Natural remedies for fleas and ticks for Your pet

Yes, have Pets – with what incomparable happiness, but the four-legged members of the family bring home unwanted guests! Of course, we are talking about ticks and fleas, these insects can harm not only our Pets, but also ourselves (because they are carriers of various diseases), so it is important in time to prevent their penetration into your home.

And in our today's article we will tell you about the most effectivenatural remediesthat can most painlessly to rid you of all these problems.

Home remedies to control ticks If you find that your cat or dog was bitten by a tick – a tiny insect that literally “bites” into the skin of the animal and feed on his blood, day by day all the swelling and increasing in size (just as you can define how long a tick is bothering your pet) – that it is necessary to correctly retrieve. As a rule, ticks bite the animal in the region behind the ear, around the anus or in the neck, that is where the dog or cat is difficult to obtain. Therefore, these parts should be checked very carefully after each outing, especially if you notice that the animal concerned and itches more than usual.

If the tick all-taki has bitten, what should I do? So, prepare the following mixture: two parts of strong alcohol (vodka, rum, etc.) to disinfect wounds and one part vegetable oil to this mixture can be lubricating (lubricity). Dip into it a piece of gauze or tissue and wipe a few times the bite, the tick must separate himself. You can do this: if the animal will allow, hold this cloth to the bite, the tick will come out too, because he will have nothing to breathe, and it will happen much faster.

Another equally effective home remedy for fleas and ticks is chamomile. You will need to just prepare an infusion of a few flowers of this plant (or ready to brew tea bags, which are sold in pharmacies), give it a brew and at the same time to cool a little, dip it with a cotton swab and lubricate the bite (and if this preventive measure, then the above “dangerous” places). The smell of chamomile don't like insects and will scare them away from your Pets. This infusion you can “disinfect” and the whole house to the parasite is not gone and they forgot, finally, to you the way.

Another good remedy for insect repellent can be done on the basis of citrus. You can use any fruit that you have at home: orange, lemon, grapefruit, tangerine or pomelo (the first two will be more effective in comparison with others).

The cooking method is: put on the fire half a liter of water and add two citrus fruit, pre-chopped into slices. When the water boils, cook for another minute, and then reduce the heat to low, and simmer “reach” for about an hour. Just be careful that all the water does not boil dry (if necessary, add a bit). After the specified time, remove from heat, let cool and pour into a container with spray. You'll have a homemade insect spray, they can be treated like the animal itself (just be careful not to poke your eye out!), or the entire house, paying special attention to corners and stair openings.

Apple cider vinegar the following natural remedy on our list, capable of killing ticks. Dilute the vinegar with water in equal proportions, dip into the mixture a cotton swab or a cloth, squeeze out excess liquid and wipe the bite of the animal. Also by this solution it is possible to treat the animal after washing.

If after the bite of ticks on the skin of the animal remained wounds or sores, you can use a cream with calendula to soothe the irritation (has healing properties), gel/cream based on aloe Vera (moisturizing effect) or lavender oil (purifying and protective action).

Home remedies for dealing with fleas Here we talk about how to deal with fleas and lice (or pediculosis) if it is not about animals but about people. The problem is that these insects, once you have a home thanks to your pet will bite him and you, and as mentioned above, terrible not so much the bites, how many diseases that can carry these insects (some even fatal).

To get rid of fleas with natural products, you can prepare an infusion of blachownia or pennyroyal, as it is called, and put it in a spray bottle when cool. Treat this infusion your pet and do not rinse. As prophylaxis add a small amount of yeast or garlic in the dry food of the animal, the smell repels insects, so they will never come near to your pet.

The following means: put on the fire container and pour three cups of water. In a separate container, mix one tablespoon of Apple cider vinegar and same amount of vodka. Add two drops of lavender essential oil and the same amount of eucalyptus essential oil. For greater efficiency you can add a few drops of geranium oil, cedar, rosemary, marjoram and lemon. Next, you will need two drops of lemon juice and one Cup of dried mint. All the ingredients must be well mixed and then add to boiling water. Then you need to give the resulting medium to cool, strain it and pour it into a container of spray. They can handle absolutely everything: the pet and the dwelling itself.

For those who previous vehicle seemed too difficult to prepare, here is an alternative: mix two cups hot water, 1/4 Cup alcohol or strong alcohol and 6 drops of liquid detergent. You'll have a homemade “shampoo” that you will need to wash your pet. Lather it properly (to appear dense foam), and then wash the wool so as not to cause irritation on the skin.

Else to get rid of fleas and ticks will help you with common salt, sprinkle it in the carpets, floors and sleeping place of your pet. Salt has the ability to absorb moisture, and insects need it as much as we do, so without her they will die quickly. To speed up this process, can put in indoor containers with water and add some detergent, then in search of moisture, the insects will get there (and get out of the oily fluid they have will not work). Just place these containers in places inaccessible to your animal, so as not to poison him. This is best done when you leave him for a walk or even going on vacation, then the parasites will have nothing to “wait” for your return, they will be.

And finally, another useful tip: try to feed your pet, so he had a strong immune system. Then, even the bites of all sorts of parasites they are not terrible. Veterinary feed, usually a balanced composition, but if you feed your pet homemade food, don't forget to include in his diet of such essential nutrients like selenium, zinc and vitamins (mainly b group).


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