Test drive resurrected Italian - Fiat 500 (34 photos)

Why resurrected? - But because it is the second generation of the legendary Italian compact car Fiat 500 that is in their homeland called «Cinquecento» (Cinquecento) - translated as "five hundred" - simple! The second generation model has come to our market in the summer of 2009 and has managed to conquer the Russians and the Russian roads with its size, design and, sometimes, their toy, so to speak.

Appearance does not leave indifferent neither drivers or pedestrians - the design of the "baby" is based on the retro style of the first generation of the Fiat 500, which was manufactured in the 60s of the last century, which makes this car very original. Cute muzzle of a vehicle with three rows of lights lighting - Middle / high beam, lights and fog lights. By the way, the light in the car is good, the side of the road and clearly visible at night, even in the rain, this little car got away from me a serious plus. Bright red body color (Rosso sfrontato / Pasodoble Red) machine adds individuality in the flow of gray and black cars on the roads of Russia. In the Fiat 500 model immediately invited 12 major exterior colors and 19 stylish vinyl stickers. Due to this diversity of colors, even the most demanding client will be pleased with the look of your car!

This car is perfect for the city due to its small size, which is provided by a small front overhang and rear virtually absent. The target audience for this car - it is likely the female sex - it is women who appreciate Italian design and like to stand out from the crowd. But even the man will not be disappointed with this car, I say more - if my half had the car, I would often beg the key to go to the «Cinquecento».

Saloon car meets our original front glossy panel in body color in the retro style, I confess, I had never before seen in any car.

The steering wheel, gear "robot" and the parking brake knob trimmed in leather. The very same steering wheel has three spokes and a nice thick - these parameters pleasantly pleased with the "taxi" of the car, especially in the evolutions in the stream.

The dashboard shows one well, which includes a plurality of sensors and signal lamps, not to mention the on-board computer display. All data from the instrument panel are clearly visible and intuitive for anyone who has ever driven one car - the settings will not be any problems. I did not need to get a book with a description of the vehicle in order to configure all of the system "for themselves." In each element of interior visible hand of the designer, but also the quality of the materials I would call ideal. Plastic hard, but not strident, when the vehicle is no creaks and knocks in the cabin is not - possible, the quality of the build quality of the materials compensates for the better.

In the central part of the torpedo is a system of air-conditioning and audio system. Multimedia is represented by Blue & Me system with the protocol Bluetooth - which allows you to connect an external music source via AUX, and telephone. On the steering wheel control buttons telephone and radio - it's also a nice little plus. Under the music system is located on the dashboard air conditioning system - in this machine is a conventional air conditioner, for an additional fee you can set the climate control. A separate button the air conditioner you will not find her role does the fan control to activate the system is necessary to press on the knob.

In the same block is a button on the dashboard turn off the stabilization system ASR, heated rear window and the system Start / Stop. Yes, you heard right, that's Start / Stop! In our time, this system is not new, but its presence in the 500-ke I was genuinely surprised! Inside the car you will not find the door lock button, designers and everything is simplified, as is the case with the air conditioner. To lock the doors need to click on the handle to open the door - just? - Yes!

The seats are upholstered in bright cloth, which is repeated on the paneling of the front doors. The driver's seat has height adjustment and, quite, comfortable - no frills. Landing in the car comfortable, even with the growth of 180 cm I'm not hitting his head on the bar, and when you come soiled pants - perhaps because of all the great doorway of the compact coupe.

As for the space on the back seat, there may well accommodate two people. In the future, trains will be difficult, but just a couple of friends to move around the city quite well, with the dimensions that has Fiat 500.

The rear seats fold 50/50, thereby increasing the amount of loading. Surprisingly, the trunk at this machine too. Let not big - only 185 liters, but for a city car that's enough.

Another nice option in this car - it's panoramic roof. Very nice ride through the city or stay at any site and look at the starry sky ... Romance !!!

I have to test-drive the car went in picking Lounge, which includes a maximum for this car engine capacity of 1, 4 liters, an outstanding 100 Italian horses. This chetyrehtsilidrovy motor works in tandem with robotized gearbox Dualogic. Working robot is no different from other cars - it is also "tupit", especially noticeable when switching from first to second gear. But all is not as sad as it might seem - 100 strong motor nice responds to gas pedal, "tupёzhka" begins, if you drive faster than the average. When you switch to manual box no stocks there. In normal mode, the box personally I was not able to drive, the car behaves very sluggish, so I activated the Sport. With him the machine becomes much more cheerful! Why Fiat chose the robot, not a machine? Then, most likely, the issue of profitability, because the robot is cheaper to maintain and repair, it is lighter and takes up less space - so you'll have to put up with it!

Work vehicle suspension pleased - the car moderately stiff and silent. On the front axle McPherson suspension type - a reliable friend to all, on the back of a rigid bar - all this makes the car look like a card! When maneuvering, thanks and dimensions and suspension, the machine is very nimble - fit into any space between cars in the stream.

Very funny thing on the trunk lid - rag loop - to close :)

Overall I was pleased with this compact avtomobilchikom. And finally a few figures: the average fuel consumption when the system is off Start / Stop was immodest 9, 6 liters per 100 kilometers. But here we must note that I moved around the city in the manual mode, often dokruchivaya motor to the red zone + fixed cork city. If you move in the moderate mode, and even activate the system Start / Stop, get the flow of 6-7 liters is quite real. The maximum speed at which I broke up the car - 165 mph, further breakdowns limiter, because the potential was still. Another worth mentioning the security system of the car - it is presented at once seven airbags: front, side, window curtains and cushion to protect the driver's knees. Not every business-class sedan is able to boast of such a set. And most probably the important numbers when choosing a car - the price! Here we are waiting for a considerable figure, namely 665000r. for the basic package + 40000r. for robotic Dualogic gearbox and the system Start / Stop + 5000 p. for signature red - the output will get a figure of 710,000 rubles. It's not small, but for style and Italian design has to be paid to the full!

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