As the struggle with garbage in Switzerland

What if you get fined for something you threw out your old computer in the trash? Or for not put a sticker on your garbage bag? All this can happen in Switzerland. Switzerland is considered the most green country for many years, and this would not have happened if there seriously approached the question of waste disposal.

Minimization of inconveniences is not the purpose of this society. There are no bad smelling containers that are installed on the side streets where throw the garbage. Residents bring it to the recycling centres, pre -, - sorted. Success requires economic incentives, therefore, are the penalties for non-compliance.

First, you need to take away the waste for recycling. Switzerland leads the question about recycling, whether glass, aluminum, PET bottles, paper, vegetable or garden waste, electrical and electronic goods, everything is sorted and put out for recycling. The system of sorting of garbage taken to the extreme and perfected over the years.

For processing, each individually, shall:

paper. 70% of the paper used in the country is processed. Paper is recycled separately from cardboard, recycling cardboard is more expensive.

— cardboard. About 30% of printed materials produced in the country, returns to the collecting depots.

— the batteries. Batteries in the trash? Not in Switzerland, 60% of all sold in the country batteries give up back.

glass. 95% of the glass recycled.

— PET bottles. 71% of PET bottles recycled.

old electrical devices;

— cans. Moreover, before the return, the dealer must themselves be compressed using a special magnetic press. 70% of cans recycled.

— aluminum cans. Apart from canning, 90% of cans recycled.

— fluorescent light;

— corpses of animals. This, too, has to pay to bury prohibited.

— vegetable oil;

— engine oil separately from the plant. To change the oil in your own car yourself is also forbidden, this should be done on those stations for an additional fee.

— compostable waste: food waste, plant waste and litter box filler, ash, sawdust, leaves, grass, branches, etc.

neutral materials are household items, such as stones, porcelain;

-expired medicines.

Some of the items from the list you can pass by the nearest supermarket, or use a ballot box, if necessary.

You can, of course, not to do so. Then you have to pay tax for the garbage. Sticker indicating that payment of taxes, glued to each garbage bag. Every kilogram of garbage is 2-4 Franca (of 2.30 to 4.40$.USA), add the cost of special expensive garbage bag.

Here it is, the most expensive garbage bag in the world:

A garbage police that really is the name believe it or not, will open every garbage bag without a sticker and will look for any evidence, a receipt or a document that will display on the owner. The penalty for such a presumptuous act will amount to 10,000 francs (approx us $ 11006.USA). Now you understand why every Swiss is in a hurry to take the trash for recycling.

The level of wealth does not change the responsibility – all are equal before the law. Not uncommon to see a man emerging from Porsche showing the container in a desired tank.

Since 2000, Switzerland introduced a law by which all non-recyclable garbage must be burned in special plants. Thus, there is no need to waste. Taking the garbage buys special packages, you have to pay for the amount of waste that produces. This garbage is burned at the local incinerator, where they receive energy and heat for the Central heating. In Switzerland such plants are built in each region. Factories burn an average of about 160 thousand tons of garbage a day, providing heat for up to 18 thousand people. For environmental safety of these plants has been upgraded with special filters.

In what the reason of such Grand success? It is not only in penalties. I think the mentality. Historically in the habit to identify yourself, the resident, with the state. The state is everyone, it's seven and a half million people who every day solve the problem of truly national importance.


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