One day the driver of a garbage truck

Daily Minskers throw tons of garbage: someone on the lawn, and someone in special containers. We spent the whole day with the person who helps to keep the city clean and tidy.
The working day lasts from Andrew Sachuk 8 am to 8 pm. During this time, the driver of the truck has time to travel 140-180 km in the city and unloaded 140 containers of waste.

Usually time Andrew begins at 8 am, sometimes - before. To pass all the points and collect garbage from all containers, drivers can start with a base, and at 6 o'clock, so you can have time to do a lot of traffic jams. But Andrew morning busy repairing his car.
"If the machine breaks down, it's just, it paid less than the normal working hours. But if you help with the repair, you get a 10% premium. So, of course, still come and do what you can. On leaving, we'll go on my MAZ or if it will finish, or Zile - it just finish repairing. "

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We wait to repair the car, but to finish the afternoon with MAZ and do not have time, so we leave on ZIL older. Today Andrei will not play in the familiar role of the driver - it will show the route and help the driver of ZIL, his namesake.

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Always work on the same machine, with a partner. Three days you three days - partner. Of course, people decorate the cabin, as they want, such as CDs. Can they reflect the radar? So it does not threaten us: cruising speed of 60 km / h more would not be dispersed. "

Before leaving all the drivers receive a list of points and route are necessarily the doctor. Routes repeat: I have one on Monday-Wednesday-Friday and another on Tuesday and Thursday. Previously, always went together: the driver and the loader. Now the driver one. Although some routes are sent to two, in the courts, for example, you can not drive up to the containers, the loader helps them to roll out. Because if he'll be rolling out, and the whole day will pass. "

The first point - shop on the street. Skripnikova. Containers are very close, they have to take away manually. Next simple: hook lift container, pour garbage into the tank, drew level within the "agitator" and squeeze pressure. All controls - using the handles, which are located outside of the machine.
"The entire route is tracked by GPS: where are you going, where have stopped doing. When unloading the car is weighed to see exactly full or not. Download - 4-5 tons. Rubbish, of course, the whole is pressed, nowhere has the car in which he was just asleep. During the day, I usually I pass route twice in the direction of Kolyadichi Zhdanovichy, north dump and then back again. All I need to pass 97 points is 140 containers. Just for a day, and they have time to collect. To finish early - this does not happen. "

It is very difficult, of course, working in the yard. It is necessary to squeeze, look for some passages. One can not, according to the rules, to stand on the side where the house. But all do not care. We usually try to go around the car, and sometimes marry, stuknesh foot on the wheel, the siren howl, uses the host: "What are you here for me to knock the wheel?" Thank you would say that the traffic police is not called. SAI, by the way, you can really call, about 15 minutes come to pick up and evacuated. "

All day - backyards, trash and narrow driveways. Andrei periodically jumps out of the car, a loud whistle signals the partner when you need to slow down, and shows how best to turn around. On the street, meanwhile, is not hot, we merznu, and Andrew did not even buttons jacket.
"I always like that, is not buttoned. In the winter give warm clothing, warm pants. So they fall asleep on the contrary: warmed and sleep. And so: then I jumped, ran there, something moved upstairs dropped something removed. You keep moving, do not have time to freeze. And in winter I go ».
We drive to one of the points on the street. Pritytskogo. The containers are filled up with the top, but the trash neatly packed in bags. It helps one of the containers so old that falls apart in any attempt to pick it up. Packages shift to a nearby container and still throw in the garbage.

We immediately phoning the administration so that they know that they have such a container. Our organization can take it in for repair, return them to the new one. There generally is always a lot of garbage a casino, they like some whoopee - full tank the next day. Very difficult Debris removal with garages, heavy. A box, bundles of paper or construction waste, we do not take away: you need to take recycled separately and for bulky waste to cause a special machine. "

"We have a car that goes especially for tanks for separate waste collection. What is collected separately, it is not reset in one car, all transported for processing. While our people are still lazy three meters to conventional tank will not work, throw a package into the first container. But we can not say that in the courts very much a mess and everything is perfect in the prospectus. Everywhere the same ».
A couple of points - and the car is full, you can go to unload. We arrive at the North dump. More specifically, the landfill of municipal solid waste "North."

Previously, there were building houses the homeless, lived right at the top. Now it is not, all houses demolished by bulldozers, although homeless, of course, remain. To me somehow in the car the two were warned: "Throw down". Decently dressed, I thought maybe some workers. But it turned out - the homeless. "

Although as "bums" ... They told me that they live for 5 people in one apartment and rent the other apartments. And then they could make (this is before the collapse of the ruble was) - 300 000 rubles. in a day. Of course, if you do not drink, and work all day. They gather raw material that accept for processing metal, bottles, plastic, paper. And right at the top, you can take a dump. But the price tag at the top of one, very cheap, even at the bottom have a half times more, and in the city of the same paper can be 3-4 times more expensive than surrender. "

For those who have never been in a landfill, explain: it's really a mountain of waste created by residents of Minsk. Underfoot, it looks like a very dirty place. But, in fact, is a mountain of garbage, pour soil and compacted. It smells here, respectively. In November, of course, it's not too bad. But what is happening at the dump in the summer - do not want to think.

Gates and the mountain itself ...

The car climbs up the slippery roads, garbage dumps anywhere that will show some of the local workers, and went back. On svezhevygruzhenny trash immediately run over local "kladokopateli" - browsing the waste for rare, valuable, useful things.

Sometimes, there are queues on the bottom: the other day 12 arrived only at 3 o'clock unloaded, this plug was. Ride, of course, difficult, very slippery, and if a little to the side - certainly zasyadesh. Pull the same MAZ each machine can not. It is that the car is almost completely failed, the next day just got. And the smell ... In the summer especially. Or bring, for example, a whole wagon of expired eggs - that's when the trouble. And still nothing ».
Back move down at dusk. Pass is not the whole route, because to go to work very late. Before the evening need to have time to collect garbage from several points, to call unload on the other polygon and 20.00 to return to base.

"It happens that people even have never seen as trash removal. I had a case when adults uncle crowd stood and watched: never seen such a machine. Work hard, have even hazard pay. But you can earn: up to 8 million if a good car to work to carry out more than normal (if premium is charged to 30% of salary), repair the car again. And such rules Local butt that nobody will merge, though the route would be enough to drive ».
At 20.16 Andrei bus home, it is imperative to make it. Tomorrow is a new day, another one hundred and fifty kilometers in the city and one hundred and fifty containers of garbage.
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