How to prepare a medicinal tincture from walnuts: 8 recipes

The walnut is a storehouse of useful substances and vitamins. In the pericarp, dairy fruits and leaves of walnuts contains just a huge amount of useful to human body substances. It alkaloidy, carotene, vitamin E, ascorbic acid.

Peeled walnuts contain protein, free amino acids, fatty oil, vitamins K and P. the Most useful are young walnuts. In dairy nuts contains a lot more vitamins and other nutrients than in the ripe fruit. In addition, the green nuts are rich in salts of cobalt, iron, tannins, iodine and fatty oils.


But in the shell of ripe walnuts contain the maximum concentration of phenol carbonic acids, pellicule, steroids and coumarins. Its pleasant smell walnuts owe quite a rare mineral compound juglone. This substance is an immunostimulatory, antioxidant and antiseptic.

In other in the nuts also contain other substances that have a curative effect. Therefore, from the fruit and other parts of walnut offers a variety of medicines, including walnut tincture. And the tincture can be made from membranes, the fruit, peel and leaves of walnut.

Application of tincture of walnutsDue to the fact that the fruit of the hazel contains large amounts of vitamins, minerals and other substances, a tincture of walnut are often used as antimicrobial, antiatherosclerotic, anti-inflammatory, analgesic, astringent and wound-healing agent. Infused with alcohol walnut possesses hypoglycemic properties, i.e. reduces the level of blood sugar. In addition, infused with alcohol green nuts have antioxidant properties, i.e. prevent the formation of free radicals and therefore prevents damage and aging of cells. Anti-property walnut tincture eliminates the oxygen deficiency in the tissues. Hematopoietic and property stimulates the synthesis of red blood cells.

Infused with walnut prescribed for the treatment of inflammatory diseases of the mucous membranes, eyes, mouth and head. It is successfully applied for the treatment of diseases of the reproductive system in men and women. In addition, tincture treat infertility and even cancer. But most often walnut tincture is used to treat endocrine diseases. The fact is that walnuts reduced the human body normal hormonal balance, stimulate insulin production.

Contraindications to the use of tincture of walnutsdo Not use tincture of partitions of a walnut, and also a tincture of green walnut during the exacerbation of eczema, psoriasis, gastric ulcer. Also it is not recommended to use for people who have a tendency to thrombosis. Like any other alcohol-based preparation, tincture of walnut is contraindicated in children under 12 years.

Among the contraindications to the use of tincture of green walnut can be called hyperthyroidism and lactation. In pregnancy the infusion should be used with caution. You should not take the tincture for people suffering from allergies or having severe kidney disease.

In General, the tincture walnuts milk ripeness does not have any side effects. However, in case of exceeding the recommended dose can cause headaches, vomiting, nausea, sleep disturbances, skin rash.

Cooking walnut tinctureRecipes tincture of walnut at home quite a lot. We have already mentioned that the infusion on the basis of walnuts you can do on alcohol and vodka and add honey, lemon, aloe and other herbal ingredients. So choose the method of cooking that is closest to you.

Tincture of walnut in vodkato make a tincture, take 1 liter of vodka, for 700-800 g of sugar and 100g green walnuts.

Each nut cut into 4 equal parts. Put them in a glass jar. Pour raw sugar and fill with vodka. The nuts insist in a dark place (Cabinet or pantry) for 10-14 days. Take the drug before meals for one teaspoon. The infusion helps to cleanse the liver and intestines, and is also a good prevention of atherosclerosis.

The tincture of walnut on alcoholTo prepare the tincture on alcohol, you will need: 400 g

green fruits hazel 500 ml semidesyatiletnego alcohol.

Green walnuts cut into several pieces, cover with alcohol and let them steep in a sealed container for two days. After dilute the resulting infusion is the same amount of water. Can add a tablespoon of honey. Drink a tincture on a teaspoon (take before meals) for 30-32 days. This tincture can be given and children, but no more than 5 drops at a time.

The tincture of walnut with honeyFor cooking walnut tincture you'll need: 500 ml of vodka, 400-450 grams of walnuts and 25 g of honey.

Chop walnuts, put in a glass bowl, completely cover with vodka and let stand in a closed Cabinet for 10-12 days. After you add the tincture of honey and use as directed. Usually a tincture take about 20 drops three times a day.

The tincture of walnut with lemons and aloeTo prepare walnut tincture you will need: 3 lemons, 200 g of shelled walnuts, 520 g of honey, 200 ml of Cahors wine, 0.5 kg of butter (no salt) and 300 g of aloe.

Aloe leaves, lemon peel, purified from the seeds, and walnuts grind in a blender or scroll in a meat grinder. In the resulting mass, add the honey, wine and oil. Mix all the components, fill them with water and leave for seven days.

Tincture of partitions of a walnutto prepare the tincture take: semidesyatiletnego 150 ml of ethanol and 15 g of partitions extracted from Mature walnuts.

Partitions walnuts, place in a glass bowl and fill it with alcohol. Insist nutty partitions within a month in the closet.

Treated with tincture from membranes of walnuts twice a day. Drink the infusion is always a spoon. But first dilute it with clean water in the ratio 1:4.

This tincture is used for diarrhea, thyroid diseases, cardiovascular and nervous system.

Tincture of green walnutGreen walnut is one of the few natural sources rich in iodine. In young fruits of walnut contain vitamins of group B, iron, polyunsaturated fatty acids, copper, magnesium, zinc, carotene. Therefore, the use of green walnuts in the treatment helps to eliminate many serious diseases, such as hypothyroidism. In the conditions of modern life most of us are subject to regular stress. And stress is known to be an absorber of thyroid hormones. In the body can cause hormonal disturbances, and develops hypothyroidism. Therefore, during any stress, the main burden to lie on the thyroid gland. For correct operation of a natural iodine, which can be obtained from the tincture of green walnut.

The treatment with infusion should be started when the hypothyroidism, the nodes in the thyroid gland, headaches, mastitis, endocervical, parasitosis, exhaustion, uterine fibroids, adnexitis. Treatment with tincture of walnut should be done when inflammation of the ears. Alcohol tincture of walnut used in the treatment of mucous membranes and diseases of the mouth, nose, eyes and brain. The use of tincture of walnut lies in the fact that some active substances contained in the fruit of the hazel, help with infertility and prevents miscarriages during pregnancy. Alcohol tincture of green walnut could be useful in diseases of the joints, bones and tenosynovitis.

Some experts suggest a tincture of green walnut to treat obesity, gastritis, colitis and diabetes. At the same time to drink a tincture of walnut is recommended in atherosclerosis, hypercholesterolemia, hypertension, and various heart disease.

As additional indications for the use of tincture of young walnuts, you can specify stiffness due to minor restructuring of the body during pregnancy, puberty, menopause. Also a tincture of walnut can be taken in stressful situations related to moving, divorce, retirement, dismissal, etc.

Note that a tincture of walnut do not only on alcohol or vodka. It is believed that the tincture of walnut on kerosene is helping with cancer.

It is also worth adding that the tincture of walnut on alcohol or vodka helps to reduce stomach acidity, which normalizes the appetite and heartburn. Tincture of dairy walnuts effectively stimulates memory and mental activity. This increases the learning ability of the person.

For medicinal purposes a tincture of green walnuts used ten milliliters of several times a day. But first it should be diluted in 100 ml of boiled water. The course duration can range from ten days to four weeks. School-age children dosage it is better to reduce and give one teaspoon 2-3 times a day. Alcohol tincture based on green walnuts can be applied externally in the form of compresses and lotions for rheumatism and diseases of the joints. To do this, simply soak the cloth in the tincture and apply to the affected area. To the infusion has not disappeared, on top of the napkin place the paper and the cotton, and secure a compress bandage.

Tincture of partitions walnutsWe have already mentioned the fact that the medical the infusion can be done not only from nuclei or from the green fruit. No less valuable have the walnut walls.

Note that the full ripening of walnuts occurs in September, when the nuts slip out of a broken green pericarp. Splits the nut, it is possible to extract from it a rigid diaphragm. They also contain biologically active substances. Walnut membranes you can also prepare the universal remedy for many diseases.

Tincture membranes of the walnut is used to restore men's health – the treatment of prostatitis and BPH. Treatment tincture partitions walnut should be people whose profession is connected with radiation. This nuclear power plant workers, radiologists, oncologists.

Also drink the infusion is recommended for older people suffering from atherosclerosis, diabetes, all kinds of memory disorders, stomach diseases, thyroid, hypertension. In addition, the medical infusion should take anyone who is over forty, because the tincture normalizes hormonal balance, therefore, the physiological aging of the reproductive system will be not so noticeable.


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