7 best colors for kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the home. In it, you meet with family and friends to enjoy not only the food but also each other.Choosing the right color of the kitchen will help to maintain the spirit of dialogue and create the most appetizing room in your home. But what color to choose for your kitchen?

Designers agree that neutral tones is the best solution for kitchen design. These colors allow you to implement many tasks: optimal combination with lockers, the reflection of light, creating a friendly atmosphere. Also nevyzyvayuschie shades allow in the future easy to attract the attention of potential apartment buyers.

Blue, green, purple and other similar colors in the kitchen provoke a feeling in the head, and sometimes even keep it. Therefore, it is not the best solution for arrangement of the kitchen. An exception may be made in the case if you plan to equip a separate kitchen from dining room.

1. Light yellow kuninova owners and designers agree that light yellow shade suitable for interior decoration. It's quite a friendly tone that allows you to create a positive mood. At the same time, in this kitchen you can put the different equipment, made in any style.

Personal opinion: honestly, this light yellow color I do not particularly like. I believe that this is not the right decision. 2. White cornbelly the most neutral and the easiest color for the kitchen. White as you know, is the symbol of clarity, modernity and purity. White interior usually causes the rejuvenating effect, and the interior design is a symbol of the beginning of something new.

Personal opinion: unfortunately, many people believe that neutral shades of white is too corny and boring. However, it is not so. Add red, yellow, orange accents and you will feel that the atmosphere became much warmer. Prefer to add a little cool music? Complement the neutral colors of green, blue, purple.

3. Yellow kornblee saturated yellow shades, as submitted photos, help to recreate the atmosphere of traditional classics.

Personal opinion: yellow is my favorite color for the kitchen. A small addition of black color will give the interior depth and stylistic perfection. 4. Magnicornis brown — a nice color that is associated with the origin of nature from which we take food: land, farm... As a rule, the opponents of neutral shades usually opt for a brown color scheme.

Personal opinion: I love it! First kitchen — an example of perfect combination of colors. Red-brown wall blended with dark cabinets. Even the green kitchen island fits perfectly into the interior. 5. Red cognisance, not everyone will dare on such a bold design. But if you wish to have in your kitchen lit the spark and passion began to boil, pay attention to this option. This decision is especially true in the case if your kitchen has a lot of dark elements.

Personal opinion: red is fashionable. A good option for kitchens with an abundance of modern technology. 6. Cojnseling green shade you can name a few magical. Take a look at this photo and you'll see for yourself. There is a pleasant rustic atmosphere.

Personal opinion: I deliberately chose the most potent and saturated shade. It would be worse if the green color scheme is associated with dark forest and the wolves that sneak behind you in the twilight. 7. Kunitani blue tint is hardly the best on this list. It is believed that blue reduces appetite.


Personal opinion: I tried to find a reasonable kitchen, decorated in a blue color, found several. For example, in the first embodiment, selected tones contrast beautifully with the dark cabinets. In my opinion, the blue color can be used to create kitchen design in that case, if it is necessary to create an accent. Источник:interiorno.ru

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