GDP countries after the collapse of the Soviet Union (16 photos)

Now you can see how life has changed after the collapse of the USSR, and became better or worse.
In the days of the Union, the Baltic states said that they steal from and what they are fed sprats whole Union.
Uzbekistan said that delivers all cotton, and they are also robbed and underpaid.
But I wonder, after the collapse them feel better, they were able to build at the fact that it was so easy to destroy?
Let's look at the GDP of countries formerly part of the USSR.

1st place. Estonia. GDP per capita - 18274 $

2nd place. Lithuania. GDP per capita - 16997 $

3rd place. Russia. GDP per capita - 15807 $

4th place. Latvia. GDP per capita - 14330 $

5th place. Belarus. GDP per capita - 13864 $

6th place. Kazakhstan. GDP per capita - 12401 $


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