How to sleep 2 hours per day and emptied

Believe it or not, this technique - intuitively found, and NOT CASTANEDA

How to sleep 2 hours a day and get enough sleep?

In fact, this is not how to sleep, and about how to live.
All interested certainly externality because 2 hours sleep is cool. But it's not cool, cool to live every moment of life as if it is a true moment as if you use it at 100%. Magically true time is due to the fact that you will have enough to sleep 2 hours per day.

Features techniques:

1. Wake up and fall asleep when you want + buildup
2. Music
3. Tea
4. Do not eat
5. Do not lie
6. Do not be afraid
7. Do not be avoided (because sleep is avoidance)
8. Do not rush (constant meditation)
You will have to take responsibility for their actions and for their lives. However, it and so you have, I just want to remind you that this is your life and still have to lead her over you, not me. I hope you have not forgotten it.

1. Wake up and fall asleep when you want

This means exactly one if you want to sleep - you need to go to bed. If you want to get up - then you need to get up. Service in general - for villains. Service, if you want seeds for every waking somewhere about two hours of time of your life. And you have a lot of extra time?

Everything is simple and honest. You do not force yourself not to sleep, you go to sleep and wake up when you want. You do not torture yourself (as many might seem) sleep in 2 hours. God forbid you, you wake up when you want to go to sleep and when you want, that's why I think that this doctrine is true, it keeps track of what your body wants.

Paradoxically, you need to shake your current schedule, you will not be able to live according to this method, if the body rises and falls in the same time. This initial phase of the process is insane apparent contradiction with the system as a whole. Therefore, you have to shake your schedule, that is, at some point to stay longer (for an interesting job), or get up early (for the sake of interesting work).

Interest - an important component. After a dream - it's avoidance, seen (by myself included) that when you are avoiding something - you sleep better.

2. Music

Paradoxically, the periods when I get enough sleep for 2 hours (which is unfortunately or schatyu not constantly happening to me), I have connected with listening to good music.

I believe that music produces a harmonizing effect, listening to music harmonizes the mind, and the mind more harmonious istynny and poured faster.

As I listen to music. Right now through headphones on my MacBook. I love Mac (Windows users may not be able to sleep for 2 hours, although that is really there, I bought a Mac in exactly the period when he opened this technique to 2007m and maybe just a coincidence).

Initially I isplzovat for this disc faculty "Stalker" from (megavesch)

3. Tea

East, the highest - Oolong. If you do not know what it is - then you in the tea club. This is interesting. Here's the address in Kiev (, it directs my friend Alexander Barabash, so will - pass him hello.

I'll tell you a little bit of yourself.
Oolong - harmonizing tea, it gives energy when you need it, it soothes, if you need to calm down. Oolong tea is good even in that unusual to drink two cups of Thai. One of them is the earth, the other the sky. The tea ceremony - is an art, and I like it entirely. If you come to the tea club - you will be shown this tradition. According to one legend, it came up with the samurai in between battles, and it is a good legend for me, because I'm a fan of Zen.

The very origin of tea on a legend is also associated with sleep:
519 BC, the border of India and China. According to legend, it was at this time from the West into China came the red-bearded barbarian (aka Bodhidharma), sat down in front of the wall and zameditiroval. At some point he fell asleep, and woke up, angry at himself, tore his eyelashes and threw them to the ground. Here are some of the lashes and rose tea bush. A Buddhist monks advised to drink tea Puer during meditations and ceremonies, not to sleep.

I drink a cup of oolong once in 100 grams, holding thermos liter of boiling water and a tea table or on the table next to the table. But tea is not required, perhaps this state and without tea.

Need to drink a lot of fun but.
First, drink a lot - it is right (allows to recover if you are ill)
Secondly, drinking a lot - you will not sleep for a long time (there is a built-in alarm clock, it wakes you up) the way writes about the Dalai Lama, so I'm not the first invented it.
Third, drinking a lot - eat less and eat less - way to longevity.

4. Do not eat.

Besides that sleep only 2 hours can be further 2 hours save on what is not.
Besides eating less - it is one of two paths to longevity. The second way to longevity - more sleep (funny, yes, mention it in the concept where you sleep only 2 hours a day, but all is fair). By the way, I can not sleep and 11 hours a day, so I went and such experiments.

If you eat a little something will not sleep much. Because why hungry much sleep you need to wake up and start to search for food. Satiety dulls, besides.

You need to eat when you want to feel your body. But any overeating immediately adds extra hours of sleep you want to make? But limit yourself to a little bit - it is logical, in the food - is the foundation of health.

5. Do not lie

Note that not lie, a lot harder than not there. But what about the true time you say if you lie?

We must say what I think, because to remain silent - too lie.

Procedure "is not" and "do not lie" (as it was originally only two elements) there is a scientific justification.

Scientific rationale:
Scientists noticed that in the brain at a time when a person speaks the truth 7-9 active areas of the brain, and as soon as he begins to lie is 14. That is, the load on the brain actually doubled during lies, because you have to keep in mind is not one situation ( real), but also constructed (a lie) and do not get caught. If we assume (logically) that sleep is a way for the brain to relax, if you do not overload the brain during the day, then he needs to rest less at night.

Scientific substantiation of meditation:
It is known that Buddhist meditation replace sleep. Why do they do it and what happens? When you sleep a full shutdown of the brain occurs. From 3 to 5 (if sleep fast) zones remain active. Therefore you disable only half the zones, and the remaining work. When the number of working meditation dong 1-2. In the end, meditation allows faster and faster relax relax.

Now suppose that you're not lying (reducing the number of working areas of the brain from 15 to 6-7, and then meditate instead of sleeping). Experience shows that you can recover in just one hour.

But this is not how to sleep, it's about how to live.

6. Do not be afraid

Courage - the norm. Without courage you can not be honest.
Terrified - activate all brain lobes, but activate the counter, one lobe pinches another.
The result - using the wrong resource.
For every moment when you're scared to sleep more from 5 minutes to half an hour.

7. Do not avoid

True, when you are doing exactly what dolnzhy. Should not someone, but to himself. Here we are talking about the destination, but the destination is long topic and we will not develop here.

But as soon as you start to avoid, you will begin to sleep more. Because sleep is an excellent form of life to avoid, from a certain point of view, it is intended for this.

What to do? To try to understand what you are avoiding. If you get up in the morning excitedly to make something really important to you and interesting, you will wake up easily.
Since you need to wake up without an alarm clock, no other way but to stop to avoid - no.

8. Do not rush

Urgent matters can not be true. Usually urgent matters - it is an external manipulation. The less you hurry, the more you are true. The more you are true - the less you sleep.

That's basically all use on health.

Alex Mas, January 8, 2011


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