The red color in the interior of the kitchen: 5 tips

Red color more than other effect on the psyche and human consciousness, with it both positively and negatively, so its use in the interior should be in moderation, in the right colours and thoughtful combinations.

The red kitchen has the followingadvantages:

  • stimulates the appetite of the household,
  • stimulates their mental activity,
  • creates an atmosphere of hospitality.

Consthe kitchen in red colors:

  • the abundance of the red tires,
  • annoying
  • provokes mental stress and anxiety.

Who is not suitable:

  • red kitchen fits the hypotensive is contraindicated to hypertensive patients because this color increases the blood pressure,
  • it is also a great option for extroverts and more original, energetic, active, hospitable people,
  • but if you value peace and quiet in the house, the kitchen is in red color not the best choice.

Optical properties color:

  • red visually brings the items
  • extends and makes them heavier.

For those who have just started to plan a kitchen design or want to refresh the interior, we have prepared 5 tips on design and a few photos of kitchens with red color in the interior for your inspiration.


5 design tips on how to enter the red color in the kitchen interior

1. Do not overdo it with red, even if you have a large kitchen, Consider the above described optical properties of the color red, is furnished with a large or small kitchen. As the red is visually closer, expands and makes massive pieces of furniture or walls, it is more appropriate in the spacious kitchens, which lack the sense of intimacy and coziness. However, scarlet gamma is so active that as background and dominant this color should not be used even in very large spaces, and trimming it will help white, beige, grey companion and an abundance of wood.

2. In the interior of a small kitchen use red as a focusIn interior design small kitchen red color should be only used as accents that will not overload the space, but will bring a boost of energy or comfort. For example, it can be chairs, dinnerware, decor, textiles, or appliances.

However, it is valid and red kitchen cabinets if the walls have neutral color, but preferably white as in the photo below.

3. Consider the temperature and orientation of the red cuisineRed belong to warm color, but not so easy, because some shades can be cold. Therefore, choosing Wallpaper for the red kitchen, the colours for walls and kitchen furniture, try to remember the famous rule: "North" of the room need to "warm up" the warm shades of red, and the "southern" cold.

According to the same principle, try to choose complementary and supplementary colours. For example, in the kitchen, which lacks natural light, paired perfectly with a red will look yellow, sand, beige shades.

In a well-lit "southern" cuisine will add a bit of coolness and freshness cold color companion: black, blue, gray, pink shades.

Also to balance the heat of the red will help glossy facades, glazed tile, glass, chrome and metal surfaces.

4. Do not paint the walls red as a wholeshould Not paint the walls with red paint or glue on them red Wallpaper, but you can make one red accent wall, as shown in the following series of photos.


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