As the struggle with waste in different cities around the world

Well and happily lived people in the world of commercials 13th: all unnecessary — on the street, and there's where good old process of decay. Don't like the smell — spray more perfume. No money for perfume — say thank you at all, the earth is. But this ideal, it would seem, the scheme notably spoiled the plague, VEGASEL half cleaned half the population of Europe.

Since then, people clearly realized: purely not there where do not litter, and where waste is removed. Over time, the products of human activity become more and more toxic, and the methods of their disposal — sophisticated and elegant.

Try to make a short trip to the largest cities in the world to figure out how fighting with the debris in different places beautiful planet Earth.

EUROPEAN Openable weighty, authoritative and comprehensive experience of waste management is Europe (the plague, apparently, had its educational effect). The Roman principle of management of "divide and conquer" from the late 80-ies of the last century has acquired a new meaning — the separation of debris and the subsequent reaping quite a powerful fruit.

No self-respecting European would not allow himself to throw away the garbage in a package, not splitting it, first for organic/inorganic and plastic\paper.

Why do they do it? The answer is simple: care about the environment and conserving natural resources. In addition, the garbage sorting considerably simplifies its processing, and consequently reduces the cost of the process.

Garbage sorted additionally on the Assembly line to weed out, for example, metal. The remainder is usually burned. Some cities, like Hamburg, so smoothability.

Another advantage: this program creates many new jobs, which in the context of the global economic disaster, and very profitable.


GERMAN Plantijnstraat champion of recycling can be called Germany. They first tried to imagine such a practice back in the early 90s and with typical German thoroughness improve the system to this day. In each apartment there are at least three containers for garbage collection. And sometimes, that's eight.

Old batteries require special disposal because they contain highly toxic poisonous substances. Old clothes and shoes stored in special containers, which can be found in stores, Parking lots or churches. If a German wants to throw away, for example, its obsolete fridge in undetermined day, he must call and order the car.

In Germany, usually in the price a drink is included the refund value of the container, so glass bottles and jars (with special characters) can take in any store and get back your Deposit (about 10 to 25 cents).

In this country at the highest level of their educational work with the population, it is carried out in the media, hausmaster, it is enshrined in the laws of Germany. The observance of cleanness "garbage police".

Different countries have resorted to various ways of stimulation of the population by collecting and sorting garbage. Berlin teenagers collecting trash and depositing it for processing, receive a financial reward. Dutch municipal authorities give special coupons environmental active loyalty program participants to separate garbage. This coupon gives benefits for utilities and housing. In Barcelona, children are encouraged by the treats, and adults of gratitude from the authorities.


GARBAGE TELEPORT TO Hispanicity about Barcelona. Unlike Northern Europe, in Spain the conscious treatment of garbage has not instilled so long ago, so the Spaniards somehow learned how to share jars of yoghurt into three parts, but is still on the streets you can find a lot of things from household items — from old galoshes to televisions — that are given in free mercy to the poor.

In some cities of Spain, particularly in Madrid, I love to litter the bars. The number of wipes and cleanings on the floor calculated the popularity of the institution.

In addition to strings of multi-colored tanks on the streets of Barcelona stand alone bars with a porthole. Teleport is garbage — everything that falls into it, falls deeply under the ground, gets compressed and then is extracted with special equipment. In General, to be a garbage man in Barcelona is not considered shameful work. It is quite well paid, so the Spaniards, especially in a crisis, I prefer to clean the streets themselves, and not to give work to migrants.


FINES ANGLII London for the problem of the distribution of debris to watch out, but rarely cleaned. It all depends on the area of residence. Somewhere on the streets clean up every day (tourist centre), and once in two to three weeks. The garbage from the house take only once a week.

Apparently, the awareness and correctness of English is slightly not up to German, so the government motivate people, pressing on greed. For the wrong sort you can pay a penalty of somewhere in the £ 1,000 (about 50 000). The penalty relies, even for being the wrong dumpster (there are three) on the lawn or the driveway in the wrong day of the week (some waste is transported in specially appointed for that day).

Every supermarket in the UK you can find special containers for old mobile phones and clothing. In addition, the Kingdom monitor not only the composition but also the weight of a trash bag. There is even the so-called "two finger rule" — filled the bag should weigh as much, so you can hold two fingers.


CONTEMPORARY ART IN Saaidian States no less than of the Old world is concerned about looming ecological disaster. A little example for understanding: in the US, every hour is thrown no less than 2.5 million plastic bottles, each of which have 700 years to fully decompose.

New York — one of the largest cities in the world, but there is a clear rule: no matter how dirty it was on the streets in the evening, at 6 in the morning the city should be clean as a nuns thoughts. In new York, developed a powerful government program of waste disposal and recycling. And it works.

For example, the recycling of metals allows to save resources, sufficient to light and heat 18 million homes. Not bad, huh? Overall, the Americans are so concerned about their trash, making recycling in the modern art object.

For example, there is a design project NYC Garbage website that sells transparent boxes with stuff effectively linked with different streets of new York.


MOTIVATION of HOMELESS people IN the SOUTH will Americaspace on the situation in South America — where things are not so rosy, but progress is being made. Authorities are trying to act creatively. In Brazil and Mexico to collect debris attracted by the poor a very interesting way. 6 bags of garbage give one bag of food (in Brazil) and coupons for vegetables (in Mexico). Every week in the 54 poorest districts receive food 102 thousand people that allows you to collect 400 tons of waste monthly.

MADE IN Kitano will metema in Asia, because there is always a special relationship with reality. Take, for example, China. Garbage collection in this country — it is a separate branch of the business.

Every morning the garbage man collects leaves and cardboard, bottles, Styrofoam, and then immediately taken to the recycling and get money for it. But this is still not enough. China is currently one of the largest manufacturers of household waste — two-thirds of Chinese cities is closely surrounded by landfills, one quarter of the cities have no place to store it. The total weight of household garbage in China is 7 billion tons, and 97% of them it is not utilized. But this did not prevent the Chinese to buy more and waste from European countries for the purpose of secondary processing into various products under the auspices of the famous brand "made in China".

DISCIPLINE AND Mentalitetom the situation is different in neighbouring Singapore. He, however, recognized as the cleanest, but not so much because Singaporeans tend to be clean and in order. Just authorities imposed a desperately harsh sanctions, and the chances of the fault is at every step of the way.

The price list is something like this:

  • feed the pigeon bread — from 500 to 1000 SGD,
  • to eat on the street — 1000 SGD,
  • chewing gum — 1000 SGD,
  • to spit in the street — 1000 SGD.

But in addition to financial bankruptcy there is still a bright prospect of prison and even death — walk don't want to!

Whether it is bias-free Mumbai! In this city with 20 million population would be all right, even if you dump the truck with scraps and plastic in the middle of the nature preserve. Gandhi. And probably the next will find a lot more about which something is chewing thoughtfully melancholic Indian cow.

Public transport most often is the glass and doors are always open not only because of the heat, and people could easily throw out the garbage. Poor people collect stuff for the construction of a roof over your head, but the slop is still poured out into the street.

In fact, in Mumbai there are scavengers, but they will never win this battle. The merciless Indian sun much better — literally the day most of the food waste is transformed into fertilizer for the soil.

Concern about the environment — not the strongest side of the Russian mentality, but it is hoped that the example of more developed countries will act on the fellow, after all, treatment for destruction, as you know, starts with the head, not the closet.published


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