. Be it is absolutely open and honest. In this case, your buddies will not have to.

Love people and yourself first
1. Loving others will allow you to love yourself and do not fall into selfishness. Besides protect against conflicts. Nobody can take away and give you as much time as other people.
2. Self-love will allow you to save your own time from encroachments.
Consequence: Be honest with yourself and others.
4. Production time (basic techniques)

Are structured TIME

A. ALL NOT IN TIME - Get rid of the guilt
You can not beat the time, if you assume that you are indebted to him.
Report to someone to use their time - is harmful. After all the time - that's what really is yours. That someone may require you to only a specific result. But if your work is somewhere on the site and take customer calls, the missed calls - the negative result for which you can easily be the answer.
B. Bring to automatism WHAT can be brought to automaticity This will allow you and your mind not to notice these things.
C. does one job at every moment ...
+ Limit the number of cases, hanging side by side (remove items)
DO + "target" (remember why)
+ Trust your intuition. She knows more than you (the balance of the mind-Senses)
Corollary 1: The Perfect Desktop - empty; Ideal mailbox - empty;
Corollary 2: Especially dangerous "hanging" important matters. Case selects time approximately 10% of its importance. To take on the 10 important things and you can not work at all.
Corollary 3: It is much easier and more effective to tell people that you prefer in this business since it will take time and he (interested) to remind you of it myself. In this case, your brain relax and enjoy life. It is better to remember something useful than those of the case, which does not necessarily remember. By the way, confirms the concept about pleasant things. He would like to remind you, and you usually do not remember it very nice.
Corollary 4: Create completeness (each finished work dissolves in space and not get bored).
Corollary 5: Do not mix several things together. The case - they are good individually. The phrase, "I'll do your thing, then how to do is another matter" - must go out of your vocabulary. You do not know whether or not quite completed yet ever and that's another thing's for sure - these cases are not connected at all.
D. haste slowly. Because any time pressure - not effective.
KEEP 33% of temporary free (later 50%)
Rationale: It is not possible to structure a time when it still occupied. Do you need a room for maneuver.
5. Saving Time (warnings)

Get rid of things. Things waste time. There are, of course, useful things, but they are good and bad at the same time. Sense of balance when things get bad - get rid of them.
In addition, it will be interesting to know that 90% of things - useless in nature.
My observations: Car to take with me takes away from time to 5 g per day, bringing the winning time depending on the circumstances of --20 (cork) to +40 (transportation equipment, trips into the countryside).
Mobile selects 1 c. and brings a time of 4 gr.
Palm selects time to 4 grams and brings only 1 gram, I do not wear Palm. Amount of money concerning, besides I have it somehow stole that also led to some temporary losses (on useless excitement and information recovery, password changes)
Corollary. If you love your time you should avoid:
1. Reading thick books (especially disliked). In any case, the book should be read voraciously / execution favorite things / or can not be read at all.
2. lengthy negotiations involving a large number of people. / It is obvious that half of those present simply loses its time /.
Council. Know how to stop and go back, do not try to be right.
1. Many people and myself, I noticed a bias against to 5 meters to go in the opposite direction, to admit their mistakes and so on. Get rid of this, you can forget any preconceptions.
2. Be able to admit their mistakes. Then what you have done - will save your time, and do not spend it.
E. Do not get involved in long does (love the simplicity), FAST (--lyubite vremya--) get out of NEPERESPEKTIVNYH events (--lyubite sebya--) and thus keeps his word (--lyubite people -)

Corollary 1: Do not cast away his word.
Corollary 2: Do not engage in complex cases - either simplify or forget.
F. does not work with those who work as well as you. Nothing takes so much time, as inconsistencies with disorderly assistants.

Consequence: People need to pay high salaries, because your level specialists are many


1. Forget
(If you can not forget)
2. Make a right and correct
(If you can not make or uninteresting)
3. Give to do another
1. Forget - the most effective method. You need a habit, but most cases are absolutely useless.
2. Remember, each "do" thing, too, taking up much time (to support, for advice on the expression of feelings of gratitude). / Note - sincere positive emotions of other people, meanwhile, save time /.
3. Having to do another, select a lot of time control, but at the same time leave it (time) in stock.
PostSledstvie: VERY IMPORTANT. DO do the right (right - so as to result in the amount you received the prize in time, but not loss), wrong done deal selects 10-20 times more time later. DO I doing wrong - DO NOT

CORRECT (with saving time) made the case strengthens your faith in power over time. This is very useful.

Tip: Leave a little time on the control of correctness.

Particularly harmful things: narcissism, selfishness, prejudice, and offended by offending people, luxury, euphoria.

Your image should generate a time, and not to devour. Watch this.
If you have a euphoria - it means you have something to do too FAST, slow down. Keep a balance between intellect and feelings. Do not let that neither one nor the other has prevailed.

6. Implementation (methods)

1. Do not try to force things too, just nothing happens (it is better to climb the stairs than to climb the bare wall).
2. Philosophy as a whole need to realize and implement slowly and evenly (a cart on two wheels / beliefs / if it will go, then the curve)
3. Do not be afraid to experiment (there is no other true experience, except my own)
4. Where you need time, not art - stick to a consistent technology (do not argue with themselves)
5. Do not flatter yourself RESULTS
Applications (excessive)

* Time natural money.
Why more than the natural measure of success than money?
Originally given to you at birth only time. And the purpose of your life (in phys. Level), can only be one thing only - to effectively use the suitable you time. Under efficiency - you can understand what you want.

* Negative connotation money
Money - it is a kind of "dummy" thing that was invented and did not exist initially. Time - given to us by nature. There is nothing wrong with money, but also how each "dummy" (unnatural) thing, money has its limitations. And people who see these restrictions faced with them will condemn those who chose a measure of money. It would be inappropriate to record these people into enemies. Select another landmark - time.

* Conversion of money during

$ 1,000 will be enough for a couple of days? So, this amount can save for you this time. You can hire a housewife and is also save your time. Unfortunately, money does not exist by themselves. If you plan to spend not only, but also to use them effectively (to invest) - they will not only give, but take your time.

* Accounting Time
The main advantages of registration in time:
1. With increasing income money loses its value and remains unchanged.
2. Time natural money (see. * Time natural money)
3. Money has a negative connotation (see. * Negative coloration of money), but no
* Investments
Money can be invested only with the help of time. You can really be busy chores, if the grandfather bequeaths you a few billion. You will need time for the selection of consultants (at least) if you want to really invest the money. Knowledge is almost impossible to invest, they do not lend themselves to the integration and evaluation. You can invest in the decades of knowledge, but if you do not spend years on their use - knowledge will die with you.

* Business and time
No matter how much you do not pay their employees, all that they can - to generate or consume time. Therefore, successful firm, distinguishes it from the unsuccessful time balance. Successful company produces many of the effective time and devours his unsuccessful (as a consequence, with the money). )

Author: Alex Mas (mas@mail.ua)


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