What are the causes of high fuel consumption and how to save?

HOW TO SAVE GAS ON THE CAR?The main step to save fuel is changing driving style. It is worth remembering the infamous "keep it coming". Fuel consumption 10% increase sharp braking and acceleration at traffic lights. A start is always the increased waste of fuel, since this engine is fuel large portions.

Should get a uniform drive without sharp transitions. Consider traffic situation, avoid unnecessary accelerations and movement "in full throttle", before the "red" advance remove your foot from the gas pedal and move coasting instead of braking intensely. On long descents, use the engine braking mode, and in large traffic jams can turn off the engine.

Budge, pushing to failure on the accelerator pedal, switch to the next gear as early as possible. If possible, try to ride in top gear.In cars with "automatic" provides an economical mode. If not, you can set the selector to the position corresponding to the program "Winter". Automation is used to turn higher gears. Of course, if there is a "cost" program in the automatic transmission, it needs to be involved. Note that when all the switch drops the engine power that does not suit all drivers.

Correct tyre pressure saves fuel. Regularly check the pressure in the wheels of the car. Its deficiency increases the rolling resistance (i.e. fuel consumption) negatively affects the handling and vehicle stability, harm the tire. If you want to save fuel a little better "pump" tires than "negociate".

Included electricity consumers — the extra fuel consumption. Air conditioning will cost an additional 0.8 litres of fuel per 100 km under the current rules each driver should constantly go with the included passing light, and it does not contribute to fuel economy. To use the special led daytime running lights. They have less power consumption and they will last longer than normal bulbs.

Warming the engine to operating temperature after a cold start-up — an additional expense.Touch as soon as possible. Under load the engine is warming up faster than idling. If you want to save money, reduce engine warm up to a reasonable time, not warm up for 20-30 minutes.

Anything that interferes with the aerodynamics — affects the fuel consumption. It: wide-profile rubber, decorative spoilers, "muzzles" on the hood. Gasoline consumption increase the roof rack — even the boxes are streamlined, albeit empty. If not using trunk, it is better to remove it to save.

On the fuel consumption of its influence: the engine capacity and car class, you can't expect a small consumption from a large SUV. Automatic transmission, the quality of gasoline is also one of the factors of increased consumption. In addition, there is the climatic factor in winter due to engine warm-up, ice, winter tyres and stove fuel consumption is higher than in summer. Air conditioning, headlights, sound system — all this at a fraction reduces engine power, and hence raises fuel consumption.

THE REASONS FOR HIGH FUEL CONSUMPTION1. Dipped headlights increases consumption by 5%, far 10%. Use daytime led running lights.

2. The coolant temperature is lower than the calculated, ie the engine warms up to operating temperature. This is especially true in the winter. The yield in this case is the insulation of the bonnet and engine with the aid of special materials such as avtoodeyalo.

3. Automatic transmission increases fuel consumption in comparison with the "mechanics". It should be noted that there is a new generation of "machines", which do not increase consumption, but on the contrary it can save compared to a manual transmission.

4. The use of low-octane gasoline. If the manufacturer provides gasoline AI-95 and refuel 92-th, there will be increased fuel consumption. Also, change brands of gasoline to a high octane (instead of ' 92 pour 95th) helps to save fuel. However, the gasoline will cost more.

5. Tightened the wheel bearings (bad rolling). The rolling of the vehicle can be independently verified. To do this, accelerate and put the car in neutral do not brake. And the path traversed from releasing the gas pedal until it stopped (without using brakes) is called coasting.

The better the roll, the less the resistance to movement of the machine. If suspension parts are in an imperfect state, it is possible to increase traction and therefore increase fuel consumption.

6. The imperfect alignment . Twice a year you need to adjust the alignment of the wheels of the car. Usually, this is done when changing tires from summer to winter and Vice versa. If it is not done, then the tires can stand up wrong (to look in different directions), and it will increase the fuel consumption. Sports collapse does not help fuel economy.

7. Every 100 kg of cargo — 10%. A loaded roof rack increases consumption by 40%, empty by 5%. Trailer — 60%. So if you have downloaded the full machine scrub, be prepared for increased fuel consumption.

8. Failure to replace air filter (recommended frequency — 10-15 thousand km). Over time, the filter is polluted and flows less air, and therefore will increase fuel consumption. The use of air filters of zero resistance also affects the amount of gasoline in the tank of the machine.

9. Increased wear of the cylinder group of the engine. It occurs when wear of the timing mechanism, and when it is not regulated valve of the engine.10. Incorrect gap in spark plugs and disruptions. Follow the plug condition and change them periodically. If the spark plugs are working intermittently, it will affect the motor, which will not work optimally. That will lead to increased fuel consumption. published

P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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