How to make your hair perfectly smooth: 7 natural recipes

To suffer the problem of a fluffy hair, every girl. In these situations requires an individual hair care.

Experts recommend:

  • Use wooden combs.
  • Dry your hair naturally.
  • Do not RUB wet strands with a towel, only blot them.
  • Comb only after drying of the head.

Will help in such cases, the lemon mask. It will make the strands more smooth, manageable and shiny.

  • It is easy to make, just need to take 50 ml of water and a lemon.
  • From the fruit squeeze the juice, strain and add water.
  • Also easy to use: after shampooing with shampoo, this product is applied uniformly along the length of the strands.
  • No need to rinse off.

Smoothing mask with honey

  • Will make your hair silk after the first use.
  • It will require only honey and no other ingredients.
  • At night, after washing, the whole length of the hair to apply the honey, his head covered with a cap made of polyethylene and is insulated with a scarf.
  • Keep this wrap is not less than 8 hours, preferably overnight.
  • In the morning the honey is washed off thoroughly with plenty of water.

Mask with cream

  • Take two tablespoons of cream, a spoonful of almond oil, two tablespoons of lemon juice and three drops of aromatic oil of lemon.
  • Mix the components with each other.
  • Saturate the resulting composition of the damaged strands and leave on for half an hour.
  • It is desirable to insulate the head with a towel or handkerchief.
  • After this time wash the head with shampoo.

To make the hair obedient, use this recipe:

  • Two tablespoons of heavy cream diluted with a spoon of olive oil and spoon of lemon juice.
  • Before applying, gently comb the curls with a brush and spread the mask through the hair.
  • From top, apply the tape and wrap head with a warm scarf or towel.
  • No sooner than 20-30 minutes can be washed off.
  • If you keep the composition on the head more than 3 hours, when you wash you can not use the shampoo.
  • Repeat this procedure regularly 1-2 times a week for a month.

Castor mask against dandruff

  • Take a teaspoon of glycerin and vinegar (6%), mix with two tablespoons of castor oil, add egg yolk.
  • This mixture should be rubbed into the roots, massaging the skin for 3-5 minutes.
  • After 2 hours you can wash off.

From thinning and loss:

  • Take alcohol and castor oil in parts 1:1 mix and RUB into the scalp.
  • Better to leave on all night, so the effect will be more noticeable.
  • If this is not possible, it can be washed off after 2 hours.

The density of hair will provide the recipe:

  • A tablespoon of castor oil, aloe juice, and onion mixed together.
  • The mass is rubbed into the roots, keeping it from 2 hours.

Aloe juice is obtained like this:

  • The leaves of the plant are cut, crushed, they are removed from the spikes.
  • Moisture is drained through cheesecloth.

Onion juice is extracted through the crushing of vegetable and straining the pulp through a bandage or gauze.

Any folk remedy for hair with a content of onions would entail an unpleasant smell from the head. To reduce its intensity, you can rinse the strands with water and lemon juice.


Mask weighting the hair


Holders of fluffy hair is experiencing a lot of inconvenience. Therefore we recommend to use popular recipes of masks for the weighting of the strands. They allow you to straighten your curls, making them smooth and radiant. Thanks to the useful substances contained in the composition of funds, you can achieve significant results from using.

  • Rye bread is filled with warm water and left for two hours.
  • Then water is squeezed out, the crumb is added to the egg yolk.
  • For oily hair type, you can add 5 drops of lemon juice.
  • If you have a dry type, a tablespoon of olive oil, for normal type – liquid vitamins A and E, which are sold in many pharmacies.
  • The finished mixture is distributed on the scalp, on top cover with foil and wrap with a towel to create heat.
  • The composition is washed off after half an hour with warm water.
  • The regularity of once a week.
  • After washing dry the hair dryer should not be.

Through the course of such masks curls to atheletica and "fluffy" will disappear completely.published


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