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I'm a former engineer and now engineer–biotechnologist, the last 7 years doing tick-borne infections, in particular, the development, testing and production of test–systems for diagnostics. Probably due to prof deformatsii I believed that the danger of ticks is obvious to all. Well, there are no details, but obvious. Well I now understand that the laptop is pour coffee is probably PI... n laptop, although part of the technique I – a complete moron. And those who are far from ticks and infections probably know that the tick bite is extremely shitty for a bit. Especially if it bit him in Siberia. It turned out, however, that idiots, treating encephalitis paracetamol live among us and seemingly quite sane. A heartbreaking story about the idiocy, details about the tick bites – what do you get for this and where to live read below.

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In fact, writing a post me spodvig the case with my friends, who has a lot of scrapes. In General, a highly respected gentleman and, in my opinion, much more sensible and practical than I am. This beautiful citizen refused to travel on kilbarrack due to the fact that he is ill. During questioning, it turned out, somewhere on the way from Vladivostok to St. Petersburg, where he was bitten by a tick. Three weeks have passed, the temperature soared under 40, began a fever – all this "success" was treated with paracetamol and hot tea with lemon. During half (!) talking to a bunch of medical terms and a three-story Mat, managed to convince him to donate blood for tick-borne infections. Test results: Lyme disease – exactly the encephalitis in question. The result of a conversation with a very high quality infectious diseases: external manifestations more like encephalitis. The result of the conversation with the sick: "something tells me that this is not Lyme disease", "I don't have to go to hospital, I got a job. If you go to the hospital, I would like to lose it," and (pam–PA–RAM!) "well, Yes, I understand that I may be blind/deaf/have a stroke, but I'm an ADULT AND will make my own DECISION". For all independently making the decision a fabulous ass, and also just for those who are not in the theme food for thought:

About ticks and infection

Tick-borne infections tin as much. In addition to the encephalitis and Lyme disease, which are more or less on hearing and babesiosis, rickettsiosis, granularly the anaplasmosis, monocytic erlihioz and other language–break down–infection. All this happiness you get barely a tick bites you – the agents of all this shit living in his saliva. But not every tick, and not a full set. Here, as with casual sex without a condom – not the fact that after that you will find AIDS, hepatitis C, syphilis and gonorrhea. But not the fact that it all will pass you by. Returning to mites – most likely (and most terrible) to earn encephalitis and Lyme disease.

What threatens

Encephalitis. With a perfect alignment will get off easy fright, with good dies. But most likely you are paralyzed. Likely hands, or one of them. It is forever and not repaired. In addition, you could go blind and/or deaf. Basically, if you have talent and balls, will be able to make a career in science. An example is Mikhail Chumakov. In 28 years, went to Siberia to study a ferocious and unknown at that time, the disease. The disease was tick-borne encephalitis, and he had to implement his own ideas on the topic as it is treated. At the end he not only survived, but also, deaf and partially paralyzed, tens of years engaged in the study of disease, which so cruelly injured. PTS. a lot of what has been achieved in this field, and to top it all bequeathed his body to the Institute. To colleagues studied the inside of a man, 56 years problemshigh encephalitis. All, whom this heroic perspective is to spit in the face of illness and death does not appeal, keep in mind the following: if you Kusano mite in European territories is likely to cost. We have not really infected ticks – according to various estimates from several percent to several tenths of a percent, and die from tick-borne encephalitis 2 people out of 1000. THIS DOES NOT MEAN THAT WILL BE LUCKY FOR YOU. If you are bitten by a tick in Siberia or the far East, it's much sadder. You can get far Eastern encephalitis, and of 100 patients die 80. Perhaps this figure would be somewhat smaller if not for the level of funding for medicine and the "ease" of getting to the hospitals in these parts, but even with these factors it is scary.

Borreliosis. Everything starts with a high and temperature and such beautiful rings on the site of the bite (scientifically — erythema):

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Then our beloved paralysis, only this time the problem is not with the hands, and face. Then problems with joints (e.g., wild pain in them, to such an extent that it is impossible to move), heart, vision, hearing. Then the skin thins, becomes dry like parchment paper and is cyanotic spots. In General, the problem becomes many, and all so different. Some people with chronic Lyme disease, say that it is worse than encephalitis. However, say me, not those who have a chronic encephalitis.

What to do until a bit: vaccination against encephalitis. Right now it's too late to do, but if you remember about it next February, just swing for the season to do it. Keep in mind that it is a three-phase – stabbing are three times, with a certain interval. If you have been ill with encephalitis, the immune system you have a life. Or if you get sick again – will be a new word in medicine. Vaccination is the most effective that you can think of. Given the choice, take the imported vaccine. Do NOT FALL FOR DIVORCE at the same time to be vaccinated against hepatitis, influenza, and the Irish. Vaccination is not the sort of area where the opt – profitable business. From Lyme disease vaccination can be done. Again, even if you are already sick, nothing prevents you from catching it again.

What to do if you are bitten. FIRST — carefully take out the tick in any thread or in this device:

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This pen–lasso. Sold in stores such as "Alloy". Someone had seen them in pharmacies and pet stores. The principle of operation is the same as the strings. Convenience is about the same, some of the thread. Wet/forget to take it harder than with the thread. In this sense the device is more convenient.

The main point is to pull the tick entirely, not shifting the head, where salivary glands, which borrelii or viral particles, or anyone else bloodthirsty – well, you understand.

If you tore the head off, to pick out her now like a splinter, a needle. Don't forget to bake a needle in flame lighter.

SECOND – put the tick in a jar, a bottle, in short anywhere, just to take to the lab. Tick no pressure.
THIRD – hand over the tick on the analysis in the SES. If the tick was sick, it does not mean that you are 100% sick. But you prophylactically pills feed.
The FOURTH in 10 days after being bitten donate blood Lyme disease and encephalitis. Research method – PCR. After 2 weeks on immunoglobulins M encephalitis, a through Z week – immunoglobulin M Lyme disease. Actually, ideally you still need a doctor to tell you, but the ideal is not always the case. With the test results (positive) go to the doctor. And do not pull with the campaign. The same disease very treatable, if you treat it early on.

Chronic delusions:
1) ticks do not jump at you from the trees. They don't jump. They crawl from the grass or bushes (above 1-1. 5 m on the Bush tick is usually not raised).
2) if you have encephalitis/Lyme disease is not contagious to others can sneeze on them as you want. But if you have encephalitis and you are breast – feeding, have a chance to pass it on to the child through the milk. By the way, you can earn encephalitis, drinking cow's and goat's milk (unboiled).

And, for the record.

There is a tick-borne infection, which is not so terrible as encephalitis with Lyme disease and found them just a couple of decades ago.

Accordingly, they will check you in the lab. So if after a tick bite results in Lyme disease with encephalitis is negative, but you are already the second month of lying in the hospital with a fever, body aches, diarrhea and a diagnosis of "SARS under the question," looking for a good infectious diseases. Because it is possible that you have, for example, granoulozitarnae the anaplasmosis. Most likely, you will survive, and will not be paying those consequences that borreliosis – entsefalitnye. But 2 months in the hospital with an unclear diagnosis – it's a shitty way to spend the summer. published 


P. S. And remember, just changing your mind - together we change the world! ©

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