How to get rid of cockroaches

Cockroaches are one of the most unpleasant creatures. These insects prefer to coexist with people and without permission, breaking into our houses and apartments, causing disgust and overshadowing our lives. But fortunately, with the help of modern tools and years of experience of our ancestors, you can quickly get rid of the cockroaches in the house.

How to get rid of cockroaches in an apartment you Can try to get rid of cockroaches using a major cleaning. It is necessary to completely clean all the apartment, to remove dust and crumbs from under the furniture to clean even the most hidden corners of your home. This way you will create unfavourable conditions for cockroaches and they leave your house.

However, the most effective way of dealing with the Prussians is the treatment of premises with insecticides. To date, insecticides allows you to quickly get rid of the cockroaches, even in large areas. Insecticides exist in the form of sprays, gels, powders, crayons. However, they have one big drawback – it is a strong toxicity. Many cockroaches detrimental not only to insects but to other animals and people. So, if you have Pets or children, any insecticide should be applied with caution.

To get rid of cockroaches home will help freezing house or apartment. So when the temperature is below -8 degrees killed not only adults, but also larvae. This method of dealing is suitable for the elimination of cockroaches in the cottages and country houses, when to leave dwelling for the whole winter.

Use baits with poison is also fairly common way of dealing with the Prussians. However, it works effectively only with a limited number of pests. Baits can be prepared independently on the basis of boric acid.

Traps are another modern look of the piece catching the cockroaches. They are made in the form of houses with adhesive backing. The house is placed a piece of food that attract cockroaches. And when they crawl in the trap, then just stick. The method is suitable to deal with a small number of cockroaches. Also traps can be placed in homes where there are small children. Just remove the houses higher or keep away from small children.

Sometimes in the fight against cockroaches very effective are folk remedies. In this case, the course is boric acid, ammonia and even beer.

Best cockroaches the best means of combating cockroaches today are insecticides. Poison along with the air enters to where people cannot get. Spreading poison on their paws, cockroaches not only die themselves, but also poison their fellows.

If the insecticide is in powder form, it should be distributed in places of displacement or accumulation of cockroaches. Thus it is necessary to make sure the poison was behind the cabinets or under carpets and in other places inaccessible to children and Pets.

Very effective are insecticidal pencils. Probably the most popular of them is the crayon Masha. Its advantage is that a pencil you can gently handle seat active movement of cockroaches, and to avoid the spread of the poison on other surfaces. On the same principle used gels on the cockroaches.

Often used the sprays against cockroaches. They work less efficiently and damaging to Prusakov, however to get rid of black cockroaches, you must take care of his protection. First, the house should not be anyone except you and the cockroaches. Second, before spraying the insecticide, it is necessary to protect the surface of the skin, hair and special clothes a costume, and for a person to wear a respirator.


The most popular insecticides are:

  • Fufanon;
  • Raptor;
  • Raid;
  • Micropos;
  • Global;
  • The battalion commander;
  • Malathion;
  • Dichlorvos;
  • Medelis Zipper;
  • Regent.
The listed remedies to get rid of cockroaches on their own.

How to get rid of cockroaches forever If the store fails to get rid of cockroaches once and for all, will have to seek the help of professionals who quickly and without difficulty will help to get rid of cockroaches. SES employees or firms for the control of insects and pests with the help of special equipment can get to places where you are at all desire can not. In addition, entrusting to starve cockroaches professionals, you take care of the safety of their loved ones, and avoid possible poisoning. Indeed, during San. processing in house will be deserted.

Before you call special. brigade, must be derived from people's homes and animals. Then to clean the room. When SES employees spend processing needs 3-4 hours to open all the Windows in the house and to conduct wet cleaning. It is appropriate to invite the professionals to get rid of the red cockroaches on large areas or a large number of premises, for example, in the Dorm or in the shop of food of a block or in cellars and entrances of apartment buildings.

Professional remedies for cockroaches are:

  • Tetrix,
  • Ackerman,
  • Minal Harpering,
  • Sinosun.
As izbavitsya of cockroaches folk remedies the Advantage of using home remedies to control cockroaches is that they, unlike insecticides, which are relatively safe for the other inhabitants of the dwelling (birds, Pets, children).

Cockroaches do not tolerate the boric acid. If the substance gets on the legs and torso of a cockroach, it is expected a painful death: first, the cockroaches are experiencing severe itching, and over time die. In addition, the insects are able to transfer the boric acid to other colleagues. To get instant effect, you need to handle boric acid the floor, the ventilation surface water sources: sinks, sinks, toilets, showers, etc. are treated every day, because boric acid is safe for humans. After some time, cockroaches will disappear.

It has been observed that cockroaches do not like the smell of ammonia. Therefore in the preventive purposes and for removing insects time to MOP the floor, add the water of ammonia. However, as soon as you stop to MOP the floors with ammonia, cockroaches may again take a fancy to your home.

Roaches love the smell of beer, so the drink can be used as bait. Pour a little beer in a jar. Edge of the banks lubricate with vaseline. Bank place, where most are cockroaches. Leave the jar overnight. In the morning, your trap will be filled with cockroaches. published


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