10 events in 2016, which proves that there is hope for mankind

1. In Canada, the airline evacuated 80 thousand people with their pets 12,421,522

When wildfires cut Fort McMurray from the rest of the world, began a mass evacuation: several tens of thousands of people have been as a city on the aircraft as soon as possible to leave. But what about pets? Terms of transportation such strict that arrange all the paperwork home before departure simply would not have time! Guide airlines allowed them to take on board their pets without much paperwork. All were right:. If save, then all

2. The guy who wanted to get into the football team, got all the equipment, which is possible only

This image itself is the pride of mankind: Marco wanted to get into the school football team, but his family could not afford a gym membership or exercise equipment. He did not give up and came up with here is a way to improve your fitness. History has continued: after the photo appeared in the social network a passerby, the life of Marco and his family changed, and his dream came true. People from all over the world send the boy sports equipment, and words of encouragement.

3. Portuguese French boy comforted a crying fan

This video channel BBC looked for several million people: it a deranged fan of the French team fit boy in the form of the Portuguese player, he pats the man's shoulder, and then hugs him. All this is happening after the Euro 2016 finals in football, in which the Portuguese national team won over the French national team and became the champion. Even the excitement of sports and confrontation should not prevent us remember the most important thing - that we are all people that sometimes you just need a hug and comfort

4.. Garbage truck driver sends birthday greetings to a girl who a year waved him through the window

Every Thursday, a girl named Brooklyn accustomed to wave the driver of a garbage truck that drove by. The driver always waved back and signaled several times as a greeting. "Brooklyn was so used to this that was looking forward to Thursday every week," - wrote in his Facebook account in mum of the girl. It so happened that the little girl's birthday fell on Thursday, and as a gift, she asked her mother to make this time a smiling driver went to see him, and she was able to buy him a celebratory cake. As usual, he passed by, but saw that he was waving to a woman. He stopped and held acquaintance. He congratulated his little friend on his birthday, he said that every Thursday and he is trying to cope with their work faster, to have time to pass on their street and please the little girl. When the driver went to work on, Brooklyn said: "Mom, I'm so happy!". Optionally, turn off the mountains, smile at least one child - a feat


5. Students repeated outlet for his classmate, who was in a car accident

One of the first words that Scott Dann told my mother came out of the coma, were: "What is the current number? Did I miss prom? ". The young man looked forward to an important evening, but because of the terrible car accident was taken to hospital. As soon as the boy went to the amendment, the school principal contacted the parents: "We have prepared something special for your son." On the appointed day at school again sounded the greeting speech and sounds of the holiday, but this time awarded only one degree. The whole class at the parade repeated the ceremony for his classmate. "I have no words, it is incredible to realize how many people happen to have before me the case»

6.. The whole world supported the girl on the day of birth which nobody came

This photo is one of the wearer's Facebook posted to this cry for help: "This is my cousin ... no one came for her birthday ... please just send her a postcard with a couple of good words." 18 years Haley spent alone, but what happened next, breaking all records for the dissemination of kindness cards and gifts flooded her mailbox like a flood. In general, the next birthday she will not be bored.

7. Students presented teacher of kittens, which has killed a pet

Teacher in Texas is very grieved at the loss of a loved being, a cat named Blondie. The disciples could not help but notice that each change of the teacher of mathematics is filled with tears. But the tears of sadness turned into tears of joy when the woman suddenly handed a beautiful bouquet of white roses ... and two kittens. We learned about it through a video that one of the girls posted to Twitter. At that moment, a woman, not believing his luck, asks: "Are they my" perhaps even a stone cry. It turns out, you need quite a bit of attention, to help cope with the disaster to another person.

8. Elementary school teacher organized a "Gentleman's Club" for boys from single-parent families

Primary school teacher from South Carolina was difficult to get along with the bullies in his class. And that's what he did: he bought a few ties and jackets, and began to collect the most inveterate bullies who grow up without fathers, every week. "In our lessons, I explain to them what the fathers to their sons usually tell: how to tie a tie, how to contact the elders and how to be courteous with my mother, grandmother and sister." Strict dress code these meetings are not just a fad: the teacher is sure that a man dressed in a tuxedo, do not allow yourself to start a fight. "I understand, they do not behave, not because they are bad, but because they simply do not have enough attention and love».

9. Jaguar was the son of the Brazilian Army regiment

When the Brazilian Army soldiers found a small jaguar in the Amazon jungle, he was barely alive. He was not able to leave in the jungle - it meant certain death from the hands of hunters. He took with him, but even after a while it was clear that the baby is too weak to let him go free. Local authorities are allowed to leave the baby in the care of the Brazilian army. And now, the jaguar, who was named Dzhikitaya, healthy and surrounded by caring people who saved him from death. While on Earth, there are people who are not indifferent to the suffering of all living beings in this planet there is a chance.

10. Stewardess fed the man, who suffered a stroke

71-year-old man, who had recently suffered a stroke travel, isolated comfortable chair in the front row. It seemed that the trip should be easy for him to pass. But after the deal lunches flight attendant noticed that a passenger fails to hold a spoon, and he can not eat. Then she fed and wiped the tears that were in front of him, he was so touched by the care of another person.

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