10 validated tests on psychology, which can be taken online

conduct psychological tests and correctly interpret their results can only be a psychologist. But still there are some reputable tests that can help you to independently look into the depths of his consciousness.

< Website I have collected 10 of the most famous psychological tests of the twentieth century, who can be trusted.

  • Test SMIL - test, which determines the different sides of your personality: ranging from addiction to schizophrenia, finishing thrust to lie. According to this test, you can just read, which is why it is often resorted to when applying for a job
  • The questionnaire neuroticism -. The clinical questionnaire to identify and assess neurotic states and their manifestations. Believe me, thanks to this test you can find what you are concerned
  • Test Luscher -. All known color test tells about your emotional state, the degree of anxiety and hidden internal problems. It is noteworthy that at different stages of life, people are choosing different colors
  • Multivariate Cattell personality questionnaire -. Make a deep analysis of your personality. The test is so accurate that even has been used even when taken in some units of the US military forces
  • Scale of Depression Beck Aaron -. The name speaks for itself
  • Test Sondhi -. Detection of predisposition to certain mental illness, which, by the way, every person, and it makes recommendations on the basis of personal self-realization. The test should be selected portraits, some of which put pressure on the psyche of people. Check your
  • Rorschach Test -. The test for personality research on ink stains. Also known as "Rorshaha spots". Your association will be able to tell a lot about you
  • Test M√ľnsterberg -. This technique is sometimes used in the professional selection for specialties that require good selectivity, concentration and high noise immunity. The tasks you need to find the words in continuous lines. It seems that it is easy to handle and can not all
  • Test frustration Rosenzweig -. The test is designed to study your reactions to failure and ways out of difficult situations. The tasks presented pictures with various life situations, of which you need to find a way
  • I-structural Ammon test - The test reveals the basic personal functions. Aggression, anxiety, fear, your distinguishing narcissism and sexuality. Find out what drives you.

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