How to get rid of cockroaches once and for all: simple techniques that really work.

Cockroaches - are insects that love to live alongside humans. But they are carriers of infectious diseases. Get rid of them is not easy. How many of them are not grass, but they still come back, even if you maintain a perfect cleanliness in the house. We have prepared for you a few tips on how to solve this problem. Perhaps it is useful to you or your friend.

The best remedy for cockroaches
The main tools in the fight with cockroaches - insecticides.

If an insecticide powder, scattering it where there is the greatest number of insects.

It is also good to help insecticidal pencils. Processed places where you often notice the cockroaches.

Often helps sprays of cockroaches. Only need to spray them very carefully. Protect your skin, your hair and put on a special suit and respirator.

Examples of insecticides:

«Fufanon»; Raptor; Raid; «Mikrofos»; «Global»; «Combat»; «Malathion»; «dichlorvos»; «Medilis Tsiper». < / Get rid of cockroaches traditional methods
If you do not want to use a very harmful insecticide factory production, then take home remedies for service.

1. Boric acid - a terrible poison for cockroaches. In addition, they carry it on their feet for their brethren. Fields acid baseboards and ventilation. As well as sinks, sinks, toilets and so on.

You can even prepare a "treat" for red. Boric acid is mixed with excipient (1:10). As an additive can serve potatoes, biscuits, cereal, egg yolk. This dinner will be the last for insects.

2. Cockroaches do not tolerate ammonia. If you have managed to get rid of them, then for the prophylaxis added to water for washing floors this tool. There is negative - when you stop repeating this, cockroaches can come back.

3. These insects attracted by the smell of beer. Use it as bait. Pour beer in a bottle. Its edges smazh Vaseline. Leave the jar overnight. In the morning you will see that a few individuals still caught.

4. Another way you can see in the video.

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