Guest marriage — and married, no

Much has been written about the fact that the traditional institution of marriage obsolete. Youth does not seek to twist the family nest. We are becoming more independent, and more independent and emancipirana. We want freedom, and married. We do not know what they want. Maybe that is why gaining popularity of offering marriage.

Guest marriage is a pretty broad concept, but its essence lies in the fact that spouses live in different territories. And then there are variations.

Guest experts regard marriage as a temporary measure, claiming that sooner or later the couple or gather or disperse as ships at sea. But it is hardly necessary to be so categorical: guest marriage has many advantages.

In some cases, guest marriage is a great option. For example.

The man did not dare to tie the knot forever, and women have a ticking biological clock.

Unmarried women over thirty, who dreams to have a baby, ready for anything. What is guest marriage in comparison with the prospect for life to remain childless old maid? Let them. Thus, a woman gets a stamp in the passport and long-awaited child, born, note, legally married. Despite the twenty-first century for many it is important.

And the man continues to live in their own housing, which, naturally, gives him a certain feeling of freedom. It seems like the wolves are fed and the sheep intact.

It is clear that the fragile female shoulders lie most of the concern and hassle. So from this and a normal marriage, no one is immune.

Of course, the father of the child takes in his life, full participation, arrives to help on demand, goes with you to the clinic, etc. and maybe we should hang on to it and more the norm. He has to pay for its so-called freedom?

In General, all the nuances (for example, who is responsible for what and to whom is a bonus for sleepless nights) in each case are discussed individually.

A man and a woman no longer young, used to live alone and afraid to admit into their lives a stranger.

Whatever was behind the marriage or not, but if used for a long time to live alone, it is very difficult to imagine that one day, your peaceful life will come people, even loved, and will be installed on your new orders.

You used to wear in the evening cozy flannel pajamas with ducks and grey socks knit. And sleep, sprawled on the bed and covered her pre-crumbs and almond biscotti.

And he? He would sit all night in the toilet with a book. And then take your blanket and whine about crumbs. Well, from pajamas with ducks, of course, have to get rid of.

That will give you guest marriage? You will have a loved one who will sometimes be able to stay for the night, but in General, your pajamas and crumbs will stay with you.


Women (or men, but it's less) has a child from his first marriage, who is not willing to take home a new dad (mom).

It is no secret that many children are very hostile to perceive new relationships of their parents. Sometimes it becomes a serious problem, and even a real injury. In such situations, the guest marriage can really be a way out. Mom gets a new husband, and the child is relieved of stress. Show the child a new man can be dosed in homeopathic doses. You see, the baby will gradually get used to the new family member and let him into your heart, and at the same time in your house.


In addition, on a forced marriage guest, you can go due to the lack of normal housing conditions. Oh, this housing problem... for Example, a woman divorced and with a grown son living with parents. The man lives in a small one-room barloke. No husband to the parents or child to her husband. All is not an option. To remove a large apartment no money. No, and that's all! Anything can happen. What should I do? Why bother to get married? – ask some. Well, people want to legalize their relationship. Let them.


Also with guest marriage, so to speak under duress, the couple may face when living in different cities or even countries. For example, one of them was offered a job, to refuse from which it is impossible. But on another continent. The second half is the same for a number of reasons can't follow and loved the smell of the taiga, and their marriage goes into the category of guest. Well. It is still a test of strength.


In General, guest marriage is a good option for anyone who does not want to end to tie himself to the relationship and too afraid of responsibility. So you seem to be together, but at the same time, each has its own angle. On the one hand, there's a certain amount of freedom, shoulder to lean on. Someone says that at marriage the greater the risk of betrayal, Yes it's doubtful. As they say, a pig will find dirt everywhere.


In General, if both partners are happy with the situation, offering a marriage is considered a normal variant. That is not pathology and not a perversion, but quite normal family. Let them.published

Author: Maria Marusina


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