How to test the Belarusian Geely cars

Manufacturer Geely offered taxi drivers a closer look at two of its models: the sedan SC7 (1, 8, petrol, manual transmission) and crossover Emgrand X7 (2, 0 petrol manual transmission and 2, 4 petrol automatic transmission): these models and dimensions "communicating", and the new, then there is at least 7 years - if such it will still be legal requirements - will be able to work in a taxi. Taxi drivers tested their cars and came to the conclusion: "This machine will not survive in a taxi!»

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Passengers are, in principle, no matter what a taxi ride: if only the car was technically sound, beauty - pure and freight cost - affordable. Sitting in a taxi, people rarely think about how the dimensions of the machine, as well as security - you are lucky if their home from work or Dodge Grand Caravan Daewoo Matiz, anyway. This new machine or beushnye - but well-groomed and in good repair - also does not matter.

 - And for drivers today is the number one issue: whether we will make the government change the car! - Say the taxi drivers. Given the fact that while the supposed 7-year-old age limit for vehicles running in the taxi, make sense to buy a car older than 4-5 years there - otherwise it will have to change again soon. Of course, wise to take a new one, if you plan to work on, but where to get the money - is unclear.

The car manufacturer Geely - Borisov plant "Beldzhi" - suggested the Belarusian taxi drivers consider as a possible acquisition of their models: they are "communicating" in size, the price is the same - 13 thousand. Dollars for the sedan, 19 for crossover - is readily available.

Test Drive held at the national testing ground for mobile machines in the Limes. Selecting the location of taxi drivers are not fully satisfied:

 - To urge, of course, interesting, but more important for us, as the machine is maneuvering in a stream and narrow courtyards parked as accelerates, brakes from a traffic light to traffic light.

"Gas! The brake! And it stinks pads - a month of work, and kapets brakes »

The boys took turns testing sedans with an engine 1.8 and crossovers with engines 2.0 and 2.4 on the mechanics and machine and, meeting at the circuit, exchanging impressions:

 - Accelerates way, you push the floor, and she could barely ... And flow indicates disperse 16 liters. And what a vibration when accelerating!

 - Somewhere between 80 normal gains, but we at that speed in the city not to go, but on the traffic light to traffic light fall asleep. But on the 120 km / h it starts to bear, unstable.

 - Turn 2, 5 bars, fine. But it collapses, if the speed of go ...

 - Brake too gently. And if you push ... Gas! The brake! And they stink pads. Month so train traffic on the traffic lights - and kapets brakes.

Evaluated and beauty - based on their own requirements for a taxi.

 - The opening angle of the rear doors a little - even with my short stature sit uncomfortable.

 - What the panel did? The smooth, slippery, do not put ...

 - The light is switched back uncomfortable, but it is important to us if to include a hand vyvernesh, and clients must be in the back seat comfortably pay off. Our foreign cars have rear light control from the driver's seat, turned on at the same place and the front. And ahead of the light control hanging like snot ...

 - On the back of the transmission when the going - the noise in the cabin, both at the airport!

Seats (as submitted to the test sedans and crossovers with manual transmission were fabric, in EX7 with "automatic" - artificial leather) taxi drivers were also dissatisfied: "Form uncomfortable, slippery fabric - in a reversal of departing from them».

Korobku- "automatic" - although Geely EX7 put modern 6-speed automatic transmission DSI - drivers also did not appreciate:

 - Dumber during acceleration: barely pulls and transfer switches.

 - Did you see how to speed it blows off the road? In turn heels - already at 30 km / h is the rollover.

Taxi drivers meticulously examined the gaps on the body - "the new machine, and the curves" - mechanisms for closing / opening the hood and trunk, "opens when it wants to."







Impressions participated in a test drive of drivers is one: "For such a car is not a taxi approaches - albeit relatively cheap».

On the other hand, Geely today "running around" in a taxi - and while their owners are happy.

 - Absolutely normal car for your money! - Shared his opinion with AUTO.TUT.BY driver Dmitry Harska of service 135. It is in June "at will, and not because of some laws" took a sedan SS7 black with engine 1.8 for 12,990 dollars and during that time naezdil on orders over 30 thousand kilometers. - Not at all worried about the machine, the flow rate of about 8 liters of the city. Claims about the cabin there - Seat covers put on, but it's not because they do not like the fabric, and to keep it clean, taxis still - not for the chassis.

"The car loan? And if an accident and long repair - you pay? Other income is not something »

Manufacturer "Beldzhi" together with the partner bank offered to taxi drivers (both legal entities and ipeshnikam) unique conditions of crediting for the purchase of Geely: 14-15 per cent per annum in the currency of a 3-year, own funds - not less than 30% of the cost of the machine. Required - Hull for three years.

For the cheapest presented on a test-drive in this situation the taxi drivers would have to pay for a loan of about $ 350 per month (principal plus interest).

 - Plus - taxes, "avtograzhdanki" CASCO, fuel, maintenance, lives on the left ... We can not afford a new car - even for 13 thousand - for no cash, no credit! Take credit - a huge risk: what if an accident? and if a defect? In the month dropped out of the work, and the other a source of income, no! How to pay?

And raised the issue of spare parts: "We then they wait for months in China will be?»

 - Provision of inventory components and parts - 100 percent - said the representative of the plant "Beldzhi" Alex Krichmar. - Delivery of the Republic of Belarus - 1-2 days, open service centers in all regional centers. In terms of repairing our cars are very comfortable - parts laid out on the smallest possible components, that is not necessary due to the failure to pay a little for the entire node.

Taxi drivers were asked whether they did not withdraw from the guarantee for the unauthorized installation of taximeter - the manufacturer has promised in the event of a mass interest in the factory to develop a system to connect.

However, the addition of the "massive interest" on the part of taxi drivers still not observed: they criticized and Geely, and the draft law, which "forces them to change from cars - yes, not new, but the healthy, comfortable and safe! - At the Belarusian-Chinese "pig in a poke".

However, many participants recognized test drive: if the same of the new Geely, for example, formed the taxi cab company they have hired drivers began to work on these machines. But to invest in them your money and "expect surprises exploitation" absolutely do not want.

This month, dealers' Beldzhi "started taking orders for the new crossover Geely Emgrand X7. Belarusian-Chinese SUV received a warm welcome in the market - the first batch of cars is almost sold out. SUV prices start at $ 18,990, which puts it in the same price category with a budget coupe Renault Duster.

This time, the "People drive" was invited participants a little more than usual. Instead of five or six readers to "Republican proving ground for testing of mobile machinery" of the National Academy of Sciences came eight car owners: Alex89 ('24, Toyota Corolla), bars-igor ('41, Renault Sandero), Andreimassiv (27 years, Audi A6) , amstrem ('31, Chevrolet Tracker), MDP (33 years, Kia Carens), Nix | Lorien (25 years, BMW X5), Bukama ('31, Jeep Grand Cherokee), farengeit112 ('21, Hyundai Santa Fe).

As usual, users were given the opportunity to get acquainted with the car outside, "grope" the whole room and, of course, to check how the car behaves at high speeds or during maneuvers. At the mercy of the readers it was given the most expensive at the present moment version Emgrand X7 - with 2, 4-liter gasoline engine and automatic transmission in a complete set of "Comfort" for $ 21 500. It is interesting that the maximum design ("Lux") is available only with the 2-liter gasoline motor (only with MCP), and costs $ 20 thousand. e. the maximum grade is not the most expensive. Now the manufacturer is considering the release of version 2, 4, and by the AKP "Lux", but so far it is early to speak.


















"Comfort" includes air-conditioning, full power accessories, heated front seats and mirrors, folding rear sofa, two airbags, ABS, adjustable steering column angle, alloy wheels, fog lights, and others. In the performance of "Suite" is such an option, like leather upholstery, USB-output audio system, power driver's seat, parking sensors and others.

Opinions about the machine readers were similar. Good design a la Toyota RAV4, excellent brakes, "tormoznutaya" AKP, awkward landing at the wheel (for tall people), a lot of space for rear passengers, convenient luggage compartment and, of course, an extremely attractive price.









Alex89 ('24, Toyota Corolla)

Externally, the car much, but was disappointed in the quality of plastic - he just quickly covered with scratches. The build quality is quite acceptable. The driving position was very convenient, especially considering the price. And nice to sit in the back row, both at the "city" speed and the 100+ km / h. Pleased with visibility and a spacious trunk. With sound insulation is no problem. At low speeds the car well behaved on the road, but at 170 km / h crossover pretty "sausage." In general, a good SUV for the city!

bars-igor ('41, Renault Sandero)

Exterior Geely Emgrand X7 generally liked. The only thing - the emblem is useless. I would also add a plastic kit, as the other crossovers. Inside I noticed too small glove box and "flimsy" armrest. The driving position is disappointing too small range of adjustments wheel and seat. The back row has a lot of space and a comfortable armrest. The trunk - also on the "five-plus." It has pleased a large number of compartments for small things under the raised floor. By the behavior of the machine at any speed, visibility and comfort complaints. Guards only Belarusian assembly.

Andreimassiv (27 years, Audi A6)

The design of the machine seemed original and even with the "sporting overtones." The interior, too, pleased appearance, but have a claim to the material finishes. To pre-production samples also have questions about the build quality: somewhere something moves somewhere falls off somewhere, and so not dokrutili. D. Absolutely not like the driver's seat - there is no possibility of "lie down." More like a workplace banker. But behind - a large supply of space in all directions. Trunk - large and comfortable. Huge mirrors leave no "dead zones", but when reversing would not prevent the camera. The weak point of sound insulation - sound of the engine in the cabin. Machine good "rulitsya", but there is excessive body roll. After 120-130 km / h handling noticeably worse - it is terrible to release the steering wheel.

amstrem ('31, Chevrolet Tracker)

Outside the crossover corresponds to modern trends. There are similarities even Mercedes ML and crossovers Lexus. Like and interior. Interior design Geely Emgrand X7 is much better than many of the latest generation of Nissan. However, the quality of materials is too "budget". While there are many issues to the quality of the Belarusian assembly. The crossover is not the best driving position, but the back is extremely convenient. Acceptable trunk. Bribe the convenience of the location of additional niches for tools. Noise corresponds to the price of the car. Really liked the control. Especially considering that the car is no stabilization system. At high speed the engine can be heard very well. Brakes surprisingly sensitive. I feel that distance that you can comfortably overcome on this machine at a time - 1000 km. Definitely, the money Geely Emgrand X7 is! Himself consider this model as a replacement of the current car.

M.D.P. (33 years, Kia Carens)

I did not notice any weaknesses at this car. Excellent design, decent interior, reasonable build quality. With my height driver's seat seemed comfortable. The only gripe - too small steering angle adjustment. Behind the place lacks. Separate words worthy roomy trunk. Due to the large "mugs" rear-view mirrors, visibility at Emgrand X7 - one of the best in the class. Quickly, I would not go, and maneuverability at low speed - worthy. For noise reduction and ride comfort questions asked.

Nix | Lorien (25 years, BMW X5)

Design Emgrand X7 reminded the Japanese SUV sample 2006-2007. The interior corresponds to its price. The connection of many components and wire insulation raise serious questions. Overall, the build quality still need to tighten. The weakest point of this model believe the driver's seat. It is inconvenient for the person who is taller than 175 cm! But rear passengers can comfortably accommodate growth over 2 meters. To boot, visibility and sound insulation questions asked. At low speed the car is very maneuverable. After 120 km / h is not enough steering stiffness.

Bukama ('31, Jeep Grand Cherokee)

Geely Emgrand X7 I recalled something Japanese. Inside - all in their places. Interior design is nice enough. The build quality, as I expected, there is criticism. In particular - the uneven gaps 5th door. Already peeled paint in some areas of the engine compartment. The driving position is generally liked, but lacks a wider range of adjustment of the steering wheel. Behind very spacious. However, no one was working seat belt. Trunk - to the "five points"! Convenient and easy to fold the second row seat. Tilt Wheel located below, and does not eat the usable space. At speeds above 110 km / h in the cabin a lot of noise. At low speed the car is good, "helm».

farengeit112 ('21, Hyundai Santa Fe)

By the looks of claims on my part there, except the wrong logo. For the driver, too little space. I do not like the sound insulation. Inside - a squeaky plastic. Behind only enough room for two passengers. The trunk seemed to me a little, but large mirrors provide good visibility. Managed by car worse than I expected, although the whole car was comfortable.


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