The menu for a good mood

Everyone knows what depression is. At some point you are visited by melancholy, discouraged, lost the desire to work and even live. Most often, the depression overtakes us in the winter. The specialists explain this fact by the lack of sunlight. Therefore, our body suffers from a lack of vitamin D. We need to replenish the lost substance. Therefore, it is necessary to eat what is in this vitamin. The first place among all the products of antidepressantov belongs to chocolate.

Cocoa beans are composed of feniletilamin that lightning contributes to the development of body endorphin - the hormone of happiness. In addition, chocolate is rich in magnesium, which perfectly balances the nervous system. With chronic fatigue are advised to eat bananas. Exotic fruit there are many alkaloid Harman, which causes euphoria. Cheese is uplifting due to the amino acids. Experts say that the best to be the "funny guy" is coming Roquefort cheese.

Oatmeal is also included in the list of "fun" products. It has thiamin, which is called the vitamin of optimism. Fish is also rich in vitamin D. in addition, it has a lot of omega-3 fatty acids, which are considered to be enemies of the stress. Nutrients are retained in steamed, boiled baked fish and seafood. Especially useful herring, salmon, trout, salmon, shellfish. Potatoes will also help you in combating depression.

Long-term source of carbohydrates is starch, which normalizes the level of adrenaline, reduces nervousness and calms you down. Vegetable has in its composition vitamin C, necessary for the assimilation of essential trace minerals, particularly iron, the leaching of which triggers depression. It is important to cook the potatoes in their skins or bake it. After the cleansing she loses more than 80% of the nutrients.

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