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Although the world economy, and is now in decline, still there on the ground of the country in which he lives well. At least, according to experts of the International Monetary Fund, which was named the richest countries in the world based on the size of GDP per capita.


Qatar - one of the countries that are difficult to find at once on the world map. Surprisingly, the beginning of XX century, most European travelers did not even know of the existence of this tiny peninsula. But today, according to the International Monetary Fund, Qatar - the richest country in the world. GDP per capita is at $ 91 379. According to the IMF forecast, in 2016 GDP per capita in Qatar could reach $ 111,963, which will allow the country to retain the top spot. Live in Qatar 1, 69 million people. The main industries - mining and oil refining. It should be noted that in March in Qatar failed coup attempt.


As a respected member of the European Union and the reference sample of international financial transactions, Luxembourg now has a level of well-being to which the larger states are looking with envy. The city-state of Luxembourg has many EU institutions. Due to favorable conditions and offshore areas in the capital, located about 1,000 investment funds and more than 200 banks - more than any other city in the world. Luxembourg's GDP is US $ 89,562 per capita. The country has half a million inhabitants. Major industries - banking, financial services, iron and steel.


United Arab Emirates - a country Arab sheikhs that capture the imagination of skyscrapers and the world's best hotels. And this is the third richest country in the world that has an impressive GDP per capita - $ 57 744. In the United Arab Emirates living 8, 26 million people. The economy rests on the oil, aluminum and cement.


Before the double act of terrorism committed by Anders Breivik on July 22, Norway was considered the safest country in the world with the highest standard of living. But now Norway retains fourth place in the list of the richest countries. 4 living here, 97 million people, while GDP - $ 56,920 per capita. The state owns the major industries such as mining and processing of oil and natural gas.


Singapore - a pearl of Southeast Asia, combining the architectural fairy tale of the XXI century, super-modern shopping and entertainment centers, traditions and culture of Malaysia, India, China and European countries. The population of Singapore has 5 07 million. GDP per capita - $ 56 797. The main industries - chemical and electronics.


Although the US economy and has suffered from the global financial crisis, the country still holds a strong position in the global market. US GDP is $ 47,084 per capita. Its economy holds, in particular, oil, steel and automotive.


The world knows this country as their homeland the highest quality watches, beautiful ski resorts and fine chocolate. But other than that Switzerland - a great place for investors. The country has about 4 thousand. Financial institutions, including many branches of foreign banks. On the Swiss banks account for 35-40% of the global property management and property of individuals and legal entities. They enjoy a good reputation among customers due to stable domestic political environment, strong Swiss currency, the principle of banking secrecy. GDP per capita is $ 46,424, the number of people - 7, 86 million. The Swiss economy is based on tourism and the chemical industry.


The Netherlands, the birthplace of tulips and the most tolerant country in the world, known for low unemployment and high GDP per capita, namely - $ 42 447. The number of inhabitants is 16, 68 million. The main industries include agriculture, metallurgy, gas and oil production and processing.


Ireland, weakened by the economic crisis in 2008, occupies the top ten richest countries in the 9th place. GDP per capita is at $ 39 999. The country's population - 4, 58 million people. The main industries are food, textile, iron and steel.


Austria ranks last in the top ten richest countries. GDP per capita is at $ 39 711. The country has a population of 8 to 41 million, most of which speaks German, major industries - metallurgy, construction, food industry.



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