How to remove unwanted facial hair forever

Today, quite a large number of women face such a problem as excessive hair growth on the face. Thanks to modern cosmetology there is an incredibly large number of different tools, and different ways, nevertheless the most popular hair removal on the face folk remedies.

After all, not every girl can afford regular visits to beauty salons, and thanks to folk remedies hair removal can be carried out independently at home. If you are a brave woman, then you can remove hair using wax or resin. Besides, hair removal with these methods will help you to get rid of unwanted hair permanently. Read the article. I hope it will help you to get rid of this problem!

Ways to remove facial hair forever folk remedies

For the preparation of tinctures from shells of cedar nutsand partitions of the walnuts you need to take the 70% alcohol (150 ml) and walnuts not less than 50 grams). Nuts should be split, and assemble the partitions, then placed in a container and pour the alcohol.

To prepare the tincture it is recommended to use a glass bottle (the bottle should be of dark glass), then the container is placed in a cool place and leave for seven days.

Once the tincture is ready, you need to moisten a cotton swab and regularly lubricate the areas of the face where there is unwanted vegetation. This procedure should be done within two to three weeks before bedtime. Every day the hair will become less, and eventually they will be gone forever.

For getting rid of hair is needed in the next two weeks, with small piece of green walnut (walnut juice needs to get to the hairs) unwanted hair, over time they will grow weak and clarified, and if treatment is to continue, then the hair will be gone forever;

Unwanted hair can be removed by using the ashes and soap – take a sieve and carefully sift through it to ash, then take boiling water and pour it to ash, then add the soap (which must grate on a fine grater). As a result, you should get a fairly thick paste which should be applied to problem areas of the skin. This method will help you to solve forever the problem of unwanted hair.

Equally effective way is walnut ash. Collect shells of nuts, after which it must burn and collect ash. Dilute ash with water to obtain a thick paste (the paste needs to sit for at least 12 hours). Once the pasta is ready, it should be applied to problem areas of the skin three times a day, and if you want to remove hair permanently, then you have to make compresses with a paste thirty minutes;

The resin of the Siberian cedar is a proven and very effective to remove hair permanently apply on the body region of the resin (as in hair removal), after which it is removed with strips. The resin composition includes substances which contribute to slowing of hair growth and with regular use, hair does stop growing;

To remove the hair, you can use the following tools – take alcohol (35 grams), ammonia (5 grams), iodine (2 grams), castor oil (5 grams). Thoroughly mix all components and apply the prepared mixture at least twice a day on problem areas. A few days later the hair will fall out painlessly;

For getting rid of unwanted activity it is recommended to use the infusion of nettle. To prepare this tincture, you will need to take the crushed nettle seeds (40 grams) and pour vegetable oil (one Cup), then put in a dark place and leave for two weeks. Tincture should infuse only in a glass bottle, the bottle should be of dark glass. Once the tincture is ready, apply it on problematic areas of skin.

Most popular recipes can permanently remove unwanted vegetation, not only on face but on other parts of the body, as while you burn the hair follicle, you also burn and the skin around the follicle, the hair permanently stops growing.

If you first use any folk remedy, then you need to try it on inconspicuous areas, as some remedies may cause an allergic reaction. For example, if you need to remove hair from legs, then it is very effective remedy is a solution of potassium permanganate to which you want to place your feet for twenty minutes, after which the hair completely falls out, what this process is completely painless.

You can also take a bath with potassium permanganate, but be sure that the face and head do not hit the solution. Also a painless way of getting rid of facial hair is juice of grapes.


Folk remedies how to remove facial hair forever

Among the home recipes hair removal is very popular this method as "sugaring", which got its name from the word "sugar" because sugar is the main ingredient for prepared mixes for "shugaring". This technique is similar to waxing, but it nonetheless has a number of advantages – cheapness and accessibility of necessary ingredients, no allergic reaction, as this is a natural product that does not contain chemical additives.

Unlike waxing, after "shugaring" hair do not grow. After this procedure, skin becomes ideally smooth, and only 15-20 days to begin restoring the hairline, but after regular use of this method, the hair is gone forever. In addition, this method does not injure the skin, unlike waxing.

For mixing "shugaring" it is necessary to take water (two table. tablespoons), sugar (20 table. tablespoons) and the juice from one lemon. Take an enamel bowl and mix all the ingredients, then place the saucepan on a slow fire. Remember that during syrup preparation it is impossible to change the temperature, do not forget to regularly stir the mixture until it becomes Golden brown.

Take a drop of syrup with your fingers and try to roll it into a ball, if the mixture will not spread, then the syrup is ready. The prepared mixture should be applied on the areas with vegetation hanged, while the syrup should be applied with a layer of 1-2 mm. The syrup should cool down a bit, after which the region should pick up a nail and sharply to tear in the direction against the hair growth.

In order to make this process a little easier, a sugar syrup can be applied to strips of fabric and then glue it to the problematic areas. If during the process of hair removal you have cooled the mixture, then you can slightly warm on low heat.

Before you can use the popular tools in order to remove facial hair, you must considerthat the use of recipes, which includes walnuts can give your skin a light violet-purple color, and then within several days you will not be able to go outside.


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But if you will use folk remedies with nettle or intoxication, then you may have severe itching, inflammation or painful sores. In order to avoid unwanted effects after using any folk remedies, you should always consult with a physician to avoid possible unpleasant consequences.published



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