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Auctions sold military equipment, always arouse interest. But many question arises: what can generally written off ZIL, "Ural" and KAMAZ? Now the military have shown these machines in action. Well, test drive turned out spectacular! correspondent visited the old road where the event was held, and looked at the possibility of decommissioned military equipment.

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The range of machines sold high: ZIL trucks, "Ural", KAMAZ, KrAZ unpretentious and even tracked light armored multi-purpose tractors MT-LB and MT-LBU. The latter, as it might seem at first glance, the place only at the Minsk plant "Vtorchermet" in Gatovo - so they look terrible.



Peeling paint, rust spots on the body, and all of the militarized (hatches, towers, loopholes for small arms) welded seams. But, despite this, the tractor is in demand in Russia. Only during the last auction, which we wrote about earlier, it has sold nine of tracked vehicles. Buy them mainly hunters, fishermen and outdoor enthusiasts. However, for movement on public roads requires a special permit GAI.

With its high maneuverability, even in remote taiga quite economical tractor can develop a speed of 60 km / h. Agree to an armored tracked vehicle, released in the second half of the last century, this is a pretty good indicator.

Of course, immediately after the purchase of tractor MT-LB is not necessarily driven into the mud. Military vehicles more than one year stood under the open sky, and require you to perform certain kinds of work. As we told the officers base in the old road to begin with you need to replace all rubber products, which, because of age lost their properties. The rest of the problems with these machines is not, they are quite safe, and relatively inexpensive to operate.

Especially for readers of our military demonstrated the power of the MT-LB, "hybrids" to them in the dirt near a forest near the unit. Tracker is easy to cope with overcoming small ford.

Then the machine at the maximum portion of the course has overcome the forest road. It seemed that the blown air is wet and dirty tractor suddenly become dry, and the branches of bushes and trees swept away from his body all the dirt.

Following the MT-LB on the same ditch drove wheeled vehicles. KAMAZ, which was selected for the part of the test actually sold and will be exhibited at the upcoming auction. Exterior equipment appropriate to the age and cost - matt cabin, who was once a brilliant, has a rusty "bugs" on the body. However, if you do not pay attention to this point (for the owner to paint with his hands is not a problem), the machine is in good condition. Rubber on iron discs serve more than one year, and all the other nuances completely eliminated.



Officers of the believe that the KAMAZ exactly buy at auction. For information, such machines were sold at recent auctions, the initial price of 55 million rubles. The final cost is usually higher than the initial 20-25%.

After KAMAZ hid in the thick forests on the edge has left the military "Ural". Flatbed truck towing three (!) GAZ-66. From the side it seemed as if the boy pulls on a rope toy cars.

At some point, taut metal cable strongly. It seemed that one of the drivers of vehicles driven slammed on the brakes. Indeed, the military simulated situation if one of the trucks after the brake pedal is stuck brake pads.

When you throw away the dirt from under the massive wheels, "Ural" with a roar began confidently, "dig." Just a couple of minutes, and it is unlikely the car could she go to the "land." Now that the wheel rim to the mud, the only way to get out of it and pull the column - to use a winch.

Stretching it at a distance of about ten meters, the driver of the first car caught. Including working brakes, "Ural" became a uniform roar pull winch. Like carriages, cars were off. A few minutes later the military trucks were released from captivity dirt ...

A little away on the edge of the forest has been developed mechanical repair shop automotive technology. Next to her was carried out in the field of engine repair, welding works performed. Studio does not even require electricity - it is completely autonomous. Similar workshops are currently on sale through authorized organization of RUE "Belspetskontrakt" and cost 50 million rubles.






Further work showed reporters avtorazlivochnoy station ARS-14. Gasoline ZIL-131 with a barrel set (2, 7 tons) and the pump today could well be renamed the fire truck. Using Arsov as "pozharok" - not uncommon, as evidenced by the color of some of the vehicles in the territory: 10 percent of the parked cars painted red.



In addition, the APC 14 is used to deliver water and other liquid substances. Oilers acquire the station for liquid fuel, road builders - for cleaning roads. Our reporter found another application of this pattern of military equipment. By connecting to the dispensing hose special gun that looks similar to the refueling can perfectly wash the car. The water pressure is allowed to bring down even the mosquitoes and flies with the hood and the license plate of the machine! Domestic response Karcher!

Relevant information about the availability of equipment and property, the auctions are always available on the website of RUE "Belspetskontrakt»




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