Women marriage frankly spoils

I know I'm a dick, but another way to say this I really do not see.

Yes, we are with you, dear, live together, sleep in the same bed, raise a common cat, I introduce you to friends and holding your hand on the street. I love you, but what does this have to do with the word "marry"? I'm sorry, I really don't know.

Eighty nine million nine hundred sixteen thousand six hundred forty one

Women marriage hopelessly spoiled, you know, I was married, I checked.

Maybe they him so and pulled hard – like, can not hide the fact that you have a bad temper. But you do and do not hide. I love your bad temper. I like your long legs and the fact that you don't drag me clubbing. But I don't understand why I have to sign it in the public institution, in the Ledger, in the presence of all these "floor" and does "not" know. And yet, after all- I don't know, what do you become after marriage?

You're asking me to go to a therapist to figure out why this is because I don't like the idea of marriage. I don't understand: so he explain to me, why should I do anything you don't want? They say, in fact, it's a beautiful thing and I am wrong?

You should know this: I was married and know that he is not good – it does not increase the share of loyalty per square meter relations, food becomes tastier (and to prepare you are unlikely to start), I won't stop snoring (never, never cease!). And even something worse.

For example, the feeling that we are screwed to each other. You like that I – is your free choice and you can always take your bags and leave? This feeling will disappear.

Instead there will be "be patient". You see, people get used to each other. The husband and wife are relatives, and relatives, you know, inclined to each other to push. I don't want to.

Yes, I believe that we are already married. We live together for three years. But we married without all the heavy and inevitably that brings this damn marriage. Besides, I hate bureaucracy. I lost pension certificate and does not come to restore it.

I have friends who lived for forty years together married – but no stamps in the passport – and was always happy. Maybe because you know that you can always leave and not return even for the divorce?

You ladies ought to appreciate this freedom.

Instead you're saying — when we get married?

Never, my dear.

Ninety eight million nine hundred forty four thousand nine hundred forty four

Published at the request of the author of the letter.

Me: man, you really enchanting, eccentric. Who else is a private conversation, will ask to publish this, knowing that your woman reads this blog?! But for a man's opinion, of course, thank you, it was fun.published 


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