Musical festival "Invasion" has made the world a cleaner and collected about 450 tons of garbage!

This year "Invasion" became not only a platform for performances of the best riders in the country, but also a real Mecca for those who are not blind eye to environmental issues.

3 through 5 July, the group of companies "Eco-system", as part of the main musical adventure of the summer, held an environmental campaign ECO-INVASION in the Big Zavidovo. Just after the festival had exported about 450 tons of garbage! By caring the guests of the festival were able to separate and send for further processing over 100 tons of plastic and metal, which now will rot in the ground, polluting the environment.

The main goal of the campaign is to attract the attention of festival guests to separate waste collection, to reduce the amount of waste produced by the population and to change the attitudes of citizens to environmental issues.

According to Andrei Yakimchuk, General Director of group of companies "Eco-system": "Action ECO-the INVASION clearly showed that care about the ecology of the planet, the purity of their country and city, their health and the health of future generations is not just the norm of modern society, is the motive of behavior any reasonable person, a sign of civilization, culture and common sense. The participants of the ECO-INVASION took care attitude and by example demonstrated the thinking of modern man, becoming the bearers of a new environmental ethics and style of life."

The first wishing to participate in the ECO-INVASION appeared immediately after the opening "premiere" day of the festival. In the action participated more than 10 000 guests of the festival! The organizers have distributed more than 20,000 packs for separate collection. Throughout the three days of the Invasion to the recycling centre "Eco-system" stretched the string of packages with metal and plastic and every hour the festival would become more clean.

All participants actively communicated – the organizers were able to obtain very useful feedback on the need for such actions. Festival guests thanked for the opportunity to bring and the right to submit the waste for further processing, someone interested in the fee for separately collected waste. The organizers of ECO-INVASION, in turn, made every participant of the event gifts - backpacks, bandanas, bracelets. These gifts were happy and the adults and the children.

"Eco-system" for the fourth consecutive year has traditionally been a partner of the main summer adventures and ensures cleanliness throughout the festival Invasion. This year, for the first time at the ECO-DASETVIEW cleaning festival has become a common merit "Eco-system" and all concerned fans of rock music.

Thank you to everyone who took part in the ECO-INVASION! Let's make the world cleaner! We want a clean rock!

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More than 8 years, the company creates an integrated system of waste production and consumption in cities and regions of Russia, controls all stages of the movement of waste from collection and removal to deep processing and production of secondary raw materials the Group is developing the waste sorting facilities and modern landfills, introduces innovative technologies for deposition of waste, ensuring 100% safety for the environment. As a leading expert in the organization of financing of infrastructure projects, the company implements large-scale regional projects, including public-private partnerships. 13 companies of the Group operate in 7 regions of Russia.

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