How to sleep? Together vs separately

Today one of the main trends of psychology is a separate dream. Napereboy psychologists say that in order to preserve family relationships, couples need to sleep separately. As was the custom? In fairness we must admit that sleeping together couples began not so long ago. Even in the Victorian era to the spouses sleep in the same bed was not customary, as in Russia until the revolution. Slept apart usually, wives with husbands, and in the peasant houses. In Asia, houses are often divided and still are divided into male and female half, in Ancient Rome, a joint bed was just a place of lovemaking, and sleep to spouses was adopted in different places.

The tradition of a joint dream came into the world with industrialization and the move of population to the cities.

Cramped living conditions not always allow you to "roam" and put the apartment has two beds. Played the role of the social factor is established for the twentieth century tradition of a joint dream has led to the emergence of a stereotype that, if the spouses sleep separately, something they have in the marriage is amiss. But is it?

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Why raise the question? Seriously talking about the fact that co-sleeping spouse is not the best of the benefits of modern civilization in 2009. This year at the British science festival, which popularity can be compared with scientific "Oscar" sleep researcher from the University of Surrey Neil Stanley, a presentation was made, the main thesis of which was that "sleeping with someone" is only good in the sense of "sex", everything else is pathological.

The scientist himself admitted that for many years was sleeping with his wife in separate beds and everyone wants to do the same.

"Sleep is a selfish occupation. It is not necessary to share with anyone," concluded Stanley. "Isn't it better to sneak in on tiptoe along the corridor to a desirable lover than to snore and kick it all night?"asked Stanley at the General conference of scientists. Scientists have wondered.

The arguments for separate sleep According to Professor of sociology Paul Rosenblatt, author of "Two in a bed. The social system of couples who sleep in the same bed" bedroom often becomes a "hotbed of tension", where the husband and wife regularly flare up disputes and quarrels, and co-sleeping may not be as harmless a phenomenon as it is accepted to think.

For example, the couple argue and fight over whether to let to your bed Pets, or due to the fact that someone smokes in bed, snoring, watching TV, kicks, pulls the blanket over himself, rustling paper, or disables the mobile phone. Argue about how to raise the alarm.

According to the Professor, in many cases, the problem could be solved just razehalis in different sleeping places. "But people sitting in the minds of the stereotype — says Rosenblatt. It is believed that sleeping spouses together so naturally!".

Opponents sovmesnogo sleep spouses are a lot of arguments. First, already mentioned snoring is often caused by the fact that spouses don't get enough sleep, I go nervous and eventually divorce. Snoring even reduces libido.

Researchers estimate that restless behavior of one partner steals second on average 49 minutes of sleep each night. The result is deprived of proper rest, the person becomes nervous, bad, often quarrel, reduces sexual activity, with devastating consequences for marriage.

Separate sleep gives spouses the opportunity to better sleep, it is able to modernise and diversify the sexual relationship. According to surveys of psychologists, many couples say that, since then, they began to sleep separately, sex was interested in them anymore.

A bad dream — it's not just a bad mood and lower vitality, but also hormonal imbalance, night raids to the refrigerator and weight gain. Separate sleep may change this trend.

Finally, many people just need personal space, and when they night, constantly harassed, dragged with them the blanket and pushes to the edge, it is not the best abresham affects the General condition.

Arguments against separate sleep
All anything, but if sleeping separately is so great, why still the majority of couples in no hurry to go in different beds and bedrooms?

First, it is still not so clear with the advantages of separate sleep. Separation in different beds or rooms can lead to rupture of mutual understanding and sexual desire.

Co-sleeping is one of the most important manifestations of tenderness, trust and love. As stated in the ancient Georgian proverb, "the Lovers sleep in and on the edge of the axe."

Secondly, sleeping in different rooms can be corny dangerous, especially for older couples. Some of the spouses banal can become bad, and if no one gets near, and no one will give you the medicine or call an ambulance, the consequences will be very disastrous.

Finally, there are reasonable concerns about the fact that the territorial distance between the husband and wife during sleep, sooner or later come across the idea that without a partner you can not only sleep well, but to live without it in principle.published 

Author: Alex Rudewicz

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