The black color in the kitchen interior: 6 successful combinations

From the point of view of physics, the color black can not be called a color, because it is rather... lack of it. But from the point of view of interior design black is one of the most important, powerful and at the same time ambiguous elements in the palette.

Let's find out what dose is acceptable use and how to design the interior of a black kitchen, and kitchen furniture in wenge, dark walnut, etc.

Interaction with space

More suitable for:

  • large and bright spaces
  • men's stag kitchens
  • kitchens in Scandinavian style
  • art Deco
  • high-tech,
  • industrial,
  • contemporary
  • minimalism.

Positive properties: balances all the colors in the spectrum and, at the same time, emphasizes the contrast.

Nature itself has used the combination of black with bright colors for color threat of bees, wasps, and tigers, and people to create attention-grabbing road and warning signs. On black background it all makes a clear line.

In addition, this color goes well with all colors of the rainbow because of its neutrality, and also looks great with chrome, steel and black surfaces of household appliances that the kitchen is always a lot.

There is another unique property – it can visually zoom out objects or surfaces. So, the black ceiling in the kitchen, oddly enough, does not seem to be low, and if three walls, pokleit Wallpaper white and one black, the kitchen even in a small building will become visually wider and larger.

And designers use black color when you want to add to the interior a note of glamour, luxury and elegance. Keep in mind that sophisticated it seems only in moderation, in a large well – looks scary.

The photo below shows a great example of design of black kitchen in the art Deco style.

Negative characteristics: in large arrays, he begins to oppress and even depressed, in addition, it can visually reduce the space and "heavier" items.

And if you think that the kitchen black will be less dirty, then we hasten to reassure you: on dark surfaces, for example, on the floor or the apron in the color wenge, fatty plaque, dust, crumbs and dirt visible not less than on a light surface, and maybe even more.


  • If you are not ready to regularly clean the fronts and apron, avoid matte fronts, and not less easily soiled glossy;
  • If you do decide on a black apron, let it be ceramic or stone without gloss;
  • Black floor is especially soiled. If you really want, it is better to lay on his "checkerboard" tile or tile with black accents;

  • If you don't want to spend a lot of time caring for furniture, the best choice would be black-and-white kitchen that is outfitted with a dark bottom and bright top, or Vice versa.

And here is a photo of kitchens with black top and white bottom.

Rules and guidelines

1. Monochrome black interior is unacceptable, but the dark color may dominate, if you have a large and well-lit kitchen, and you're ready for an extravagant atmosphere.


In other cases, it is better to use as a background or an additional color accent.

2. In the interior of a small kitchen, e.g. in the kitchen, black kitchen design is appropriate, but in moderation: if on the wall, the only one, if the headset – only at the top or bottom, if on the floor for him and in the decor.

3. Two of the primary colors always add a third – the balance, or, conversely, revive the shade. For example, red and black kitchen needs a contrasting white and black and white can complement absolutely any color of the rainbow, but some combinations are particularly successful.



  • Ordinary Wallpaper can replace black and white Wallpapers fashion today or chalk Wallpaper;

  • Black kitchen will become even more stylish, if we enter the interior of the gold accessories and fittings.

6 successful combinations

Now let's look at the most successful color combinations.


Black-and-white palette

The white color better than others will be able to neutralize the darkness of the black interior and paid for the property visually heavier items.

Let's start with black and white kitchens and dining rooms in classic style and art Deco.

Kitchen interior in the contemporary style with Carrara marble apron.

Kitchen in country style can also be dark.

The interiors in Scandinavian style are often executed in a contrasting colour.

A selection of photos for those who are planning to glue black or black-and-white Wallpaper for the kitchen walls or dining room.

And here are examples of kitchen interiors with floor, trimmed with black and white tiles.

A selection of kitchens with the original black and black-and-white aprons.

The combination with red

This combination often requires the addition of the white component, or the kitchen is too aggressive.


The combination of brown, beige, woody

This is the second successful and is also fairly common combination. Brown may be a pair of black in the form of wooden furniture, wooden floor, beige, brown, brick walls, brown tiles in the apron or floor etc.

Very interesting may look kitchen with facades of "Zebrano".

An elegant combination of black color with white-washed wood.

In trend, the combination of dark shades with beige and olive tones.

And finally, the example of the black kitchen against a brick wall.

The combination with gray shades

Gray is unsaturated the color black, they harmoniously with each other, but need additional color stains: white, pink, blue, brown, gold and red.

The combination of pink and purple

In this Union, the black color becomes less serious pink, and less childish and Intrusive.


Also interesting: the Design of a small kitchen in 6 steps

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The combination of blue and blue

Blue-black tones in interior design can meet much less frequently than the other combinations. But it is a very effective Union that can be diluted with white and brown components.published




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