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Auction: for war "goats" and "loaf" is asked of 10-11 million rubles (1 100-1500u.e $)

As a rule, military auctions arouse interest among representatives of various organizations that operate in rural areas, as well as in avid fishermen and hunters. "This machine is not sorry either in the field or in the forest drive. A permeability even better than many cars with four-wheel drive, "- they say. Article not only heavy but also more relevant to civilian life technology.


Car-terrain UAZ-3151 - the successor to the legendary "goat" UAZ-469B. Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant produced in various versions since 1972. It has open body with a removable tarpaulin and tailgate. Despite the fact that this car is less comfortable than, for example, the VAZ-2121 "Niva", it has four doors for easy access to the back row seats. The Armed Forces of the vehicle is used as a means of mobility weapons. He is in demand by hunters, fishermen. The machine has a very high permeability and structural strength. The main drawbacks - mediocre handling and ergonomics, the poor quality of the manufacture of individual parts and assemblies. One of the advantages - excellent maintainability.

Carrying capacity - 7 people. + 100 kg.
Curb weight - 1680 kg.
Gross weight - 2480 kg.
Clearance - 300 mm.
Turning radius - 7 m.
The maximum speed - 110 km / h.
Capacity tank - 78 l.
The rate of fuel consumption per 100 km - 16 l.
Cruising - 480 km.
Fording depth - 0, 7 m.
Trailer weight - 850 kg.

Price: from 10 million. (1 150u.e $)


Terrain vehicle UAZ-452 still travels on the roads of Belarus. "Loaf" can be found, for example, in the service of health care facilities in small towns and villages. The villagers loved AWD "nurses" for their unmatched driving performance. Emergency services in rural areas do not present themselves without UAZ - most of the special equipment installed on the chassis. Not for nothing this car, and was chosen by the military, because UAZ-452 is able to overcome the snow cover 50 cm thick, to move in a tank track, and at the same time to carry more than 800 kg of cargo.

For almost half a century since the release of the car on the assembly line changed only the index, and the appearance and design remain the same, it can be called a champion of road longevity. Available Ulyanovsk Automobile Plant since 1965. Body-metal. As UAZ-3151, the Armed Forces used as a means of mobility weapons.

Load capacity - 850 kg.
Permissible trailer weight - 850 kg.
Curb weight - 1650 kg.
Gross weight - 2450 kg.
Ground clearance under the axles - 300 mm.
Turning radius - 7 m.
The maximum speed - 110 km / h.
The rate of fuel consumption per 100 km - 16, 5 liters.
The engine carburetor, power - 98 l. a.
The number of transported personnel - 7 people.

Price: from 11 million. (1 270u.e $)



"Ural-4320" produced by the Ural Automobile Plant since 1977. Body with opening tailgate is made of metal, the manufacturer provides the guide for setting the tent. In the cockpit easily fit three people. The car is equipped with an adjustable pressure of tires and spare wheel to the mechanism for lifting. Installation of a winch. The Armed Forces of the tractor is used as a means of mobility or weapons. In the national economy, these trucks are often re-equipped under the timber. Thanks to the excellent patency "Ural-4320" is in demand, and often sold through an auction due to the large number of people willing to buy it.

Carrying capacity - 5000 kg.
Curb weight - 8440 kg.
Gross weight - 13665 kg.
Engine - Diesel, 4-stroke, "KAMAZ-740", 210 liters. a.
Maximum speed - 85 km / h.
Capacity tank - 270 l.
The rate of fuel consumption per 100 km - 45 l.
Cruising - 600 km.

Fording depth - 1, 5 m.
Clearance - 400 mm.
Winch pulling force - 7000 kg.
Trailer weight - 7000 kg.

Price: from 37 million. (4 270u.e $)


Crawler-transporter tractor MT-LB

Light multipurpose tracked carrier-tractor for towing trailers up to a total weight of 6, 5 tons, transportation of people and goods. Often the basic chassis used to mount a variety of special equipment. Basically the machine acquire the Russians for hunting, fishing in the snow and swamp areas. Tractor except high cross has buoyancy.

Cargo weight - 2500 kg.
The curb weight of the conveyor - 9500 kg.
Engine - Diesel, brand YMZ-238V.
The steering mechanism - planetary friction.

Maximum speed - 60 km / h.
Fuel consumption at a speed of 40 km / h - 90-120 liters per 100 kilometers.

Price: from 80 million. (9 250u.e $)


On the basis of GAZ-66 produces a multitude of specialized machines. The most massive of them are as follows: postal and bread vans, vehicles for the delivery of goods to remote villages, tanks, tankers, mobile workshops. In Minsk even have a truck converted into a mobile bath (in the near future would be prepared to review it).

GAZ-66 units were installed on buses terrain PAZ-3201. However, the image of the GAZ-66, most people associated with military service. The army supplied mainly modifications, equipped with winches, shielded electrical control system and tire pressure. On the basis of GAZ-66 was created a lot of modifications for the army - from tankers to the car communication.

Engine - Carburetor, four, brand-ZMZ 66, 115 liters. a.
Maximum speed - 90 km / h.
Capacity tank - 210 l.
The rate of fuel consumption per 100 km - 31, 5 liters.
Cruising - 660 km.
Carrying capacity - 2000 kg.
Curb weight - 3640 kg.
Gross weight - 5970 kg.
Fording depth - 0, 8 m.
Winch pulling force - 3500 kg.
Trailer weight - 2000 kg.

Price: from 12, 8 million is white. (1 480 USD $)


ZIL-131 - a modernized version of the ZIL-157. But if the latter can be seen only in a museum of retro cars, the "one-hundred" even now looks quite modern. Sloping wings, windscreens and review the most important trump card - do not provide flotation machine completely resign. In the Armed Forces on the basis of the car mounted a lot of special equipment: workshops, barrels of fuel, machinery links. The economy ZIL demand primarily from the forestry workers. Without much effort kung can be converted into a comfortable watch. Due to the unique terrain vehicle under its own power gets into the thick of the Belarusian Polesie.

Engine - Carburetor, four, ZIL-131, 150 l. a.
Maximum speed - 80 km / h.
Capacity tank - 340 l.
Carrying capacity - 5000 kg.
Curb weight - 6700 kg.
Gross weight - 11 925 kg.

The rate of fuel consumption per 100 km - 51 l.
Cruising - 660 km.
Fording depth - 1, 4 m.
Winch pulling force - 4500 kg.
Trailer weight - 4000 kg.

Price: 14, 3 million BLR. * (1 650 USD $)



In people, this car is called simply - "laptezhnik" or "bast". The nickname is given a reason! It's all about wide-tire variable pressure model VI-3 and the dimension of 1300 × 530. Off-road for the army KrAZ with tire pressure control system is not an obstacle! He promptly deliver loads and people in any place in our country. Apart from the Armed Forces of the car KrAZ-255 can be found in a timber, tractor on the ground and in the oil and gas industry.

Engine - Diesel, four, brand YaMZ 238 240 liters. a.
Maximum speed - 71 km / h.
Capacity tank - 330 l.
Carrying capacity - 7500 kg.
Net weight - kg 11 690.
Gross weight - 19 415 kg.

The rate of fuel consumption per 100 km - 49, 5 liters.
Cruising - 660 km.
Fording depth - 1 m.
Winch pulling force - 10,000 kgs.
Trailer weight - 10 000 kg.

Price: from 40 mln.blr. (4 630u.e $)



This car is now serving in our army. With all-wheel drive three-axis structure in combination with the use of all axes with uni-directional tires developed lugs, and a system of centralized adjust the tire pressure, army truck has high traffic. At its base is found a large number of special equipment. Widespread use of KAMAZ-4310 and its modifications are also found in the national economy. Upgraded versions of the machines continue to be produced today.

Engine - Diesel, four, KAMAZ-740, 210 l. a.
Maximum speed - 85 km / h.
Capacity tank - 250 l.
Carrying capacity - 7000 kg.
Curb weight - 8715 kg.
Gross weight - 15 100 kg.
The rate of fuel consumption per 100 km - 47 l.
Cruising - 530 km.
Fording depth - 1, 4 m.
Winch pulling force - 5000 kg.
Trailer weight - 7000 kg.

Price: from 42 mln.blr (4 860u.e $).



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