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We all rejoice in the advent of Sunny spring days. Alive nature, trees and have the first nice looking greens. Revives all around, including the terrible inhabitant of the forests and places of mass festivities of the citizens — tick.

The first recorded the tick bite in 2016, has occurred in Kemerovo on March 23, in Tomsk, 29th, and St. Petersburg even earlier — on March 8.

What is a tick, the more dangerous it is and how to protect yourself from troubles associated with it — I propose to discuss together.


Know the enemy in the face

More precisely, to know entirely. Ticks (depending on stage of development), as a rule, from 2 to 5-7 mm, with a characteristic color and the dark area on the body. Agile enough and, regardless of size, are equally dangerous.

Preferred habitat of the mite — old dry grass, low shrubs, the outskirts of forests. Habitat mites should be fairly dry, because in the floodplains of ticks can be found much less frequently. Ticks inhabit almost the whole territory of Russia, but the largest spread is observed practically in all territory of Siberia, Buryatia, Udmurtia and the Altai mountains. Unfortunately, it is increasingly common to pick up a tick already in those regions where this issue was not as relevant.

Some researchers argue that active proliferation of mites (which are in the nature of thousands of species) is an indicator of climate change, about which so much has been said recently. But today we're going to talk about ticks, which are carriers of dangerous infections. By the way, the number of these infections in the tens, but the most formidable and famous are tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease.

Bites the female or the male?

Both. While the female clings for a long time. Maybe even for a week. But males fast. Bit, drank blood an hour or two and come unscrewed on their business.

But the threat of both sexes. According to statistics, 4.5 percent of populations of ticks are carriers of Lyme disease and tick-borne encephalitis. Some experts claim that males and females are more dangerous, as their bite is faster, and it can be easy to miss.

Indeed, in the first stage of the bite of the mite secretes enzymes that neutralize pain receptors of the victim, allowing it to secure its place on the body. When the mite dug into the skin — he really cares. To remove it is not so simple. Especially if you are a rabbit, squirrel or bear and you do not have at hand special tools for this.

How to distinguish males from females? It's simple. The males are smaller. Here is a photo loving (not verified) couple ticks. Seen on a date)

What to do to get bitten by a tick?

The most reliable way is to sit at home. But if you are a lover of walks in the woods, eat a kebab under the brandy, you just have to be careful and reasonably cautious. Need to do regular inspection of the body. Times per hour. Tick bites instantly. He, unlike us all, never in a hurry. If he caught you, it will look "delicious" place, slowly rising higher and higher. Favorite places of mites, groin, waist, neck, armpit, tailbone. Although, of course, the bite may be in other places. Therefore, regularly inspect. Use prediksi (protective chalk from ticks), carefully tuck clothes, do not go to windbreaks and clusters of dry grass.

Living space mites — a few tens of centimeters from the ground. They are not bears can't climb trees. Generally, people for the mites are not particularly interesting object — the smell of deodorants, perfumes, all in synthetics, wool no. That for an animal? Much more can hurt your beloved dog and children. That's what we must watch very closely.

Bit still, the infection!

No matter how we tried to avoid the bite, sometimes the tick can cling. Do not panic, get in the car or from a backpack to get a special set for this occasion. What kind of set? In case of a tick bite. If you are a lover of forest walks or the avid gardener — spend half an hour and collect a set for yourself. Go to a vet, buy a few plastic fixtures — vydergi for the removal of the tick. You tell me — they're for dogs! Are we worse than dogs? Do not be shy!

Pharmacy buy disposable wet wipes for injection, pencil, dressed with iodine or "green paint". It is the pencil, so as not to get dirty from head to toe from the iodine in the bottle. A few empty plastic tubes with a lidto keep the tick for analysis in the laboratory. Also buy prefix. That is something they should take advantage of before going to the forest. The whole set is cheap and looks like. They say that there is such ready-made kits, but why pay more?

Are set simply. Treated the bite with a cloth, hook the tick with vidargas, but do not pull and twist the tick, as the screw. He easily enters and remains on widere. Reset the tick in the test tube, and the bite wipe with a fresh cloth and burned with iodine. Ask friends to help you, if the bite with no hands. Have you noticed that vydergi in a set of two types. Little use for small ticks. It's usually the males. There is a perception that the tick can not touch and should be removed only in the hospital. It is not correct. The tick should be removed as soon as possible to stop the invasion of a potentially dangerous parasite.All. Your stay is over. Kebab eats, otherwise what is the sense finishing up. Anyway, more rest, fluids, hot sweet tea, and March to the point of seroprofilaktiku. Further action will taken by doctors.

A quick test of the tick

All is well, if you are a resident of a large city and tick season is close is seroprofilaktiku. And if it is an Outback, or you work on the watch somewhere where, as they say in the song, only a helicopter can fly. In this case, would be a useful rapid test for tick-borne encephalitis and Lyme disease. To put such a test in our Suite would be great. Call friends biotechnologists with this issue. The answer is that there are expensive branded tests. Russian commercial test systems no. However, attempts to create such test the system occasionally.

A Finnish company. Well done guys, what is really there. Can I buy this test in Russia? The answer is no. Sanctions goods. And the price is 40 Euro not too gentle...

What to do? Yes, you can create a great national test. In our age of advanced biotechnology possible. Of course, to make a quality test, you need to conduct important work on a clear plan of development.


Take a look at planBig problem is not with the technology, and administrative Affairs. Check the test system, its legalization, numerous tests and satisfaction of all sorts of bureaucratic requirements — that's the hard part. It may take years. In Finland the test system, made and brought to market in a few months. And it is only in encephalitis. Our developers can make a test-system with simultaneous determination of Lyme disease. This is very important because in the case of encephalitis can be prevented by vaccination and the Lyme disease vaccine does not exist.

What is this test-system? Similarly, the development of the Finns, but two infections. Analysis is not difficult. In the test analyses how people, namely tick. Put the tick in a bottle with a special solution and a few minutes of drips on the test strip.

Through the use of "smart" chemistry, it is possible to achieve high specificity and sensitivity analysis, while preserving the material for subsequent mite more subtle diagnostics, for example, PCR method. And generally, in our age of high technology have such simple things as the rapid tests for everything, it would be, in my opinion, useful.

With all due respect to the doctors who by the nature of their work (and rightly) against any independent action with the body, but the future of humanity is still associated with the development of advanced diagnostics technologies, both genetic and simplest, which I write in this post. I think so. And you? published

Author: Alexander Myagkov


P. S. And remember, only by changing their consumption — together we change the world! ©

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